17 September 2017 @ 07:24 pm
Dean is actually settling into this weird place. He's got the Men of Letters bunker here, complete with all its contents, and he's moved into there. The apartments hadn't really been his style. Or maybe it was that they were too much what he was used to. His apartment had looked like some cheesy 70's motel room, basically home away from home. The bunker makes him feel a little more stable, which is weird. He hasn't felt stable anywhere his entire life.

Yeah, this place is a learning curve.

In the interest of really settling in and getting to know the town (and some of the people in it), Dean decides to have a walkabout. He'll stop for coffee (black) at the cafe then he moves on to a bodega to do some shopping. A guy needs snack food in the house. He stops by the police station to talk to the woman in charge there. He works on a car at the garage for a little bit then stops off at the Houndstooth to have a drink (and maybe talk to a pretty bartender) before he heads back to the bunker.
22 August 2017 @ 07:16 pm
When the ghosts and monsters disappeared from Itinere, they took with them the living ghost Katniss had clung to so tightly for the past two years. Prim had disappeared; disappeared and didn't come back, instead returned to a world where Katniss had been the one to die. It had hurt, hurt as much as losing her sister the first time. The full moon hadn't been easy to get through. Nothing about the past few weeks had been easy to get through.

But she had survived. She had survived just like she had survived every difficult situation in her past. Her father's death, the Hunger Games and all that had followed. Watching Prim die, only to find her here in Itinere and eventually lose her all over again. Learning to accept her newfound abilities as a werewolf. She had survived. But this time it had been a little easier. Easier not because of the walls built up from tragedy but the walls she had knocked down. Sometime in the past month, Katniss had all but moved in to Matt's apartment without quite realizing it. Having him, knowing he loves her, somehow made pain easier to bear. Things weren't perfect but they weren't as hopeless as before.

Sooner than expected, the pain fades to a dull ache. She starts to spend less time in the woods or hiding in Matt's apartment and more time enjoying what she loves most about Itinere's summers. The beach remains one of her favorite spots, the ocean vast and endless and beautiful. With her new senses, it's as if she's seeing the coast for the first time all over again: the smell of the salt distinct and sharp, the ability to catch sight of small fish swimming in the pools. Walking along the shore gives her the kind of calm that tying Finnick's rope had in a bomb shelter under District 13. She even smiles a little when others pass, no longer feeling as shy and awkward in her skin. It's a good feeling, something that Katniss has missed.

She also starts to spend time at the Houndstooth again. She's missed it, missed chatting with Lucy and trying all the new drinks and foods the girl recommends. One night, rather than going home early, she stays for the open mic night. It's a good day, a day free of any werewolf-caused-accidents or too much of the sadness associated with Prim's loss. Today almost feels like it could be normal and in that, she feels like celebrating. She approaches the empty mic with a shy kind of look on her face. Katniss smooths the front of her shirt, wishing her hair wasn't in the braid so she could almost hide behind it. She's been in the spotlight before but this time, it's something she chooses for no other reason than fun. And then she starts to sing.
03 April 2017 @ 04:41 pm
Network + Action | OTA  
( For a long while, Joy goes back and forth deciding whether or not to do this as a video rather than text. She hates her voice; it's embarrassing. Joy Shapiro-Krushelevansky was born prematurely and moderately deaf due to a fall her mother suffered in her third trimester while pregnant with Joy. The teenager has had hearing aids for what feels like forever and she'd had speech therapy when she'd been little, so she's learned to read lips and if she's got her hearing aids in, she can hear all right, but when she talks, her voice sounds deep and gravelly like it belongs to a woman in her late forties who spent the better part of her life smoking a pack a day of cigarettes.

Being fourteen means being self-conscious and she hates, hates, hates when people she doesn't know can hear her talking. Once she gets used to a person and knows that they aren't going to judge, she's fine.

Ultimately, in spite of her own discomfort, Joy decides to go with video instead of text because it's just easier to talk than it is to type when Charlie's awake, because he's a little fussy these past couple of days. If she's not holding him and he's not sleeping, he's screaming. )

Um...so...hi, I'm... ( She shifts a little in her chair and the infant in her arms stirs, which makes her take pause. He doesn't awaken, so she continues, but lowers her voice a little. ) I'm Joy and I just, um, wondered if anybody knows whether we can call home from here or no. I can't, anyway, I don't have a cell phone, but if it's a thing that's possible, I wondered if somebody would, um, mind if I borrowed their phone to send my mom a text once in a while just so she knows that me and Charlie are still okay and she doesn't freak out ( and do something humiliating like show up here. ) but if not, then that's okay. I just thought I would ask.

