21 September 2017 @ 05:17 pm
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Sawyer is terrified from the moment she steps through the door right up to this moment when she's trying to set the door on fire. The only fortunate thing about the door refusing to burn (seriously, the paint doesn't even peel) is that it slowly transitions Sawyer from terrified to angry. She's more comfortable with angry (aren't most people or is she special in this?).

Her face is flushed with heat. She's pushed the sleeves of her sweatshirt (normal people scare me) up and she's grateful she's wearing cut-off shorts with a pair of black converse. She looks overheated because she is. Not only had she spent a good deal of time trying to set the door on fire, she'd created that fire and she's really not good or reliable at that right now. She expends too much energy far too quickly.

Finally, the feeling of wooziness and being entirely parched from the inside out drives Sawyer to the fountain, where she peels her socks and shoes off in favor of putting her feet in the water. She leans over her legs, placing her forehead against her knees as she dangles her hands in the water too.

She really doesn't care what she looks like. Besides, there's a fifty-fifty chance that this is some weirdo, wacky dream she's having. She's certainly had her fair share of them in the last few weeks.
17 September 2017 @ 07:24 pm
Dean is actually settling into this weird place. He's got the Men of Letters bunker here, complete with all its contents, and he's moved into there. The apartments hadn't really been his style. Or maybe it was that they were too much what he was used to. His apartment had looked like some cheesy 70's motel room, basically home away from home. The bunker makes him feel a little more stable, which is weird. He hasn't felt stable anywhere his entire life.

Yeah, this place is a learning curve.

In the interest of really settling in and getting to know the town (and some of the people in it), Dean decides to have a walkabout. He'll stop for coffee (black) at the cafe then he moves on to a bodega to do some shopping. A guy needs snack food in the house. He stops by the police station to talk to the woman in charge there. He works on a car at the garage for a little bit then stops off at the Houndstooth to have a drink (and maybe talk to a pretty bartender) before he heads back to the bunker.
18 August 2017 @ 11:18 pm
[Lease laws. There is a big question to sit on Percy's mind today. See when he wakes up this morning, he finds his best furry friend sitting there at the edge of his bed staring at him, tailing wagging and knocking over anything in its path. Things crash, break against the floor even. He knows the only answer is to get her outside for a while.

And that's when the question hits him. Does she even need a lease? Would people care? Thing is Mrs O'Leary is an excitable dog and hungry one at that. Her nose can probably smell anything delicious a mile away, and with how energetic she was nothing was really holding her back from running up to the shop windows with food on display and licking the glass. Not really anything was stopping her from running up to people who carry food with them. Large red dog eyes would stare down as if asking permission to have what she sees. 'Pretty, pretty, please?' they could almost say.

On top of that, she wasn't exactly a poodle. Sure, back in his world, normal people saw her as one all the time, but he knows monsters here exist without mist covering up their true forms. His worry is if anyone coming face to face to her can mistake her as unfriendly. Add to that she was giant as tank with a gait powerful enough to make the ground vibrate...a little. And well. There's a concern he has with people seeing her as the hell hound she is. Even with her friendly appearance and tongue always hanging out to prove her innocence right away.

That in mind, Percy tries to stay mindful of anyone they come across on their walk and keeps up with her as best he can. In most instances he comes up running a little bit behind her with a wave to anyone the girl comes across because she's fast. He's watching out for her, too.]

Hey, hope she didn't scare you. Mrs. O'Leary here is just hungry, I bet. [He also gets the feeling she is playing 'follow the leader' with him in her exploration of this world, too. But it's okay. It's nothing he can't cope with.

He pats Mrs. O'Leary whom barks agreeably in response, when he catches up.]
See! This girl's not going to eat you or anything. She's all friendly. No bite.

[Catching his breathe, he guesses maybe she does need a lease if she keeps him chasing her like this though. But also thinks food would be good to try appeasing her dogginess first. Last thing he wants is limiting any fun the ol' girl's having when they only just reunited.]

[Percy and Mrs. O'Leary will pretty much be everywhere around town from today on and not very hard to spot. They can be found doing things like trying to break the world's longest dog walk record, playing fetch with toys the size of car tires, or trying see who can eat the most hot dogs. You choose, folks.]
30 July 2017 @ 02:56 pm
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[So this is unexpected. Tina had been going through the door to the bathroom in the restaurant, when suddenly she wasn't there and was somewhere else entirely. And even more strangely, there's the nagging feeling at the back of her mind that something like this has happened to her before.

Thankfully the smartphone in her hands has something of an explanation, and so she heads there to claim her bedroom, though she can't stop herself from looking at EVERYTHING, and she's visibly nervous.]

Uhm, hi, hello... don't mind me, just, ah, going to find my bedroom... By the way, if anyone sees a boy in a burger costume or a girl with a pink bunny ears hat, or a woman with red glasses, or a balding guy with a mustache, let me know?

[And once she's there and registered, Tina does a double take as she opens the door to her bedroom, and just stands there, gaping.

Her room back home had been covered with horse posters, but she has her own little suite here that is positively PLASTERED with horses. The wallpaper, the decorations, the bedspread... it's a paradise.]

It's like a dream come true...


Dear diary,

I was just going to the bathroom and it's like I stepped into Narnia. I guess there are other people here and I hope they'll be nice enough to say hello.

