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Action + Network

[So this is unexpected. Tina had been going through the door to the bathroom in the restaurant, when suddenly she wasn't there and was somewhere else entirely. And even more strangely, there's the nagging feeling at the back of her mind that something like this has happened to her before.

Thankfully the smartphone in her hands has something of an explanation, and so she heads there to claim her bedroom, though she can't stop herself from looking at EVERYTHING, and she's visibly nervous.]

Uhm, hi, hello... don't mind me, just, ah, going to find my bedroom... By the way, if anyone sees a boy in a burger costume or a girl with a pink bunny ears hat, or a woman with red glasses, or a balding guy with a mustache, let me know?

[And once she's there and registered, Tina does a double take as she opens the door to her bedroom, and just stands there, gaping.

Her room back home had been covered with horse posters, but she has her own little suite here that is positively PLASTERED with horses. The wallpaper, the decorations, the bedspread... it's a paradise.]

It's like a dream come true...


Dear diary,

I was just going to the bathroom and it's like I stepped into Narnia. I guess there are other people here and I hope they'll be nice enough to say hello.

Love, Tina

[[OOC note Hi friends! I'm Shurimon and this is Tina Belcher from the cartoon Bob's Burgers. She's an ordinary teenage girl and is a bit of an AU- she'll have her memories from [community profile] driftfleet intact. Please feel free to add me at [ profile] shurimon!]
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[ No. There's absolutely no way, but there's only one real way to find out: ]

I'd say this is better than Narnia.
For one, if you wish for that unicorn hard enough, you just might find one.
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[Then he'll switch to video too, leaning forward and resting his hand underneath his chin. He'd almost missed this.

He laughs, not unkindly: ]
Hey, Tina. Missed me?
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[ He's quiet for a couple of seconds, letting her take all the time she needs to process this. Remembering en masse isn't fun. It's never fun. ]

Yeah. All of it was. [ He swallows thickly, ] But it wasn't as terrifying as it could've been, either.
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I'm not sure. Everyone comes in through those blue doors, but they're finicky. Try opening them and see where it leads. If you see home, then you're free to go. If you don't... well. [ He manages a laugh, ] We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
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Yeah, praise be to God. [ He can't help sounding relieved. As much as the Fleet had become a home, Stefan wasn't looking forward to starting from scratch again. ]

Come grab a bite at my place, and then we can figure out if the doors'll work.
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[ It's been a long time since anyone's asked for that. Stefan nods, his expression softening significantly. ]

Yeah. If you're up to it, I'll even show you how to make them.
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You never know. Maybe your muscles remember everything.

[ he's teasing now, but his hand instinctively goes to the back of his head too. Like Tina's, it's been removed. ]

And look, if they don't, practice makes perfect.
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I won't keep you away too long. [ At least, he certainly hopes not. ] Plus, you can come see Misty while you're at it.
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She sure is. [ Stefan grins, flipping the video feed to better show off his kitchen. Vines are growing everywhere. ] The door's unlocked, so drop by whenever you're ready.
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Yeah, hang on. You should be in my building, so...

[ He gives her a quick rundown of how to reach his apartment from the elevator, including what floor it's on and how far it is. ]
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[ The second he opens the door, Stefan rushes over to embrace Tina with all of his might. Still, he's careful not to completely squish her! Even now, it still doesn't feel entirely real.

Misty had been a dream. Tina... well. It gives him hope that the crew of his beloved ship had made it, safe and sound. ]

Hey, kiddo.
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It happens. [ He pulls back now, just to see her better. ] That's the funny thing about getting your memories back en masse. You don't usually know what you're missing.
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They still love you. Even if it's hard for them to believe, they would've still wanted to support you. Trust me.

[ From what she's told him, her family was loud but loving, and those families would always come around. Even if they weren't so keen on the thought at first. ]
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“Outlandish?” You're creative, and you see things differently sometimes, but that doesn't mean your stuff is weird or crazy.
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Tina, honey, this ain't your diary, you're writing where everyone can see.
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Aww, no, it's an easy mistake to make, don't worry!
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Oh it's been amazing here! Way better than the fleet - nobody's watching us here!
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You're in luck. There's lots of nice people here! Which, you know, is better than the alternative. I'm Leo. Leo Valdez. Or we could go with something more flashy like Leo, the AMAZING! Or... The Leo-nator! Really, I'm pretty easy as far as names go. Hi Tina.