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Be as chalant as you like | OPEN network and action

Treason. Of course Zatanna was being arrested for treason, and it certainly took them long enough to come for her. She's only been breaking rules since she first woke up, after all. It was really only a matter of time, especially since she'd committed the cardinal sin of being contact with Dick Grayson, Alpha's most wanted criminal.

But she wasn't going down without a fight, that was for sure, and the second she'd had the opportunity, she'd broken from the center of the formation of guards and they'd been chasing her as she ducked around a corner and into what she'd thought was a supply closet. Instead, it's the Surface and Zatanna notices immediately the sunlight, the smell of grass, and the sound of birds. A second later, she remembers she's still in that fugly ORANGE jumpsuit and she's not about to get caught if she's made it this far. She sticks out like a sore thumb right now. Reflex dictates that she use her magic, so that's the first thing she tries. Even before she finishes the spell, Emit ot yrt tuo eht wen kool, she remembers she can't do magic, but the spell rolls off her tongue in full anyway and, much to her pleasant surprise, her ORANGE jumpsuit is replaced with her favorite purple tanktop and a pair of khaki shorts.

"I am so totally whelmed right now!" she squeals excitably to herself, forgetting that it's entirely possible to be overheard and sound like a crazy person. She's too busy typing what she thinks is an encrypted message to the Specials on her PDC.

Hey Robin? Al? Prim? I don't know how...but I found the Surface. Rob, can you track my device or something and meet the others so we can get out of here?

PS, guess I really am a mutant, so ha! How do you like me now, Friend Computer?
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Hey, word to the wise? I know this is Itinere and not Earth yadda yadda, but people are still people and unless you're an X-man, it's probably not the safest thing to announce yourself as a mutant. Even if you are part of the X-men... Here's hoping things are generally different here.

Discrimination sucks, doesn't it?
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A lot of us prefer superhero, with or without the powers that go with it.

The name's Kate Bishop and as far as I know, there's no mysterious underground filled with Morlocks here. Or glitched out computers. I've been coming and going to Itinere over the past few months, so I think I'd notice.

So, uh, welcome, I guess?
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If you can still see the doors you walked through, yeah. Makes for a great guilt-free tropical trip whenever you need it.

Kind of glad to hear you didn't come from back home. Sounds like wherever you were sucked.
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I don't know. I've never met anyone with that kind of situation.

If I ever do and you're still around, I'll let you know?
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Considering that I'm neither a friend nor a computer, I don't think I have an opinion.

Also, welcome to Itinere.
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My mother always told me I was.

But yeah, no problem. I'm Stefan. I hope you like this place better than wherever you just came from, Zatanna.
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Definitely the latter. I don't know what "Special" stands for, though I can take a wild guess.

[ He may not come from a world with superheroes - or anything like it - but he knows context clues when he sees them. ]

As in, where do you live?
You'll find a key card in your pocket, if you haven't already.
That'll be for your new apartment.
If you mean, what do you do? Sky seems to be the limit. This place's a giant resort town.
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[ Ah. He'll just leave it at that, then. ]

It's over at [ GPS coordinates. Stefan'll take the time to lay out detailed directions too, just in case. ] As far as I understand, everyone starts in the same building, so maybe I'll see you there.

No idea. Some people walked through doors and ended up here, others seemed to just wake up here.
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If it were ANY of those, I'd believe it. But tbh, I'm still trying to find out this place's deal.

[ It might not have one. Or it might be the afterlife. He's not sure. ]

Not that I know of.
If your tech's buggy, I'm sure someone can look at it.
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[ Real life? If it's anything like the distinction between "past lives" and "current lives," then Stefan doesn't envy her one bit. ]

That tends to happen.
After all, You poked holes in their world order.
Don't think that'll be a problem here, but yeah. We'll save the story for later.
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Impressive. I can't say I've been behind bars myself.

[ In trouble with the law, yes. Compulsion usually wiped the slate clean. ]

I wouldn't mind hearing it once you're all settled in.
I just know, from experience, the first couple days are the roughest.

If you ever want to find me in person, I'm usually at the Interfaith Center.
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Just a bit. (: We're happy to have you.

The Interfaith Center's over at
[ More GPS coordinates!! He's even included a picture of the outer building; it's quiet and unassuming, surrounded by vibrant flower beds. ] It sounds religious, but it's meant for everyone. Plus I always stock it with homemade cookies.
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Not quite. I'm not Christian, so I wouldn't have that authority to begin with.

You'll see when you visit. It's more of a place to pray or worship, no matter what faith you practice. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Pagans.... Humanists.... anyone and everyone are welcome.
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Then you'll absolutely want to look into Humanism.

It's a non-theistic (AKA "non religious") philosophy that focuses on the value and agency of human life. To them, you can understand the world through science rather than placing your faith in a higher power. I don't practice it, but I can hand over guides and resources when you drop by.
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They probably were. Most I've ever seen them organize are board game nights.

[ jeez, what kind of world did she come from? ]

Great! I'm usually around whenever, so drop by when you're free.