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Network + Action | Open


It's come to my attention that not everyone is aware of the police station in Itinere. We're just off the main square, a couple of blocks down to the North. It's a big brick building brought over my home in Haven, Maine. I'm Audrey Parker and I'm the head of the station here. We offer all the traditional services of a police station as well as a service to walk you to your car, to your home or to whatever destination you desire if you feel you need more protection then you're capable of on your own. During emergency, such as the creatures that attacked us last month, we will meet you where ever you are and escort you to a safe place. If you feel the safest place in town is the police station, we're happy to provide sanctuary as well.

We're also always hiring. Currently, I'm the only regular police officer at the station. I've got an intern and a friend from home that helps out when necessary. If you've got any questions, you can contact me here through video, voice or text, whatever makes you most comfortable.


After her announcement to the network, Audrey will hang around the police station for several hours. Eventually, she ventures outside to grab a cup of coffee and something to eat. She's dressed in a pair of bermuda length shorts and a tee shirt, not looking particularly police like, but she's got her gun holstered at her side and her badge clipped to the pocket of her shorts. Catch her anywhere between the cafe and the station. She'll be happy to speak with any of the residents. She's been mourning Nathan's loss and adjusting to life here without him. Because of that, she hasn't gotten to know as many of the residents here as she should have. She knows some of the long time people and she's spoken to many people, but she hasn't gotten to really know much of anyone. In short, Audrey needs friends. Come say hi.
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Carl tunes into her announcement earlier in the day but is distracted by his own bit of business and fun to consider a moment to respond. Later on though the message has left enough of an imprint on his mind that when he thinks of returning home he figures he should stop in to check it out. There's a good possibility of running into his dad there he thinks, but if not he could check it out at least. He's never actually been inside a police station before so he steps on through with some hesitation and uncertainty on what to expect.

The interior is reminiscent to the exterior but something about it still intrigues him, pulling him to walk further in. The woman sitting inside working eventually catches his attention.

"Hi. This is like a regular police station, right?" He decides to be the one to start a conversation with a stranger for once because with how most things function freely here he can't picture there being many problems needing the police. Beyond the disturbed individuals and monsters he is sort of used to, that is.
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The station from the walls to the furniture may be old, but it doesn't capture his awareness a whole lot. The place, in fact, has a certain shine he sees just by not being ransacked and pilfered to bare bones. It was the opposite of all that: a clean, a tidy, and even functional space to work in. That alone leaves a good impression on him already. Plus he couldn't remember much about technology to notice how ancient the computers were.

He nods back, really only because it's a social nicety that hasn't left him yet. "And you worked there too?" He looks around the rest of the place when he asks. He was curious what her answer was but perhaps more than than he wondering if this place looks the same the police station his dad used to work in. There could have been so many similarities to this place but he didn't know.
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FBI, now detective, she says; since this is more or less an average time and world for him again, a small part of him thinks it's maybe an impressive career list she has going, at the very least useful one. He assumes she knows the ins and outs of weapons mostly. Could probably teach people. That was always important.

"Then you're not just playing around," he says in acknowledgement. Which is good. In his mind people shouldn't be playing at what they aren't. "Is that a town? Never heard of it before," he adds when he thinks he sort of remembers the American map. Haven definitely didn't ring any bells to any state or major cities he knew. Hm.

He shies away from her hand when she offers it up, but bobs his head instead. "Carl, um Grimes. I- I don't really drink coffee." Or anything open and easily altered by people he meets for that matter. Not that he's saying that to her face. Except there is one option she gives him that seems safe, too. "Maybe soda?" Cans weren't open and safe by his logic.
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All Carl's ever known is a small town life and then an even smaller group of people barely making up a community. So her story sounds like most stories he knows, only with a lot more choice and certainty in where and what she wanted. It sounds nice from what he knows, for once.

He takes some assurance at her smile. "Just checking." He says. "I just wanted to see what this place was like. Who works here and stuff. Are you all that's it?" His mouth forms an o-shape and his bobs his head in acknowledgement with what she tells him about Maine. Small towns were sometimes they best remaining places on his earth, after all. He'll be keeping it in mind for if he ever learns where Maine is even.

He'd tell her he's sorry or say something, if it weren't for the fact he was still learning to socialize with people properly again. He's always been sort of awkward and shy though, so that works against him too. Audrey seems to pick up on that and let him off the hook. Her going to collect the sodas gives himself a moment to relax again. When she comes back, he reaches out to accept the soda, checking over it being unopened though.

"I guess, I should say thank you." He doesn't know her, but she was kind enough to get him it, after all. It's a strange thing to have to process. Kind people.
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Sounds like Haven is pretty close to what his world is like. Troubles pop up in all shapes and sizes all the time. Just maybe less in way Carl could understand. In fact a lot of things here are something he is trying to wrap his head around.