Ever since her dad died, life has been tough for Joy. It's always been complicated; her mom used to be a famous writer and she's a total Smother. Joy herself is the product of her mother hooking up with her ex for a one night stand at, of all things, a funeral. Joy's biological father, Bruce, is a jerk and his wife is even worse. Joy has a newly gay grandma, a complete jerk of a grandfather, and an Aunt Elle who is literally the coolest person she's ever met.

And last year, just before Joy's bah mitzvah, her dad had a heart attack and died. Joy hadn't known that he and Joy's mother had been planning a new baby via a surrogate before he died, but she found out after the fact. Several months after her dad's death, Charlie was born. Joy might only be fourteen years old, but she's been taking care of him ever since. She decided it was better to give her mother some time to pull herself together and for Joy not to have to juggle school on top of everything at home, so she packed up Charlie's diaper bag after a month of the struggle at home and stepped into Itinere. So far, it seems okay.

She waits until it's warm to dress Charlie for the weather before heading out to check out the town, wandering down the streets, in and out of stores just to see what's there. They've been here about a week and the past several days of it, he's been fussing. Maybe that's just what one month old babies do. Fuss. And it isn't like Joy knows how to make him stop except that she's learned that he likes to be held. The problem is, Joy's sick of the same four walls, so maybe she can keep Charlie happy while she also explores. It seems like the best of both worlds, so what could possibly go wrong?
04 February 2017 @ 09:50 am
action & network || open  
The thunder cracks high above and Jill is hurrying down the street to board up the windows of the Houndstooth again. She's been in Itinere long enough to know that something isn't right. This place seems to go through cycles of peace and perfection and experiments that range from ridiculous to horrific. With Lucy safe at their apartment, Jill is going to take care of the Houndstooth.

When she sees the first monster she becomes the most cliche monster movie chickadee in the world and screams and runs in the other direction. She slips into an alleyway between to buildings and waits it out for a bit before continuing on to the Houndstooth with her heart beating a mile a minute.

She'll be at The Houndstooth boarding up windows for the better part of the day before heading back to her apartment and Lucy. She has to run and hide a few times from several winged beasts on her way.

Text to Lucy:
I'm on my way back. Don't go outside.

Text to Cam:
Hey you. It's a mess outside so maybe stay in? It's storming and there's... things. Monster type things.

The City has been flooded with these violent creatures for a week now and it doesn't look like there's an end in sight. Jill and Lucy have been holed up in the apartment building for that week so at least they're safe enough. She's sent texts to her friends, making sure they're safe and even broadcasted that the Houndstooth is closed for the foreseeable future and please everyone be safe.

There's one day though, a day when she steps out onto the balcony of their shared apartment that Jill finds a heart, a fresh, still beating heart. "What in the world?" She whispers to herself as she leans in closer to look at it.

Flashes of memories hit her, Hawke and Isabella. She can see them, the love affair between them, the push and pull, and she smiles for a moment because she's getting this glimpse into her friend's life, a part of her life that Hawke has spoken about frequently.

As the visions end though, when Jill is left with just the live heart, the implications make her stomach roil. She grabs her phone and sends out a text.

Text to Hawke:
Okay, I really need to know if you're okay. I just saw some stuff and there's a heart and... just let me know you're okay. Okay? Okay.

ooc: please assume she sent a text to Hawke on the first day with Lucy and Cam. I just figured it would be easier to play things out this way. She can get the text when she gets back from being dead. (poor Hawke) Jill saw : this & this.
Also, anyone is free to swoop in and save Jill on day one, or not. She'll run and hide and get home fine. Just wanted to give the heroes something to play with.
21 December 2016 @ 11:28 pm
i wish a cat would get your tongue }{ OPEN video; + action;  
The morning dawns early for Hawke. It might also for certain people in Itinere as the communication device gets knocked over. And then turned on by a very inquisitive and large dog nose. The dog licks the screen, clearly pleased with himself for figuring out how to turn the thing on, and then glances up at the bed. Clearly there's someone in it, though it's hard to tell who from this angle.

