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Itinere is a resort town. It's got a door to 'home'. Your guys can come and go as they please or as you please. Have them pulled here unexpectedly. Have them stop over for a vacation. Have them stuck here indefinitely. Really it's up to you. There are houses, hotels and apartments. There are shops, restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts. Make it up as you go/as you want your character to experience it. There are monsters, demons, ghosts. Or not. As far as money/supplies/food/etc consider it like a super deluxe Sandals. It's all free for the taking. This is your sandbox. Play in it.

The weather is mild but there are seasons. All 'guests' will have a PDA device so voice/text/video posts are a go as are action posts.

There are no applications in Itinere, but it is invite only. If you'd like an invite, PM this community with the journal you'd like to have invited. I'll be happy to give you one.

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2. [video]

So hey, if I were to open up a hamburger stand here, would that be something people would be interested in? I wanted to in the last place I was trapped in but didn't have the money or the space to or anything but if I can just ask for anything I want here... I'll try it.

... I'd give every burger a pun for a name, if that helps.
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404. Well, this one's definitely found. And pretty nice. Though he's not really sure how the place had what he liked, he wasn't about to argue with a computer he had no hand in programming. So he's gonna be checking out his apartment, and possibly seeing who else lives here.

Around Town

New place? Time to explore! Yay. Or maybe he's having a jog in the morning to burn off energy. He might even look familiar to someone. Jake's just scoping the place out, looking around, checking out the shops and bars. He might also be looking at possible vantage points. But whatever he's doing, he's likely wearing a weird shirt


So, new here. Anyone have the lowdown on good places to go here? Fun things to see? Also, anyone else notice how weird this place is? I mean big blue doors and computers that have just the right thing. Makes anyone wonder. I mean not complaining, but looking for the catch.
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Sawyer is terrified from the moment she steps through the door right up to this moment when she's trying to set the door on fire. The only fortunate thing about the door refusing to burn (seriously, the paint doesn't even peel) is that it slowly transitions Sawyer from terrified to angry. She's more comfortable with angry (aren't most people or is she special in this?).

Her face is flushed with heat. She's pushed the sleeves of her sweatshirt (normal people scare me) up and she's grateful she's wearing cut-off shorts with a pair of black converse. She looks overheated because she is. Not only had she spent a good deal of time trying to set the door on fire, she'd created that fire and she's really not good or reliable at that right now. She expends too much energy far too quickly.

Finally, the feeling of wooziness and being entirely parched from the inside out drives Sawyer to the fountain, where she peels her socks and shoes off in favor of putting her feet in the water. She leans over her legs, placing her forehead against her knees as she dangles her hands in the water too.

She really doesn't care what she looks like. Besides, there's a fifty-fifty chance that this is some weirdo, wacky dream she's having. She's certainly had her fair share of them in the last few weeks.


Dean is actually settling into this weird place. He's got the Men of Letters bunker here, complete with all its contents, and he's moved into there. The apartments hadn't really been his style. Or maybe it was that they were too much what he was used to. His apartment had looked like some cheesy 70's motel room, basically home away from home. The bunker makes him feel a little more stable, which is weird. He hasn't felt stable anywhere his entire life.

Yeah, this place is a learning curve.

In the interest of really settling in and getting to know the town (and some of the people in it), Dean decides to have a walkabout. He'll stop for coffee (black) at the cafe then he moves on to a bodega to do some shopping. A guy needs snack food in the house. He stops by the police station to talk to the woman in charge there. He works on a car at the garage for a little bit then stops off at the Houndstooth to have a drink (and maybe talk to a pretty bartender) before he heads back to the bunker.

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Best place to get a pumpkin spice latte, bonus points if there are cream puffs, too, because I'm craving them and don't judge me, ready, set, GO!

While Zatanna has been kind of laying low and trying to find a way back to Alpha Complex — a thing that you couldn't have paid her enough to consider doing before; she supposes that's what she gets for getting attached to Al — she's also maybe kinda sorta totally been secretly enjoying the freedom that comes with being the crap out of there. Real food. Real food that she doesn't have to hide in the skirt of her dress and sneak out while Alcide is laughing like a jerk and nearly blowing their cover. It's a novelty in spite of the fact that it really, really shouldn't be. But every time she eats a meal, it makes her feel guilty because, as far as she knows, Alcide can't. As far as she knows, her bestie is back in that horrible place and she'd promised to bring him home with her. Now she's neither home, nor is he with her. God, when did she get so bad at keeping promises?