Love, Tina

[[OOC note Hi friends! I'm Shurimon and this is Tina Belcher from the cartoon Bob's Burgers. She's an ordinary teenage girl and is a bit of an AU- she'll have her memories from [community profile] driftfleet intact. Please feel free to add me at [plurk.com profile] shurimon!]
26 April 2017 @ 05:00 pm
Carl Grimes goes on a one man tour
[Moving from one place to another isn't a new experience to Carl. Moving through one dimension to another like his life were suddenly the plot line of comic book, however, is new. He spends the first day avoiding people as much as possible to digest his new situation on his own, the next to explore and open up little by little. The people here didn't seem bad to him, which was a plus considering. Only they were more comfortable with going about their lives as if all the stuff around them was normal when it was not. Simple businesses that were considered open, laughter that filled the streets-- all of that was going to take him a while to adjust to since he hadn't seen a society function this way in over two years.

And honestly, he isn't sure he'll ever get used to it.

But Carl keeps on walking to see what there is anyway. Itinere wasn't lacking in things or people to catch his attention.]

Percy Jackson plans a surprise date
[Valentines and the whole month of February was a disaster. Then March, if not the most of April felt like a period of recovery and transition because Annabeth had moved in with him and Percy was giving her time to adjust. But the one thing that was not lost on him was their chance to celebrate Valentines Day. Which is why the thought stirs to his mind every once in a while. And today, it finally feels like it's driving him crazy. Annabeth deserved something to make up for it, after all.

That's why he can be found doing a little extra shopping today. Sightseeing for the perfect place to have picnic and also researching - yes, actually researching! - in book stores or libraries to get ideas of things to wish up. An idea he gets pretty quickly is the Athena Parthenos, a statue of importance from home whom he knows his girlfriend will appreciate. The Goddess' statue seems reluctant to his answer him though so it actually takes a couple of hours to appear. Meanwhile he goes about others things anyway. Collecting supplies for the date like a blanket, a basket and food both to his girlfriends tastes and his own. Mashed potatoes and mac and cheese sound like a good combination, right? He throw in a couple of BLTs for something healthy too.

Around lunch, Percy finally gets his date plan all together. Though for reasons entirely his own he borrows supplies from around not only to set up a picnic area on the beach but to fix together a seashell bra for the little mermaid statue there. It feels like something he should do make less it awkward for his date anyway... (Plus he thinks it's kind of humorous when it's done.)

He pops back into his apartment later to gather Annabeth for his surprise date.]
OOC: Hit me with brackets or prose or your own adventure. Anything is cool.
04 February 2017 @ 09:12 am
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[ The boy who appears on the screen looks to be very far up in the air, right around he gathering of storm clouds, and on the move. Occasionally, a flash of gold metal can be seen in the video. He looks a little bit frazzled and a lot excited with a dash of terror. ]

Hey guys! I think it's time to saddle the wagons and circle the horses or whatever that saying is. There's monsters that seriously need to be made into monster mash! And I kind of miss the snow if this is the alternative.

[ There's a roar and a creak of metal before an entirely different sort of roar sounds. An arrow whizzes past Leo's face, just barely missing him. ]

Uh, this mostly for Percy & Annabeth (hi Annabeth!) but I'm multitasking a lot of things right now and maybe this can kind of be a warning that if you can't or won't fight, maybe you should stay inside! And don't worry, Percy, Festus and me, and maybe others, we've totally got this under control!

[ There's a crooked smile and another arrow whizzes through Leo's wayward curls just over his head before the feed cuts out to the sound of another roar. ]

Text to Sophie:
Uh... you safe? Because you need to stay safe and there's bad stuff going on outside.
18 January 2017 @ 08:21 pm
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[N E T W O R K]

I feel like I should take advantage of all this snow. What's everyone's favorite winter activity?

[A C T I O N]

Sophie has discovered that she loves Itinere. She loves the people and the opportunities that this place gives her and Cam. She loves the freedom this place has and maybe she ought to want to go home, maybe she ought to want to finish art school (a part of her does). Maybe she ought to want a lot of things, but right now, she likes this place.

Winter is probably Sophie's favorite season. She loves the clothes and the snow, the way her breath freezes in the air; she loves to be able to run inside, tingley and red from the cold to warm up by a fire. She loves the fuzzy socks and the way that people tend to stay inside and cuddle in the winter.

With all of that in mind, Sophie stops by the coffee shop first and gets a PSL (shut up, she can still love them and tease Cam about loving them). With steaming coffee in hand, she walks along the main street of the town, stopping in various shops. After popping into several shops, she ends up with several shopping bags which have to be dropped off at her apartment then it's back to street to wander in the snow. She's going to make snow angels in the park, take a sleigh ride and possibly build a snowman. She'd love to have company.
04 January 2017 @ 06:37 pm
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I got bored last night and made cupcakes. The Houndstooth is now serving dark chocolate cupcakes with peppermint cream frosting and hot chocolate cupcakes. If you don't like chocolate...what is wrong with you?

(ooc: action is totally a go)

Closed to Duke

Hey, Pirate Man, you up for an adventure?
12 November 2016 @ 12:00 am
Bonfire Mingle Post || OTA  

Around the time the sun is starting to set in the early to mid-evening on Saturday, 11/12 as promised, Lydia will (hopefully with the help of Allison and a couple of others) have set up a bonfire on the beach. She's brought several bags of marshmallows, boxes of graham crackers, bars of chocolate, and s'more skewers so that s'mores can totally be a thing. There's also plenty of blankets and towels spread around, because she wants to be sure everyone is comfortable. Jill has offered to bring the alcohol.

Lydia can be found making her way around, greeting and mingling with anyone who arrives and throughout the night. She'll be doing her best to appear approachable so that anyone who maybe hasn't ever been to a bonfire and has questions will feel comfortable approaching her to do that.

[ ooc: please feel free to respond directly to this with your own top comments to play out stuff in here or you can use this as a prompt to make your own logs elsewhere, totally up to you. If you'd like to play with Lydia, please consider this her top comment. Mods, let me know if I need to make any changes to this.]