"That's not a lot of people," he thinks openly. "How do you deal when things like those monsters come here?" It feels like a legit question to ask. But then he's seen the community or what could pass as one here and thinks they should be organized better. The people needed some form of way to fight together and it started with the police station. The idea that this place could be like Alexandria when he came to it is stressful to him.

He looks a lot like his mother in most instances besides his attitude and tell-tale wolfish blue eye so it's not her fault she couldn't put it together yet. Finding that his drink is satisfactory and not been tampered with, he pops the pop open and fizzles for a few seconds. He sips off the top, planning to enjoy ever last sip. Not overload his taste buds with the first bit of sugar he's had in days here.

"Uhm, you ever think of making a plan for if the monsters come back? That's the job, right."
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Oh. Okay. What she tells him about there not being enough people still distresses him, but he mentally backs off at the part where she says it is the best she can do right now. He understands what it's like when they is so few people to count on or just himself to get through things. He won't blame her for that. Just. He has an idea. "You could try asking more people to help or make a plan with them. Isn't there anyway you could gather them to do that?" Clearly there's not as much leadership here and he's not sure that sits well with him.

The way he savors things now is not something that he realizes anymore. He continues by taking another sip of the drink.

If he has more ideas, huh. He definitely does not. But he nods his head to her. "I'll let you know if you do." He may actually may be able to brain storm some with his father later, if the older Grimes doesn't come with them first and share them with her. He smiles just a small bit back. "Yeah." He thinks he is pretty much done checking out the place. He has his answers and sees no sign of his dad, so, "I think I should get home. Thanks for the soda?"
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So let me get this straight. There's a jail here? A justice system? Does it work like any normal justice system? Cops, arrest warrants, lawyers, etc.

[ Oh god, his experience with a so-called normal justice system is legit horrible. He's not liking this at all. ]
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[ Well that's a relief. Luke gives himself a moment to feel that relief before he replies. ]

It's a good goal to have. Way I see it, all that other stuff just gets in the way of doing what's right most of the time. I'm about keeping people safe too.
Just not always a fan of cops, no offense.
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[ There's a long moment here where there's no reply while Luke weighs giving his name in return. He finally decides to test Matt's assurance that it's okay. ]

Luke Cage. I guess that makes all of us aliens since we're all from other worlds, supposedly. Maybe it gives us all a clean slate, so you won't ever need the jails. Except human nature being what it is, that's probably not the case.
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Sounds a little bit too Stepford to me. I'd rather people be real about who and what they are. Imperfect. Make mistakes. Just be real. So far this looks like a paradise, but I can't let myself think that it is... not yet. But hey, somebody's gotta be hopeful while somebody else is skeptical. Cynical, at times. Right? Makes things more interesting.

Trying to say that it's good that you're hopeful. Somebody has to be.
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Takes all kinds. You ever deal with any crime here at all? Theft. Arson? Violence? You know, misdemeanors.
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Yeah. Uncanny is a good word. Not that I'm advocating crime. It just feels like we're missing something without it. Like maybe something's wrong that we're not seeing.
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I'll help you keep a look out. And while I'm not a cop, if you ever need backup, I know me and a few others who will answer the call. We can help out if and when you need it.
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Oh. Yeah. I'm Luke Cage.

[ He'd forgotten that he'd never given his name. And he really hopes his suspicions are right that he has no criminal record here. ]
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It's a few days later and a couple of conversations with his son when Rick makes himself step foot into the police station. It's been some time since he's been in an actual police station. They all smell the same, kind of the same way schools and libraries and shopping malls smell the same. They all have the same characteristics and this one is no different. It feels nostalgic, from a time long past that Rick has no right to exist in anymore. But he's here with an agenda. He's going to try to work here with that agenda in mind.

He sees Audrey, the woman he met at the bonfire, sitting at a desk and watches her for a moment before moving over to her desk, boots clicking on the floor as they would in any old western film. Rick is a walking, talking, breathing old western film, really. He knows it. "Ms. Parker. Remember me? Rick Grimes."
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He's glad not to startle her since that hadn't been his intent. Thanks to his training from before and some guidance from Daryl and Michonne, he's learned to move around unheard and unseen if and when he needs or wants to. This isn't one of those times. He thinks Audrey is alright, maybe even trustworthy - time will tell. But Rick is usually fairly accurate in reading who he can trust and who he can't. Audrey had been helpful to him at the bonfire. Now he's here. She's the first person, outside of his son, that he's collecting, whether he or she realizes it or not.

His lips pull into a small smile when she smiles at him. The smile doesn't quite reach his icy blue eyes, but that's ordinary for him. His eyes are almost always stuck between assessing and haunted.

"Audrey, then. Just Rick for me." He says with a nod. That nod turns into a shake of his head. He isn't sure he wants to get hooked on coffee again just yet, not like he once was. He isn't entirely sure that all of this won't be taken away. "Nah, thanks. I just wanted to talk to you about workin' here, with you. If that offer's still on the table."
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In Rick's mind there isn't time to beat around the bush. It's going to take some time for him to realize that he can slow down, that he can breathe, that he can step outside of what he thinks needs to be done and do things that have no real purpose, things that are unneeded, things that are on any spectrum of want, from very to only a little. It's something to hope for and look forward to... eventually.

