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Is everyone here very stoned? | Open Action


Spike had been here for days. He’d spent every single one of those days hiding in an abandoned building (something he realized there weren’t many of here). He spent his nights swaggering his way through town and trying to locate a source of blood that didn’t involve him killing someone for. He didn’t trust the clinic here enough to approach them, but he had found a butcher that would provide him animal blood. It wasn’t ideal, and he hated the taste of it, but it would do in a pinch. He wanted a little more information on this place before he started settling in.

At first, he thought that Bit had accidentally pulled them both into another dimension, but Dawn hadn’t walked through that door with him. Besides, he’d remember a big, glowing portal and the only thing he remembered was his bedroom door. This place definitely wasn’t his bedroom. Yes, he’d found the phone in his pocket, but he hadn’t paid much attention to it. He could use technology, but it wasn’t really his thing. He’d also found an electronic key and he understood that it belonged to an apartment that he was meant to stay in. That sounded like a trap to Spike, and until he was certain it wasn’t, he had no intention of stepping foot in this apartment.

That being said, he spends a great deal of time prowling around the town at night. It reminds him a bit of Sunnydale with fewer baddies. He can be found almost anywhere, but he actually prefers to frequent The Houndstooth. It’s a little high class for his liking, but they’d refused to take his money the first night and they had Jameson. He’s gotten by on much less before.
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Dawn has only been here for an hour or so. And after a frank conversation with someone in the lobby of a hotel, she's surfing through her phone looking for familiar names. Yep, she's one of those people walking down the street with her nose stuck in her phone. On one hand, yay free phone. On the other hand, she'd arrived here alone and Dawn doesn't do alone very well.

That's why when she sees Spike's name, she exhales a breath of relief. How many people in the world are going to be named Spike? This has to be her Spike. She shoots him a text.

Please say you're Spike from Sunnydale, which, okay you're not FROM Sunnydale but how many Spike's can there be in the world, right? So just answer me so I can quit freaking out about being here alone. Oh. This is Dawn. You know who I am, right? Also, I swear I didn't do this.
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Oh thank whoever that there's only one Spike. Dawn exhales a breath she hadn't meant to hold when she gets his text back. The last time she'd seen him they had kissed, for the first time, just last night. He'd promised to stay and when she woke up to get ready for school he'd been out. Of course, when she'd asked him to stay she'd forgotten that her curtains are sheer. The sun was coming right through them. Of course he'd had to go. She wonders how long he'd stayed after she fell asleep.

Distractions. She's thinking too much. It doesn't have to be awkward, right? Right. Hopefully. Maybe. Okay it might be awkward. Did she slobber all over him? Was he swimming in her...

"Okay, stop it Dawn. You're psyching yourself out." She's talking to herself. She does that a lot. "Texting... texting..."

I was leaving for class and ended up here. Never fear, I have laptop, Kindle and iPod. I mean, priorities, right? I'm in the middle of the street. I'll start looking for warehouses. Or should I stay in one place so I'm easier to find? Whatever, I'm walking and warehouse hunting.
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It's actually kind of nice that he doesn't tell her to stay put. She'd been told to stay behind so much in her early years that it had become pretty darn irritating. She's glad her sister finally realizes that she can help. (Hello, newly minted god-like powers) She's also glad that Spike, Willow and others quit seeing her as a kid. She's not a kid anymore. And technically, she never was.

Dawn is walking when she hears Spike call her name, probably not for the first time. She tries to head in that direction but her god-like powers don't extend to sniffing the air and super hearing, unfortunately. So it takes them a bit to meet in the middle.

When she does spot him, he's smoking even though he's covered with a blanket. Dawn runs over to him and grabs him around the waist, pulling him into the shade of the nearest alleyway. "Ohmigod are you okay? No flame-age? Cause... just no." She'd be so upset to lose Spike. Like, very, very upset. So her concern is probably over-the-top, but it's also genuine.
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That's one of the things she's always loved about Spike, that he's seen past the kid that everyone tried to keep so sheltered for so long. Even when he hadn't been good, Spike had been the one she had run to for some reality. Spike has always been real with her even when others treated her with kid gloves.

"I'm okay." She doesn't really care that he smells like burning flesh. The minute she knows he's (basically) okay, she embraces him, her arms around his waist again and hugging him. "I'm glad you're only semi-crispy instead of all the way crispy. You should've let me come to you. And why were you in a warehouse anyway? You know they have apartments for us."

She leans back and looks up to him. "Which means you have to come too... even though I'm staying with Buffy."
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She's just going to hold on for a bit. Dawn spent a lot of her younger years alone or being left behind, make-believe or not. Knowing that she has someone here who she trusts and who's on her side is a relief. It's a good thing. So forgive her for holding on for a hot minute.

Even when she speaks, she keeps holding on, only leaning her head back and craning her neck to look up at him with a quizzically arched brow. "See this is why I need you here. I just figured, roof over my head and working water and electricity. But so far it seems like a decent place... I mean I've only just checked it out. We can warehouse it if you want."

That smirk finally gets her to release her hold on him, slowly but surely as she pulls away and nods. "Yeah, she's here. Which, yay for our side. If there's a big bad here, Buffy's gonna kick it's... behind."
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The kiss has complicated things on both ends, but Dawn wouldn't, not for one second, take it back. She kind of feels like her entire actual existence, the handful of years she's been in human form, have been a slow build up to that kiss. Or maybe that's just in her head because of how she's crushed on Spike (on and off) (or maybe always on because who is she kidding) for some time now. She'll take the complications and the awkward and she'll hope that Spike doesn't immediately go back to Buffy once he sees her again.

Once she's leaned back, Dawn grips the strap of her book bag resting crossways over her chest in both fists. "No locking me up or chaining or any of that Fifty Shades stuff, not that I've read it, because ew." She's totally read it and it was hot, okay? "But I figure showers are awesome and so is the whole strength in numbers thing - just in case. You know? Scooby Gang assemble? Like the Avengers but with less spandex and scientific experimentation."

The last bit is said as she's walking backward out of the alley, slowly, so Spike has time to bring his blanket up and shield himself from sunlight. She continues once they're on their way. "Buffy says she was in another universe than us, just before coming here. Weird, right? She was... super glad to see me, like more so than usual."
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When he says that the chaining is not that bad, Dawn's skin flushes fifty shades of pink. That's the thing about having pale porcelain skin as she does, you can't hide the blushing, which is usually okay except when you're discussing chaining someone up and it's in the hot sense rather than the creepy sense and Dawn sees very little that could be wrong with it. Strangely enough though, she's imagining chaining Spike up rather than the other way around.

She tries to shake off those thoughts but unfortunately, her mind is there and stays there even if she says nothing else after casting a wry and surprised glance in Spike's direction. Really, she shouldn't be surprised.

"Yeah I think so. A computer. And it took her to a place with bad food and bed fashion." She visibly cringes because Dawn likes both of those things to be better than bad. "But she seems okay for the most part. Maybe your super sniffy sense can see something I can't, but it's Buffy and she seems fine to me. She was surprised to hear you were here."

The later comment makes her look down to the ground, hurrying to get into the shade, her stomach ties up in knots and she decides to jog ahead and get the apartment door open so Spike can just run inside. It gives her a second to take a few breaths and calm herself down over everything. If Spike and Buffy get back together, it is what it is. She can't change that.

"But the apartment seems big enough for all of us. And I'd rather us stick together." She adds once they're inside. "You know?"