She's been practicing her magic in secret, usually far out near the blue doors that no one really comes out to disturb. The thing is that Zee is trying to teach herself to get back there and retrieve her friend, and then go home and rejoin the team with her own freaking wolf. Take that, Wolf, her wolf could talk. And he was nice to look at when he wasn't a wolf, but again. Don't judge her. She's out there because it's safer, in case she does something wrong in a totally whelming way; the last thing anyone needs is for Zatanna to blow up the building in which the majority of them are housed.

Zatanna is on her way back into town because she's dying for something...pumpkin-y. It's fall. The leaves are turning, the air is getting more crisp. She's been here too long without her team or her friends — in some cases, they're both...man, she misses Rob... — and it's time to really crack down and get it right. If nothing else, she has to get Al and bring him here so he's safer and so that he can be the wolf he really is. She's never felt more liberated than when she was finally able to use her magic again and she can only imagine how it will feel for him. She's doing this tonight if it kills her. ...it might kill her, actually, so she's absolutely having one last pumpkin spice latte or something with pumpkin spice before she tries because if she gets back to Alpha and she can't get out again, dammit, she needs to make it worth it. So as she strides into town and down the street, if it looks like the girl is on a mission, that's because she is. That doesn't mean she won't stop to talk, though; she's very friendly, really.
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All right, my sister has decided that I have two choices: I can get off my ass and make some new friends or I can find somewhere else to live. Since I'm terrible at the former and not interested in the latter, I guess I'm going to need some help.

What is there to do around here?

[ Because, quite honestly, he's been keeping largely to himself, so as not to third wheel Buffy and Alcide...but he's also been more than a little clingy; he can't help it. Laura's alive. That novelty isn't going to fade any time soon.

This message is going to have to do. Her exact suggestion was that he get off his ass and "get laid" but he's still not ready to move past the unspoken...whatever he had with Katniss back in Alpha Complex. ]

Admittedly, this place is a lot more relaxing than Beacon Hills or the Alpha Complex had been and Derek really can't complain. It's nice being able to just be himself and find that no one gives a rat's ass. He doesn't really run around saving the city with his sister, mostly because he's still so conditioned against letting himself be who he really is, but he likes the idea that he could if he could just muster up the energy and confidence to do it without being afraid of being hunted for the sake of being hunted.

Or thrown in jail for being a traitor for literally anything that he might say or do.

Walking through town and just sort of looking at the sights in spite of the fact that he's seen them all a hundred times, Derek allows himself to take things in with a fresh set of eyes. The people are friendly here. The streets smell like the coffee shops and eateries he passes, rather than nothing at all because he hadn't had his sense of smell.

Maybe he could settle here. Maybe once he gets over Katniss and just moves on, then he can actually settle down here. Maybe he'll meet another woman; maybe she'll be The One, if he's especially lucky. Derek is finding more and more that he could get used to it here. He just has to let himself.
He can do that. Right?

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Buffy has been here long enough to settle in, to come up with some sort of routine. She considered getting a job at the coffee shop for a while, but ultimately has decided to treat this like the semi-vacation she's never actually gotten to take. She sleeps in, cleans house then spends her afternoons wandering around the town.

Today, she's doing some shopping, going into the many stores Itinere provides and coming out laden with shopping bags. Mid-afternoon, she stops by the cafe, grabs a cup of a coffee and a crossiant then sits in the sun to do some people watching. Despite being settled and hopeful about this place, she hasn't figured it out. There has to be a catch because there is always a catch. Once she's done with her coffee, she carries her bags back to the Summers house, drops everything off and spends a little time with the others living there.

Once evening has fallen and has officially become 'late' night, Buffy grabs her scythe and goes out to patrol. She doesn't expect to find anything out of the ordinary. She doesn't expect to slay anything at all, but years of conditioning and soemthing in her slayer makeup drives her out there anyway. She gets restless if she doesn't patrol. Besides, if anything did happen, she'd feel guilty for not patrolling.
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Someone want to explain what the hell is going on here?