The dog quietly steps forward and then--


Hawke yelps as the mastiff-looking dog licks her like crazy. "Cailan, stop. You know you're not allowed on the--"

The sound of her mabari's name stops her cold. Finally managing to shove him off of her, she sits upright. The dog, happy now that his mistress is awake, leaps off the bed, barking and dancing around the room. He has clearly been pent up too much. But Hawke isn't focused on that. She's focused on the fact that her mabari is somehow... here.

"Cailan!" she finally calls, sliding out of bed so she can throw her arms around him. The dog finally stills long enough for that before wriggling out of her arms and flopping over to roll onto his back with his feet comically pawing the air. Hawke can't help but laugh. At least until one of his paws shoots the communicator at her.

"You came back and you let the entire world know? What a drama-monger you are. Someone might start thinking you're Orlesian."

The dog immediately stops rolling, ears back, and growls.

"Not me, of course. But someone might."

To which the dog whines in a "but whyyyy" tone. Hawke laughs and turns the device off.

Later on, Hawke can be found playing in the snow with her mabari, looking actually happy for once. Likely happier than most people have seen her. They do a bit of hunting at some point, too, which is mostly just Hawke telling the dog to go fetch something yummy and waiting to see what happens. But they can be found around the city as Hawke introduces her fierce war hound to Itinere.
06 December 2016 @ 09:58 am
open | one horse open sleighs for everyone!  

Even when the snow hits Itinere overnight, Jill still goes to work and opens The Houndstooth every day. It's right down the street from the apartment she and Lucy share so the commute isn't that rough. Also, she still has the same snow boots she'd wished into existence last year when the snow appeared overnight. So The Houndstooth is open, all manner of sports broadcasting on all the televisions and the food warm and hot.

Jill can usually be found behind the bar serving drinks or busing tables when and employee doesn't make it in or taking food and drinks to tables for the same reason. Occasionally though, she's behind the piano playing a song or two, usually jazzy renditions of rock or pop songs, sometimes she goes into her favorites, songs from the classic era of jazz, originally sung by the likes of Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole. Whether behind the bar or sitting at the baby grand, she's definitely in her element.

Also, she might have dipped into a candy cane or two and found herself in a great mood, which is definitely not par for the course for Jill.


Lucy. There are sleigh rides. Actual, legit sleigh rides pulled by horses and everything. This needs to be a thing.


What say you and me go shopping and find you some new clothes?


So. You. Me. Same time, same place? Maybe? What do you say?
12 November 2016 @ 12:00 am
Bonfire Mingle Post || OTA  

Around the time the sun is starting to set in the early to mid-evening on Saturday, 11/12 as promised, Lydia will (hopefully with the help of Allison and a couple of others) have set up a bonfire on the beach. She's brought several bags of marshmallows, boxes of graham crackers, bars of chocolate, and s'more skewers so that s'mores can totally be a thing. There's also plenty of blankets and towels spread around, because she wants to be sure everyone is comfortable. Jill has offered to bring the alcohol.

Lydia can be found making her way around, greeting and mingling with anyone who arrives and throughout the night. She'll be doing her best to appear approachable so that anyone who maybe hasn't ever been to a bonfire and has questions will feel comfortable approaching her to do that.

[ ooc: please feel free to respond directly to this with your own top comments to play out stuff in here or you can use this as a prompt to make your own logs elsewhere, totally up to you. If you'd like to play with Lydia, please consider this her top comment. Mods, let me know if I need to make any changes to this.]
05 November 2016 @ 01:54 pm
Network || OTA  
All right, so I know that there's this festival going on and don't think for a second I'm going to miss said festivities, but it's getting chillier and I was talking with a couple of friends and I think we require a bonfire at the beach soon. However, I'm kind of newish here (I'm Lydia, by the way, if we haven't already met) and I don't really know if there are like...regulations about that sort of thing in that vicinity. Does anyone know if that would be disallowed?

