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'cause you know I'm coming home

Somehow, at this point, a magic doorway leading to yet another world doesn't surprise her at all. As soon as she sees the sun and the waves and the green where her quarters should be, she doesn't hesitate to step through. It's not just the warm draw of nature either, so refreshing after the cold darkness of space - there's something else drawing her as well. Or rather, someone else. She follows that sense down the beach, through the town, and to another door.

Knock, knock.

And there she stands on his front step, beaming. "Hey, stranger."
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No way.

He had to be dreaming. Stefan had spent what, a couple of weeks here now? Two long, lazy weeks and yet, there sure is his favorite witch standing right outside his door. It takes him all of a millisecond to step back and stare, before he lets out a loud huff of a laugh.

If this is Itinere's way of an apology, after seeing and conversing with his dead brother's spirit, then it's more than made up for itself.

"Hey, habibti," he says warmly, rushing over to embrace her. "Long time no see."
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"Not even for a moment." He laughs, pulling back so he can let her in.

The front room doesn't resemble an apartment, honestly. While it lacks the staircase and upper awning of Salvatore Manor, the wooden paneling and high ceilings seem far grander than it has any right to be. The couches, the lamps, and even the baby grand piano are from different eras altogether - and yet, it suits Stefan.

"When'd you get here?" He's already rolling up his sleeves, as if he's preparing to make her a meal. "Just now, or a couple of days ago, or...?"
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He doesn't particularly get it either, but he'll chalk it up to one of God's mysteries. It brought his soulmate back to him, didn't it?

"It's where Salvatore lived," he teased, leaning against the wall. The Alesci Manor had been homier, with far more Arabic calligraphy hung on the walls (and to give him credit, there's a couple here and there). "But yeah, it's home. Everyone's is kind of like it. You step into your apartment and it takes on whatever you think is home."
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He laughs, the warmth seeming to echo through the house and brighten even the smallest of light fixtures.

“Likewise,” he admits, ducking his head a little. “Maybe that's why this apartments a little bigger than the others.”

It had come with three bedrooms, rather than everyone else's usual one or two. At the time, Stefan had chalked it up to a replica of his manor. Now, he's wondering if Itinere was trying to tell him something.
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"Much better," he agrees, basking briefly in the warm sunlight.

It's warmer with her here. Brighter too, like it's filled with life rather than remnants from another time.

"You wanna see your room? Or well, what I'm gonna guess is your room, 'cause it sure doesn't look like my brother's."
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"Alright." He leads her to a room at the very end of the hallway, opening it and ushering her inside. Once again, it's as if the place knew she would arrive. Pale white walls greet her, but the room is fully furnished with those green plants she loves so much.

He laughs, sliding a little on the floors with his fuzzy socks. "What do you think?"
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No way. The room had already seemed tailor-made for his soulmate, but the addition of original vinyl Bon Jovi albums seals the deal. This place really was lifted from their minds - and it really did want to be their new home.

"Holy shit," he says, rushing over to inspect it. "It's exactly like I remember..."

Which is a little weird, because it's technically Salvatore's memories and not Alesci's, but he's rolling with it.

"You know I was actually his guitarist for a hot minute?"

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guess who's coming to dinner »

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Tonight has to be perfect. Not just because Elena's coming (as she usually does), but also because Misty'll be joining them - and Stefan wants them to get along so, so badly. His soulmates deserved each other's friendship. Plus, it'll ease his guilty conscience.

Or so he keeps telling himself as he idly stirs the freshly-brewed masala chai on the stove. He's gone all-out: there's falafel, hummus, baba ghanoush, and even roasted lamb waiting in the oven. For dessert? Homemade ma'amoul (shortbread cookies stuffed with dates) and baklava.

He's trying - and failing - to hide his nonchalance behind the stove, but he's sure that they can spot it from a mile away. They always do. As he pours himself some of his chai, he takes a sip. It doesn't soothe his anxious nerves one bit.