Jessica doesn't walk anywhere; she stalks and storms. She storms into The Houndstooth, orders a bottle of whiskey telling the bartender to just leave the bottle because "you'll have to see me less and I won't have to talk to you". She takes a swig from the bottle then turns her attention to the PDA, poking at it and scrolling angrily (can someone even scroll angrily? Jessica manages it) through the thing.

"You're fucking serious. What kind of rich asshole brought us here and if it's Tony Stark I'm going to beat him and his bodyguard's ass."
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Kate Bishop
Here's the thing about vacations: sometimes, especially when life is particularly stressful back home, they're hard to give up. If Kate stays in Itinere, she doesn't have to go back to Californian trailer living (even if it is on the beach). If she stays here, she can eat how she'd like instead of what she can afford. Yeah, there's a cat she should probably be taking care of (they can fend for themselves, right?) but she needs this. Being cut off from her father's bank account has been a harder adjustment than she imagined it being. Running into Madame Masque hadn't been fun. And then there's still Barton to deal with.

Sure, he's been here. And technically the apartment she stays in here is an exact duplicate of the one he has in Bed-Stuy. She'd move out but apparently Itinere has other plans. Every apartment door she opens with her key leads to that one. Apparently, there's just no getting rid of the Clint Barton influence in her life.

That's okay. Because she can spend most of her days at any of the the local coffee shops with Lucky, reading or browsing what passes for the net here. She can spend time drinking pina coladas on the beach. She actually has the time (and energy) to go out at night. Clint can't be that bad off back home. He had seemed fine when he was here. Still, even though she tries not to, she worries. And secretly, Kate can't help but miss him.

It takes some time for her to decide that maybe, just maybe, one way to stop worrying about things back home is to keep herself busy here. Jumping on that idea, Kate heads to the police department to introduce herself as the local PI. Itinere doesn't seem to need superheros as constantly as Earth does but there has to be some sort of regular crime. Right?

Diana of Themyscira
Diana's first time to Itinere had been filled with monsters and excitement, like something out of a myth. Then she had gone back through the door to the island and hadn't found her way back. Sneaking away from her tutor to watch the Amazons fight had become the crux of life again. Until today. Until Diana had opened the door to her quarters not to find continuation of the dim light of the palace interior but bright sunshine. It hadn't been a dream!

Cautiously, she turns her head to make certain that she's alone in the halls. This is her secret island, something she wants to keep entirely to herself. Sharing the secret would ruin the magic. Worse, someone might tell her mother. Diana squeals in excitement and nearly steps through before stopping herself. Last time, there had been monsters. She's an Amazon. The youngest of the Amazons yes, but an Amazon nonetheless. She ought to go and help with the fight. That means being prepared.

"Please don't go anywhere," she tells the door before closing it to run to the armory. She's seen the small sword there, one good for a warrior of her size. Aunt Antiope had already made certain of that, despite disagreement with Hippolyta. She grabs the sword and, after a few more seconds of consideration, finds a bow she thinks she would be capable of shooting. Then she runs back to her room. After saying a quick prayer to the Gods, she opens the door.

Now all she needs is a monster to fight.
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So far, being Blue Sargent, police intern is about as exciting as being Blue Sargent, waitress. She wasn't exactly certain what she had been expecting when she had opted for the career change. Some kind of excitement at least. Something hopefully on level with how she spent the last two years of her high school career in Henrietta. They lived in a magical world where wishes actually came true and monsters often invaded the streets. There had to be something. Something where she'd learn how to keep the bad guys in line or solve the mysteries that kept the older, hardened detectives up at night.

Instead, it turns out that being an intern is exactly as boring as being a waitress. In the past couple of months, Blue's lost track of the number of hours spent sitting around the station doing absolutely nothing. She busies herself by helping with any paperwork Audrey needs done, or fetching cups of coffee (and the occasional cup of tea) for them both. It's a big station, and typically empty. Still, she can't help perking up with excitement any time someone new comes through the door. There has to be something more to this gig. Seriously. At this point, she'd even take searching for a lost cat.