And if it isn't...I'm thinking next weekend, yes/no? Anyone interested? Some of you don't have a choice and I'm not even sorry, Allison, Barry, and Gracie (yes, you too), like not even a little. But for the rest of you, I hope that we'll see you?
03 November 2016 @ 07:10 pm
open | arrival of one seaweed brain  
[ A ]
If Percy felt one thing about today, it was that he needed a BIG break like he needed a whooping BIG mac with extra cheese and extra hamburger to go with it for all the school work he had to today. So pretty much everything was a distraction. The way his pencil seemed to start to make a beat sooner rather than later when he tapped it on his desk thoughtfully, for starters. The way his page turned more into a connect the dot game in his mind when his eyes started seeing the words jumble around due to his dyslexia. But what took the cake was the distraction his plain white door was. It promised him easy freedom just on the other side of it when he looked over at it. All he had to do is get up. He resisted that urge successfully, though.

At least he did initially. He couldn't help turning back to it a minute later to find a blue door magically in its place. And THAT, he thought, he couldn't ignore. No way, no how. Besides as much as he could hear his girlfriend Annabeth say he should sit his ass down and do his school work and catch up, he could picture her saying it was important not to ignore signs from the Gods too. That's what he was assuming this was, anyway.

So Percy got himself up and opened the door. He didn't stop to think about what would be on the other side either, and walked straight through. He thought maybe a small peak couldn't hurt. And he was right. Wherever he was when he stepped over the portal threshold, there was fresh water and beach as far as his eye could see. The air smelled cleaner than it did in New York. And what's more curiouser was that it was a real paradise as far as he could tell.

He didn't get why he was brought here. So he thought he would just ask.

"Dad?" he began his question aloud, thinking he was definitely only here because his godly parent had something in mind for him. All he had to do was talk in the open and try to be tactful with his words to the God of the Sea. Percy wasn't paying too much attention to anything else, including anyone that might have been behind him to hear him. "Awesome place you have here... but, you know, if you could send me a sign telling me what this place is - or, what do you want me to do here - that'd be great too."

He'll just have to do the usual thing and wait until that happened, he thought.

[ B ]
Okay, actually. Truth is... He doesn't do well waiting or sitting still in one place very long. So shortly after his arrival, Percy partly chooses to go along with following the instruction to proceed to the Apartment buildings and makes his way around the premise to see what there is to see outside. He doesn't attempt to go in just yet. Find poking around anywhere. He's the perfect picture of a lost new face, but not an unfriendly looking one.
31 October 2016 @ 03:00 pm
open || i heard that you make old things new; so I give these pieces all to you  
The monsters have been gone from Itinere for a few days now. The city is repairing itself in that strange way it does and the quiet couldn't be more unwelcoming as far as Adam is concerned. At least while the monsters were invading there were other things to focus on. Keep the Barns safe. Keep Ronan safe. Keep Opal safe. Stay alive. Survive. Somehow, some way, survive. Now, there's only himself and his own guilt to wallow in. He could have done something more. He should have been faster, stronger, better... just better.

He's waited a few days, waited to see if Noah comes back twenty-four hours or so after his death. He's waited more than twenty-four hours, searching, hoping, checking his phone contacts and finding Noah's name missing... still. His heart hurts. He kind of hates himself for not being more than he is, for not saving Noah. He's mad at Noah too in a completely irrational way. Noah, who kept telling him to go, who wouldn't fight with him, who is just... gone.

Finally, he has to accept it. It's easier said than done. Noah is gone. Noah is gone. Noah is gone.

Adam dives into his work. Parrish's garage is open very early in the mornings and closed far past normal working hours. He repairs everything that is brought in and tinkers with things he already has. He builds skateboards, bikes, engines, etc. During his lunch breaks he goes over to Subtext, the bookstore, and reads. He reads so many books, mostly about engineering, some about medical things. He takes notes on things he wants to remember.

Keeping his mind busy is the best plan, he thinks.

One night he stops by The Houndstooth to do a practice run, to tell two strange girls that Noah is gone. It isn't easy, not even a little bit. But most nights he usually grabs dinner in town and takes it back to the Barns for Ronan and Opal. And every so often, he goes to that alleyway where Adam had led Noah to try to lose the monster that had attacked them. He imagines he can still see the bloody mess of his friend's body there. He tries to say goodbye to him, but all he can come up with is every apology under the sun, again and again. I'm sorry, Noah. I'm sorry.
02 October 2016 @ 05:57 pm
Open: In the eye of the hurricane, there is quiet ....  
There are moments in a person's life when everything makes sense, just as there are moments when the opposite is true.