"Hey, um - " He glances at Misty, knowing Elena will walk through the door at any moment, "Think you could get a pitcher of water, real quick?"
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Were anyone else coming over, Stefan might've calmed down too. Misty's songs usually ground him when everything else fails - but when he's murmuring du'a and surahs from the Qur'an, he knows nothing can slow his heartbeat.

"Nothing," he says out of habit, setting his mug down. "I mean, it should be nothing, but... you've never met Elena, and Elena's never met you and..."

He shrugs, knowing full well his anxiety's taking hold. "I just want this to be perfect."
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Right: he isn't alone. Misty has his back, and were their roles reversed, he would be the one encouraging her to take a deep breath. He squeezes back, managing the barest of smiles.

"Nah, I already prayed." Fard and sunnah, just to be on the safe side. "She'll be here any minute, anyway. Everything looks good, right?"
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Speak of the devil, or the dinner guest in this case, Elena approaches the door and only hesitates slightly before she opens it. "Stefan, it's me," she calls out. She's carrying an armful of flowers and a fancy bottle of sparkling, strawberry lemonade in place of the bottle of wine she'd normally bring as a hostess gift.

She steps further into the room, having stressed out a little over what to wear. She'd settled on a pretty, floral dress that hits just above her knees.
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"Elena! Hey!" Stefan rushes towards her, reaching for both the flowers and the bottle of sparkling lemonade.

He hadn't done that much to prepare for the dinner; the Den looks the same as usual, if not slightly neater. Save for the dining table, which he had set, and the warmth of the fireplace - it felt like home. He's dressed nicer too, in black slacks and one of his darker-colored button down shirts. (He even has cuff links, styled to match his lapis lazuli ring.)

"Thank you. You really didn't have to," he teases, poking his head above the flowers and knowing full well that he'd done far more. "Your presence would've been enough."

Though speaking of presence... he sets the bottle down, intent on finding a vase big enough for those lovely flowers.

"Elena, this is Misty," he says, motioning towards his roommate. "And well, Misty, I'm sure I've talked your ear off about Elena already."
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Elena isn't as nervous as Stefan, but she is nervous. While he hasn't told her a lot about Misty, she knows that Misty is important to him simply because she's sharing his living space with him. She's wondered a little about Misty's relationship with Stefan, and tried to convince herself that it didn't matter if it was a romantic relationship. Stefan is her friend and she wants him to be happy. However Misty makes him happy, Elena is simply glad that she does and she's not jealous, nope, not at all.

Her smile goes from nervous and tight to something softer and genuine when Stefan approaches; she brushes a kiss against his cheek then turns her attention to Misty, that soft, genuine smile still on her face. She wouldn't have turned down a hug at all and she doesn't shy from the way Misty takes her hands. Instead, she squeezes them lightly. "Misty, it's so good to meet one of Stefan's friends."

And she means that.
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wow I'm so sorry

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“You sure did,” Stefan admits, fighting back a laugh as he glances back at his soulmate.

Then again, he knows just how territorial Elena can feel – and he also knows how his closest friendships could look like something more. Enough people had mistaken Misty and Stefan for a couple even though they weren't. Even though they'd never really thought of themselves that way. Stefan can't imagine life without Misty anymore, but certainly not in the romantic sense.

Finally finding that vase, he fills it up with water before arranging the flowers in. Already, it seems to brighten up the whole place.

“But uh, you know how I worry.” A little too much – and seemingly for nothing too.
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No worries

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She'll realize eventually that she needn't worry about the romance part of things (not that she has a right to worry. After all, she dated Stefan's brother and he was married to her best friend back in her world).

In that case, Elena is pleased that Stefan has Misty and she's got a good feeling about getting along with her. She smiles at Misty, squeezing her hands once before she lets them drop, smirking a little at Stefan.

"A habit I'm not sure anyone can break him of," Elena confirms. Yes, he worries and absolutely for nothing. Elena generally gets along with most people, and even if she didn't think she and Misty were going to be just fine, she'd make sure she tried for Stefan's sake. "So how long have you two known each other?"

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