Aside from her new job, every other aspect of her life has remained routine. No one's died or been harmed in any way. All her raven boys are still in Itinere, her small family happily whole. Monmouth Manufacturing is here, as is the Barns. Although she misses 300 Fox Way, misses Maura and all the other women of the She spends time with Gansey, happily content in their relationship, but also spends time alone. Her bicycle provides her with an easy way to get around Itinere and while the weather stays nice, she intends to make the most of it.

And if she stumbles across some kind of crime scene along the way? It'll just make the day all the better.
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"No, seriously! He says he's a planet!"

His voice carries across the room, louder than he initially intended but still filled with every bit of that flabbergast feeling that's been nagging at him since Ego stepped foot outside of the round, white spaceship and declared himself Peter's dad. He's not exactly sure how many days that's been now, though he's half convinced that it's probably a lifetime ago. There had been some time spent traveling from Berhert. And it had to have been at least a day on Ego's planet. How many since he stumbled into this tropical paradise? That's where Peter really lost count.

He hadn't exactly planned to spend most of it hitting up every bar and establishment he could find. That's the kind of thing that just happens. Used to happen a whole lot more before the Guardians of the Galaxy and a shitload of responsibility fell on his shoulders. Whatever door he had wandered through to find himself in this place wouldn't open. And Quill had tried: pulling on the knob multiple times, kicking it hard enough to cause pain to radiate up his leg, even blasting the damn thing. Eventually, he had just given up, slipped his headphones back on, and pressed play on the Walkman. Then he had set off to explore whatever planet he had magically found himself on.

"A planet," Peter continues, ignoring any response the bartender might have had to his story. He takes another long gulp of his beer and shakes his head. Man, were situations reversed, Peter probably wouldn't believe it either. And, oh god-- "Fucking Drax wanted to know how he..." Peter trains off, grimacing with disgust. "My mom and a planet!"

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. The words "mom" and "sex" never belong in the same sentence.

He takes another swig and sighs. He props his elbow on the edge of the bar top, forehead resting in his palm. This is what he needed. Not Drax's perverse questions or Gamora's skepticism or his dad showing off his own personal Garden of Eden. This is what he needs: good beer and a non-opinionated ear to talk to. Yeah, Quill's not going to question how or why he found himself in this place. He's just thankful to be here. Draining the last of the pint, he places the glass down with a satisfying thud. "I need another."


When the ghosts and monsters disappeared from Itinere, they took with them the living ghost Katniss had clung to so tightly for the past two years. Prim had disappeared; disappeared and didn't come back, instead returned to a world where Katniss had been the one to die. It had hurt, hurt as much as losing her sister the first time. The full moon hadn't been easy to get through. Nothing about the past few weeks had been easy to get through.

But she had survived. She had survived just like she had survived every difficult situation in her past. Her father's death, the Hunger Games and all that had followed. Watching Prim die, only to find her here in Itinere and eventually lose her all over again. Learning to accept her newfound abilities as a werewolf. She had survived. But this time it had been a little easier. Easier not because of the walls built up from tragedy but the walls she had knocked down. Sometime in the past month, Katniss had all but moved in to Matt's apartment without quite realizing it. Having him, knowing he loves her, somehow made pain easier to bear. Things weren't perfect but they weren't as hopeless as before.

Sooner than expected, the pain fades to a dull ache. She starts to spend less time in the woods or hiding in Matt's apartment and more time enjoying what she loves most about Itinere's summers. The beach remains one of her favorite spots, the ocean vast and endless and beautiful. With her new senses, it's as if she's seeing the coast for the first time all over again: the smell of the salt distinct and sharp, the ability to catch sight of small fish swimming in the pools. Walking along the shore gives her the kind of calm that tying Finnick's rope had in a bomb shelter under District 13. She even smiles a little when others pass, no longer feeling as shy and awkward in her skin. It's a good feeling, something that Katniss has missed.