When the monsters appear in Itinere, some may panic, but Noah Czerny feels a kind of strange calm. It's almost as if this is what a part of him has been waiting for.

He is no fighter. That's Ronan's thing, even if his friend has tried to teach him. Noah, having been raised privileged, never needed to learn how to fight. Perhaps that's why his supposed best friend at the time - Whelk - was able to off him with a skateboard.

Now, in this moment, as he sees something come down the street, right at him, just as he was going to find his friends, to check on them, to check on Jill and Lucy, Noah sees this thing and he stands there and he feels ... calm.

Perhaps he never did anything, really, in his life. Perhaps it was after his death that he was able to make any kind of difference at all, for the only real friends he ever had. And perhaps that is why, right now, he stands his ground as this thing advances. Perhaps if he can do just one good thing, it would have all been worthwhile. Perhaps finding himself in a living body wouldn't have been all for naught.

So, yes, in the middle of a street in Itinere stands an eternally-seventeen year old boy, facing a creature that shouldn't exist. It's not going to end well, but that doesn't mean Noah isn't going to try.
02 October 2016 @ 12:12 pm
open :: mingle :: waiting out the storm  

Jill was at work when the first monsters started flooding the town yesterday. Lucy is with her, of course. They're never too far away from one another at any given time. The monsters seem to be entering Itinere in a never-ending trickle of terrible, with nothing on their minds but destruction and blood shed. In the basement, she found some ply wood boards Marley has had on hand for bad storms that might sweep through at home. With some of the patrons' help, she's boarded up the windows of The Houndstooth and locked the doors.

Safely inside, Jill offers up drinks and food to those who are holing up inside with her. She's not a fighter. She wouldn't know the first thing about working a gun or wielding a sword... which is probably something that she should eventually change. For now though, she can help keep people cared for in this way, she can offer up a safe harbor during the deluge of... whatever this is.

* * *

[ She flips on the communication of the device and her face appears on everyone's screens. ]

Hey. Some of you may know me. Some may not. I'm Jill. I own The Houndstooth in the center of town on main street. The windows are boarded up and the doors locked. But if anyone needs a safe space to stay while things are crazy out there, or just wants to wait out whatever this is with other people, the doors are open for you. We'll let you in.

[ There's a pounding at the door and Jill momentarily looks away as someone says it's a citizen and Jill tells them to let them in. She looks back at the screen. ] Otherwise, stay safe out there, okay? Okay.

ooc: Use this as a mingle for all things The Houndstooth through the entire month until things clear up. Whether it's a stop off or the need for medical treatment or just waiting things out until all is calm again. Open or closed threads welcome for anything and everything.
21 September 2016 @ 08:37 pm
we can light it up }{ video; + action; OPEN  
Hawke has spent the last week debating between a desire to troll the population and an intense distrust of the little device everyone's been using. It just doesn't seem like a good idea in her experience. Just because nothing has happened doesn't mean nothing will. That is the law of Thedas.

Still, she's not doing well on her own, so after a while, she decides to try activating the thing just to see if she can find out what it really does. If it blows up in her face, at least she's expecting that. It's not very graceful when she finally does figure out the thing in her hand, but there she is in the barn with a few stalls and the heads of three particular mounts behind her, a frown of concentration on her face.

"--not entirely convinced this isn't a magical artifact. Possibly elven. Where's Merrill when you need her?"

She tilts the device upside down so now she's not exactly visible anymore. Well, her legs and boots are visible, but that's about it. Someone might want to help her out. Regardless, she keeps talking, like she expects someone to hear. Somehow.

"So what do I owe the pleasure of all the recent chaos? Not that there's anything wrong with how happy everyone is lately, but I haven't seen a group of people this excited since red came into fashion in Orlais. Shame about the Winter Palace. Its floors might never be the same again."

Who just hints at the Inquisition's uniforms that night and all the slave deaths plus the Orlesian Civil War in one go? Hawke did. Too bad no one will really pick up on it.

"And if anyone can tell me who these delightful mounts belong to, that would be refreshing. Must be someone strong to deal with these teeth and antlers."