When she opens the drawer, the only sign that Rick is momentarily wary is a shift of his weight from one foot to another. His gaze follows her hand and he's glad to see he had no reason to be concerned. He takes a deep breath before taking the badge from her. There are a lot of mixed feelings about it, but that is both expected and can't be helped given his history.

Rick looks back up to her and nods. "Thanks. No real call for the uniform anyway." He's almost relieved that there isn't one. The uniform is a weighty thing to him now. So is the badge, but less so than a whole uniform. He pockets the badge for now in his jeans pocket. "Is it just you and me or...?"
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On one hand, Rick is glad to have fewer people that he has to learn to work with and maybe even trust if they're put in a tight spot. On the other hand, it's hard to imagine said tight spot if there's only two of them. He's been in worse odds, of course. But it's been a long, hard road for him to learn that he can lead, but he can't do every damn thing on his own, by himself. He should only be an army of one if there's no other option.

"I'll meet Duke eventually." He says. But he wonders what there is for an office intern to do here. Rick's never been the paperwork sort so if that's what she's doing, more power to her. "And I figure between the two of us and a few others if things get bad, we'll be alright. Just gotta stick together."

Only this feels like starting over in the vein of sticking together, which is tougher for Rick than he would ever let on. "My son isn't bad in a tough situation either... if we ever need reinforcements." But that isn't a favor he would call in unless it was absolutely necessary. Carl is still his son. Rick is still his dad. That protectiveness is inherent and never going away.
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It both surprises him and not to know that Carl had come into the police station after he'd mentioned that he might try to work here so he could be in a position to make decisions around here, after Rick had mentioned Audrey Parker to him. His son wasn't just in here to talk about the broadcast and have a coke. He was in here to scope the place and Ms. Parker, out. Like father like son.

The knowledge makes Rick smirk and dip his head with a nod. "He is a nice kid. He's a good kid. In spite of everything." And really, that's all he could ever ask for - that his kid maintains some kind of morality while still knowing when to be cautious. Lori would be proud.

"He's been through more than any kid should ever have to go through. Somehow he's kept a good head on his shoulders." He adds. "You didn't mind him comin' in?" Because he expects that with his working here now, Carl will probably be making the occasional appearance. And he guesses he's really asking if she's okay with kids being in the mix of things. When they get Judith here, his daughter will probably occasionally be here with Carl.
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"Sounds like an expert opinion to me." He says with a nod, glad to know that Audrey seems to understand. Their world, the state it's in, has warped so many people into poor excuses for human beings, both young and old. The fact that Carl has escaped that for the most part, the fact that his son still has morals and values and is a generally good person, he likes to think that means he's done something right regarding Carl. He hopes so anyway.

He thinks back to how he and Carl had confronted Lori's ghost a few weeks ago, how they'd inevitably had to kill her when she'd turned into one of those things. That had been rough. The wrapped healing scar on his arm feels like it pulses with the memory. "His mom would be proud."

He studies Audrey for a few moments. "You have people here from your world? Is your world safe?" He wants to know more about her.
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If Rick were someone who beamed in general, he'd be beaming with pride right now. Because yes, Carl is a good kid in spite of everything that he's been forced into. Rick is proud of Carl, so damn proud. As it is, his chin lifts a bit to convey that pride and he nods in agreement. No beaming, just agreement.

His wife is dead. There's probably no reason to voice those words aloud. He's hinted at it and Audrey is smart and perceptive from what he can tell. It's been a long while ago that she died, and while distance has made the day-to-day of it easier, Rick can still get lost in her memory, the memory of the life they'd once shared together, and the memory of her betrayals, if he lets himself. He doesn't let himself.

"I'm glad you're not alone." Not that Rick would let her be alone even if Duke wasn't here. He does have a habit of collecting people as his, after all, especially when they have no one else. "That sounds... almost as strange as the dead gettin' up and walking." He smirks, a hint of a grin on his lips probably for the first time around Audrey. "So it's magic, like... like this place?"
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"Gotta get 'em in the brain." He says helpfully, and in what he thinks is mutual understanding, after hearing her story about the dead becoming mindless in her world too. Of course he has no way of really understanding that the Troubles make it different without further explanation. He's just assuming. He's also assuming that she knew about the brain thing since she said it in past tense and she's still alive.

Rick thinks about the word curse. He's often thought that he and his people were cursed to never find peace. He gets the idea that Audrey' means the word in a much more literal sense rather than figurative. It's something else.

"You're talkin' a real curse, like in a movie or somethin'... like a gypsy curse come true. Magic." Maybe. He's trying very hard to understand, obviously.