She also starts to spend time at the Houndstooth again. She's missed it, missed chatting with Lucy and trying all the new drinks and foods the girl recommends. One night, rather than going home early, she stays for the open mic night. It's a good day, a day free of any werewolf-caused-accidents or too much of the sadness associated with Prim's loss. Today almost feels like it could be normal and in that, she feels like celebrating. She approaches the empty mic with a shy kind of look on her face. Katniss smooths the front of her shirt, wishing her hair wasn't in the braid so she could almost hide behind it. She's been in the spotlight before but this time, it's something she chooses for no other reason than fun. And then she starts to sing.
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[Lease laws. There is a big question to sit on Percy's mind today. See when he wakes up this morning, he finds his best furry friend sitting there at the edge of his bed staring at him, tailing wagging and knocking over anything in its path. Things crash, break against the floor even. He knows the only answer is to get her outside for a while.

And that's when the question hits him. Does she even need a lease? Would people care? Thing is Mrs O'Leary is an excitable dog and hungry one at that. Her nose can probably smell anything delicious a mile away, and with how energetic she was nothing was really holding her back from running up to the shop windows with food on display and licking the glass. Not really anything was stopping her from running up to people who carry food with them. Large red dog eyes would stare down as if asking permission to have what she sees. 'Pretty, pretty, please?' they could almost say.

On top of that, she wasn't exactly a poodle. Sure, back in his world, normal people saw her as one all the time, but he knows monsters here exist without mist covering up their true forms. His worry is if anyone coming face to face to her can mistake her as unfriendly. Add to that she was giant as tank with a gait powerful enough to make the ground vibrate...a little. And well. There's a concern he has with people seeing her as the hell hound she is. Even with her friendly appearance and tongue always hanging out to prove her innocence right away.

That in mind, Percy tries to stay mindful of anyone they come across on their walk and keeps up with her as best he can. In most instances he comes up running a little bit behind her with a wave to anyone the girl comes across because she's fast. He's watching out for her, too.]

Hey, hope she didn't scare you. Mrs. O'Leary here is just hungry, I bet. [He also gets the feeling she is playing 'follow the leader' with him in her exploration of this world, too. But it's okay. It's nothing he can't cope with.

He pats Mrs. O'Leary whom barks agreeably in response, when he catches up.]
See! This girl's not going to eat you or anything. She's all friendly. No bite.

[Catching his breathe, he guesses maybe she does need a lease if she keeps him chasing her like this though. But also thinks food would be good to try appeasing her dogginess first. Last thing he wants is limiting any fun the ol' girl's having when they only just reunited.]

[Percy and Mrs. O'Leary will pretty much be everywhere around town from today on and not very hard to spot. They can be found doing things like trying to break the world's longest dog walk record, playing fetch with toys the size of car tires, or trying see who can eat the most hot dogs. You choose, folks.]

Action + Network

[So this is unexpected. Tina had been going through the door to the bathroom in the restaurant, when suddenly she wasn't there and was somewhere else entirely. And even more strangely, there's the nagging feeling at the back of her mind that something like this has happened to her before.

Thankfully the smartphone in her hands has something of an explanation, and so she heads there to claim her bedroom, though she can't stop herself from looking at EVERYTHING, and she's visibly nervous.]

Uhm, hi, hello... don't mind me, just, ah, going to find my bedroom... By the way, if anyone sees a boy in a burger costume or a girl with a pink bunny ears hat, or a woman with red glasses, or a balding guy with a mustache, let me know?

[And once she's there and registered, Tina does a double take as she opens the door to her bedroom, and just stands there, gaping.

Her room back home had been covered with horse posters, but she has her own little suite here that is positively PLASTERED with horses. The wallpaper, the decorations, the bedspread... it's a paradise.]

It's like a dream come true...


Dear diary,

I was just going to the bathroom and it's like I stepped into Narnia. I guess there are other people here and I hope they'll be nice enough to say hello.

Love, Tina

[[OOC note Hi friends! I'm Shurimon and this is Tina Belcher from the cartoon Bob's Burgers. She's an ordinary teenage girl and is a bit of an AU- she'll have her memories from [community profile] driftfleet intact. Please feel free to add me at [plurk.com profile] shurimon!]

Network + Action | Open


It's come to my attention that not everyone is aware of the police station in Itinere. We're just off the main square, a couple of blocks down to the North. It's a big brick building brought over my home in Haven, Maine. I'm Audrey Parker and I'm the head of the station here. We offer all the traditional services of a police station as well as a service to walk you to your car, to your home or to whatever destination you desire if you feel you need more protection then you're capable of on your own. During emergency, such as the creatures that attacked us last month, we will meet you where ever you are and escort you to a safe place. If you feel the safest place in town is the police station, we're happy to provide sanctuary as well.