Eventually, the feed times out, but Hawke can be found and seen walking around the barn, talking to the mounts she clearly knows are from Thedas.
08 September 2016 @ 11:29 pm
OPEN | Network or Action | I was a tourist with no story lost in this purgatory  
I know I haven't really hopped on here since I got here a couple of days ago but...hi, I'm Cam. I'm going to go get a drink and this is my open invitation for someone or someones to join me, because drinking alone is really, really sad and I really don't wanna be that guy. Don't make me be that guy, okay?

Admittedly, Cam can't really complain about the digs here. It's actually a really nice apartment. It's like someone took the loft he and Sophie were sharing in Manhattan and upgraded it into something more spacious and less roach-infested. He likes that part of this whole deal. The part he's not so into is that she's not here, as far as he can tell, and he's lost his door. He looks for it for a couple of hours every day, but the promise that time sort of stops on the "other side" makes him feel less guilty for not really going all out while he's looking. He's not keen on the idea of leaving Soph alone in New York, that's for damn sure, but if time isn't moving forward with out him; if that's really true — and rumor has it, it is — then maybe the fact that he hasn't found his door back yet is a sign that he should take a minute and regroup; enjoy his life for what it is for a second instead of treating every day like a full time job that never really pays and gives no time off.

He loves his sister and he doesn't feel like she's a job all the time, but...well. He's done everything for her since he was eight years old. This feels like a chance to just...take a breather and he deserves one, doesn't he?

So he drops a line on the network and then he heads out. Maybe he'll meet someone; maybe he'll end up drinking alone, but either way...it's getting him out of the apartment for a minute because he's not entirely sure he can resist that golden sphere if he doesn't and something tells him he ought to wait on that until he can find out what's actually in there without having to open it to find out for himself. It's a random magical place that dragged him out of his real life and then closed the door behind him and hid it. He thinks it's fair not to entirely trust the gifts he gets while he's here.

Cam makes his way to the nearest bar and settles on a stool, his feet touching the floor with no problem even when he's sitting because he's so goddamned tall, and he orders himself a beer before pulling out his PDA to check the network again. Why not? He hasn't had a beer in a while. It's hard to enjoy a drink when you're on big brother duty twenty-four seven.
10 April 2016 @ 12:46 pm
Open | It's an ark party! | network + action  
[Backdated to April 5th-ish]

[ Lucy appears on the video screen. She's dressed like this and is wearing a bright smile. ]

Ahoy, Maties! Jill and I were feeling a little Noah's Ark so we wished up a house boat. I made key lime cupcakes and stocked the liquor cabinet. You're all invited to come see out the flood in house boat party style with us. We'll be docked for the next hour or so then we're going to be out on the open sea...or main street depending on just how bad the flooding gets. Party like it's 2348 BC!

[ Video out]


True to her word, Lucy, Jill and the house boat are docked for an hour or so to pick up any passengers. After that, they will sail out to sea, anchor, open all the sliding doors of the boat and party despite the rain. There will be food (hamburgers, hot dogs, etc), drinks and dancing. Come enjoy the pouring rain! Those with boats are welcome to anchor next to the house boat and party along side.

[Feel free to make your own threads, mingle and treat this like a party post. Let me know if you want Lucy in particular.]
16 March 2016 @ 06:43 pm
Network | Open  
[ The video flickers on to reveal a pretty blonde leaning on a bar. She sighs and lays her head on her arms. ]

So, The Houndstooth has been miraculously revived, Crimson Tide memorabilia is intact and this is your formal invitation to come hang with us.

[ She sits up straighter, her hands coming into prayer position. ] Please, please, please. We make some mean drinks, scrumptious chili cheese fries and I look really cute today. Truly, it would be a shame to let this dress go to waste. [ Insert a twirl to show the dress off before the video goes black]

(ooc: action is welcome. She is indeed at The Houndstooth. Network is also a-okay.)
08 March 2016 @ 04:02 pm
OTA || Outside the Apartment Building  
To say that Lydia was more than a little bit lost was an gross understatement. She hadn't wandered off in a trance in a long time and even if she had, it wasn't likely she'd end up in a completely different city, at least not without her car, but here she is all the same.

