27 September 2017 @ 05:58 pm
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404. Well, this one's definitely found. And pretty nice. Though he's not really sure how the place had what he liked, he wasn't about to argue with a computer he had no hand in programming. So he's gonna be checking out his apartment, and possibly seeing who else lives here.

Around Town

New place? Time to explore! Yay. Or maybe he's having a jog in the morning to burn off energy. He might even look familiar to someone. Jake's just scoping the place out, looking around, checking out the shops and bars. He might also be looking at possible vantage points. But whatever he's doing, he's likely wearing a weird shirt


So, new here. Anyone have the lowdown on good places to go here? Fun things to see? Also, anyone else notice how weird this place is? I mean big blue doors and computers that have just the right thing. Makes anyone wonder. I mean not complaining, but looking for the catch.
07 September 2017 @ 08:37 pm
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Buffy has been here long enough to settle in, to come up with some sort of routine. She considered getting a job at the coffee shop for a while, but ultimately has decided to treat this like the semi-vacation she's never actually gotten to take. She sleeps in, cleans house then spends her afternoons wandering around the town.

Today, she's doing some shopping, going into the many stores Itinere provides and coming out laden with shopping bags. Mid-afternoon, she stops by the cafe, grabs a cup of a coffee and a crossiant then sits in the sun to do some people watching. Despite being settled and hopeful about this place, she hasn't figured it out. There has to be a catch because there is always a catch. Once she's done with her coffee, she carries her bags back to the Summers house, drops everything off and spends a little time with the others living there.

Once evening has fallen and has officially become 'late' night, Buffy grabs her scythe and goes out to patrol. She doesn't expect to find anything out of the ordinary. She doesn't expect to slay anything at all, but years of conditioning and soemthing in her slayer makeup drives her out there anyway. She gets restless if she doesn't patrol. Besides, if anything did happen, she'd feel guilty for not patrolling.
05 September 2017 @ 06:36 pm
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As of today, the Interfaith Center's officially open for business.

We're downtown, right by
[ location ]. If you're looking for a place to observe your faith, or lack thereof, you're welcome to drop by. All faiths are welcome. Abrahamic, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Shintoism, a faith that worships Seraphim, pagan or polytheistic, Humanism or secularism... it doesn't matter to me.

What I do ask for is respect and common courtesy. Depending on your needs, we'll either host interfaith services or talks.

Also: tonight, at 6:30, Misty and I will be hosting an open house! No gifts necessary. If you have questions, just ask. I promise, I've heard almost everything at this point.

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[ As promised, the interfaith center is up and running for business! Stefan will be here most of the day, making sure everything's running in top shape.

In the morning, he'll be in the kitchen, running around at super-speed to make sure all the food's fully cooked. And since this isn't outer space, he's free to cook to his hearts' content. Baklava, falafals, baba ghanoush, dolma... His Jordanian roots demanded a traditional Middle Eastern feast. If he's not cooking, then he's observing a rare moment of quiet in the lounge, with a cup of tea and a book (a collection of poems by Rumi).

In the evening, however - the Center is bustling with activity, and Stefan's flitting around like a nervous host that would probably make Caroline Forbes proud. If he catches you, he'll wave his hand and rush over. ]

Hey! You finding everything okay?

[ Even now, he frets about the littlest things. ]
27 August 2017 @ 10:00 pm
Kate Bishop
Here's the thing about vacations: sometimes, especially when life is particularly stressful back home, they're hard to give up. If Kate stays in Itinere, she doesn't have to go back to Californian trailer living (even if it is on the beach). If she stays here, she can eat how she'd like instead of what she can afford. Yeah, there's a cat she should probably be taking care of (they can fend for themselves, right?) but she needs this. Being cut off from her father's bank account has been a harder adjustment than she imagined it being. Running into Madame Masque hadn't been fun. And then there's still Barton to deal with.

Sure, he's been here. And technically the apartment she stays in here is an exact duplicate of the one he has in Bed-Stuy. She'd move out but apparently Itinere has other plans. Every apartment door she opens with her key leads to that one. Apparently, there's just no getting rid of the Clint Barton influence in her life.

That's okay. Because she can spend most of her days at any of the the local coffee shops with Lucky, reading or browsing what passes for the net here. She can spend time drinking pina coladas on the beach. She actually has the time (and energy) to go out at night. Clint can't be that bad off back home. He had seemed fine when he was here. Still, even though she tries not to, she worries. And secretly, Kate can't help but miss him.

It takes some time for her to decide that maybe, just maybe, one way to stop worrying about things back home is to keep herself busy here. Jumping on that idea, Kate heads to the police department to introduce herself as the local PI. Itinere doesn't seem to need superheros as constantly as Earth does but there has to be some sort of regular crime. Right?

Diana of Themyscira
Diana's first time to Itinere had been filled with monsters and excitement, like something out of a myth. Then she had gone back through the door to the island and hadn't found her way back. Sneaking away from her tutor to watch the Amazons fight had become the crux of life again. Until today. Until Diana had opened the door to her quarters not to find continuation of the dim light of the palace interior but bright sunshine. It hadn't been a dream!

Cautiously, she turns her head to make certain that she's alone in the halls. This is her secret island, something she wants to keep entirely to herself. Sharing the secret would ruin the magic. Worse, someone might tell her mother. Diana squeals in excitement and nearly steps through before stopping herself. Last time, there had been monsters. She's an Amazon. The youngest of the Amazons yes, but an Amazon nonetheless. She ought to go and help with the fight. That means being prepared.

"Please don't go anywhere," she tells the door before closing it to run to the armory. She's seen the small sword there, one good for a warrior of her size. Aunt Antiope had already made certain of that, despite disagreement with Hippolyta. She grabs the sword and, after a few more seconds of consideration, finds a bow she thinks she would be capable of shooting. Then she runs back to her room. After saying a quick prayer to the Gods, she opens the door.

Now all she needs is a monster to fight.
18 June 2017 @ 03:31 pm
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We walk as tall as skyscrapers )
23 May 2017 @ 09:38 pm
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Two seconds earlier, Buffy had been walking toward the room in the Alpha Complex that she didn’t share with anyone. She’d opened the door, stepped through and started to unzip the orange jumpsuit she wore. Two seconds ago she’d been in an underground complex and now...she wasn’t.

Her hand freezes on the zipper of her jumpsuit then falls to her side (it’s only unzipped about an inch).

“Toto...I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” she murmurs. She’s pretty sure she’s not in San Francisco either. There are some pretty important landmarks missing, like the bridge, and the beach looks suspiciously more like the one in Sunnydale than in San Francisco. This calls for an exploration, and some damn information. If she were more certain about the population here, she might find something inhuman and evil to beat information out of, but since nothing is jumping out at her to volunteer, she’s going to have to stick to finding things out in a much more polite way.

She really wishes (for the billionth time since being pulled into the Alpha Complex) that she wasn’t wearing a bright orange jumpsuit. She’s pretty sure it doesn’t inspire trust in anyone. She slips her hands into her pockets as she starts to walk and finds the PDA that was definitely not there before. Her brow furrows and she starts poking at buttons, eventually pulling up the network:


Echo one nine, is anyone there? I’m pretty sure I just mixed my military and trucker walkie etiquette, but seriously? Is anyone there?