We're also always hiring. Currently, I'm the only regular police officer at the station. I've got an intern and a friend from home that helps out when necessary. If you've got any questions, you can contact me here through video, voice or text, whatever makes you most comfortable.


After her announcement to the network, Audrey will hang around the police station for several hours. Eventually, she ventures outside to grab a cup of coffee and something to eat. She's dressed in a pair of bermuda length shorts and a tee shirt, not looking particularly police like, but she's got her gun holstered at her side and her badge clipped to the pocket of her shorts. Catch her anywhere between the cafe and the station. She'll be happy to speak with any of the residents. She's been mourning Nathan's loss and adjusting to life here without him. Because of that, she hasn't gotten to know as many of the residents here as she should have. She knows some of the long time people and she's spoken to many people, but she hasn't gotten to really know much of anyone. In short, Audrey needs friends. Come say hi.

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"Well, this wouldn't be the first time you claimed we'd return to London," Sarah Jane Smith quips as she steps out of the TARDIS. Honestly, why would she expect anything more from him? This must be the sixth - or is it seventh? - time now that the Doctor promised to take her home. Of course they wind up somewhere else. How very much like him. Despite her frustration, Sarah smiles as she takes in the sunlight and breathes in what smells awfully like coastal sea air. "What is it this time, Doctor? Another emergency call detected by the TARDIS? Or did we just take another wrong turn?"

She crosses her arms over her chest as she turns around to confront her companion. While the blue doors of the TARDIS stand in front of her, the Doctor is no where to be seen. She frowns and pulls at the door. When it refuses to open, she pulls at the handle more angrily. "Doctor! Oy, Doctor, let me in!"

The doors remain closed. Annoyed, Sarah gives them a dirty look. "Oh, I don't need you, either!"

She starts to walk away, only to turn back after a few steps. Fine. If he's going to act like this, so be it. He won't strand her - at least Sarah very much hopes not. And she's not going to wait around for him to cooperate. This planet (town?) looks safe enough. Might as well have a look about, and enjoy herself while at it.

Doctor, can you hear me? I believe I have this device working properly. [Comes a distinct British accent.] This is quite unlike any telephone or computer I've handled recently. Couldn't you have slipped me something simpler?

Or, better yet, let me back inside! I saw the doors to the TARDIS still standing there. I'll have you know, this is quite childish. Even for you!

Be as chalant as you like | OPEN network and action

Treason. Of course Zatanna was being arrested for treason, and it certainly took them long enough to come for her. She's only been breaking rules since she first woke up, after all. It was really only a matter of time, especially since she'd committed the cardinal sin of being contact with Dick Grayson, Alpha's most wanted criminal.

But she wasn't going down without a fight, that was for sure, and the second she'd had the opportunity, she'd broken from the center of the formation of guards and they'd been chasing her as she ducked around a corner and into what she'd thought was a supply closet. Instead, it's the Surface and Zatanna notices immediately the sunlight, the smell of grass, and the sound of birds. A second later, she remembers she's still in that fugly ORANGE jumpsuit and she's not about to get caught if she's made it this far. She sticks out like a sore thumb right now. Reflex dictates that she use her magic, so that's the first thing she tries. Even before she finishes the spell, Emit ot yrt tuo eht wen kool, she remembers she can't do magic, but the spell rolls off her tongue in full anyway and, much to her pleasant surprise, her ORANGE jumpsuit is replaced with her favorite purple tanktop and a pair of khaki shorts.

"I am so totally whelmed right now!" she squeals excitably to herself, forgetting that it's entirely possible to be overheard and sound like a crazy person. She's too busy typing what she thinks is an encrypted message to the Specials on her PDC.

Hey Robin? Al? Prim? I don't know how...but I found the Surface. Rob, can you track my device or something and meet the others so we can get out of here?

PS, guess I really am a mutant, so ha! How do you like me now, Friend Computer?
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Weird magical city take three!

Hugo Weasley reporting for duty. Anyone else I know here yet?