The personal device had welcomed her and Lydia had balked for a moment before her curiosity had gotten the better of her. She's made her way to the mentioned apartment building and she's trying not to think about the fact that she's definitely supposed to be tutoring Stiles in about an hour...and going to "a friend's house" after that. Both of them will notice she's gone. At least, there's some comfort there, because if they notice she's missing, they'll come looking for her and then maybe they'll be able to guide her back home.

She stares up at the building and can't quite make herself head inside because, well...isn't that sort of resignation? In a way? Instead of actually heading in, she looks back down at the PDA. What the hell, it's worth a shot, right? She can't be too far from home, she tells herself, so she'll recognize the name of the place as soon as she hears it and then she'll know which direction to go to head back in the direction she originally came.

network text;
So...no, but really...where am I right now? Which town?
08 February 2016 @ 12:57 pm
open: one day soon the dawn will come  
[ alaina opts for a video post for this, mostly because she does a lot better in person than in writing. she's apparently like cassandra that way. whatever the case, she has something to say. settled in at a table outside, she sets the camera up, after a while of fiddling to get it just right, so that she can be seen at the perfect shot, hands folded on the table in front of her. she looks like a noble, someone born into the role of a leader, or who has been pushed there by fate and circumstance.

it might be a little of both. ]

So, how many of us are still here? I think we need a headcount. I hope everyone is still safe, but we need to work on a lot of things now. What happened recently was a tragedy. We need to be prepared so that something like this doesn't happen again. To go with our headcount, I'd like a list of who is capable of what. If you want to give it to me in person, I'll be outside my apartment all day. [ here, have a few directions. ]

I'll start us off. My name is Alaina Trevelyan. I'm the leader of the Inquisition in Thedas and a member of the noble house Trevelyan from the Free Marches. [ this probably means nothing to anyone but whatever. ] Most of my combat experience is with two-handed weapons -- greatswords, battleaxes, and warhammers -- and I have enough here that I can teach anyone who wants lessons. I'm used to fighting mages, templars, red templars, bandits, bears, quillbacks, anything that crosses my path. I also have extensive use of survival skills. In Thedas, we don't have any of this... electricity. [ be proud, natasha. ] I'm used to pitching camps, forging weapons, and hunting for food. Everything in the world has a use and I can help with that, too.

[ paaaaause. ] I also have a habit of taking in people, so if you need a place to stay or someone to protect you, now or anytime in the future, my home is open.

I've never seen a place repair itself like this one, but the fact that it was torn down so quickly means that it could happen again. We need to be ready. That means working together to ensure that everyone survives.

[ and with that, she'll let it go. inquisitor out! ]
06 October 2015 @ 01:09 pm
open || at a honky-tonk where their boots stomp all night  
Mass Text:
Ask and you shall receive. The Houndstooth Grill and Tavern now broadcasts all sporting events on a ton of TV's. I think I kind of love whoever runs this place. For now.
Grand opening this Saturday.
Are you ready for some football? Hope y'all come by. And Roll Tide!

The Houndstooth, while it's been open for business for awhile, now has sporting broadcasts from every world and every time. Of course, the default on the many screens is American football since Jill is such a football fan. But she's willing to search the channels to get at least one or two TV's onto whatever someone wants to watch. The Pub and Grill has a homey atmosphere and serves classic Americana foods like burgers and steaks, every kind of fried foods you can imagine, frito pies, chili cheese dogs, etc. Some nights there's even live music playing at the top floor and a dance floor to get your groove thing on.

While she's finagled Lucy into helping her out on this one day, Jill is sometimes at the bar serving drinks. Sometimes she's behind the piano playing and singing some of that afore mentioned live music. Sometimes she's out on the patio smoking a cigarette. Sometimes she's walking around serving, making sure everyone has what they need. All the time she's watching some football game or another. She's thrilled to have the place here in its entirety.

Stop on by. Bring a date. Have a few drinks and laughs and fun.

ooc: The official grand opening of The Houndstooth. Forward dated for this weekend (October 10th). Treat this as a mingle for Saturday, tag around and have fun.
Get an idea of what The Houndstooth looks like at the Residences and Businesses page.
27 September 2015 @ 02:14 pm
Closed | I just want to cuddle and watch movies  
who: Noah, Lucy and Jill
what: promised movie night
when: Sept 27
warnings: lots of kissing?

He's into me for everything I'm not )