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Weird magical city take three!

Hugo Weasley reporting for duty. Anyone else I know here yet?
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Take three? Seriously?
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Really? My sister and I are still kind of new to this. I mean, we've been here a few months, so not new to this place in particular, but to the fact that getting bounced around to different worlds is a thing.

I'm Cam. Nice to meet you, Hugo.
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...half of me wants to ask and the other half of me thinks I shouldn't...

No... One of those things is not like the others, man. But no, you're the first that I know of with any of those surnames.
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You know what? I believe that. So I'll leave it at that.

I'd say that sounds ominous but considering the surnames, it actually doesn't sound ominous at all. You seem like you're really cool about this so I'm just going to rip the Band-Aid off and it probably won't actually hurt: some people here are fictional characters in the worlds of other people here. If that makes sense.
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Okay good, because I think I gave Captain America a complex or something; I really thought he was Chris Evans.

[ He asked for an autograph. It was embarrassing. It still kind of is. ]
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I don't know, maybe? I only just started going out again, so I'm probably not the best person to ask.

[ Everyone else here seems to be pretty good at still going on about their lives as normal even when people's hearts are being torn out by monsters and left at their doors, or after winding up in their crush's body for a week. ...both of which Cam has experienced. The former was devastating; the latter, awkward as fuck. ]

I only ran into him once, at Houndstooth.
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Let's just say I was going through kind of a rough patch.

[ That's putting it mildly but Cam doesn't want to be the one to scare the new guy, if he's the type of guy who would, like Cam, be freaked out by the information. ]
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[ Izzy knows that face; she doesn't even have to read the rest of the note before she knows. Thank God. If she can't have Ella when she's being bounced around, she definitely needs Hugo. She'd want him anyway, but it's not negotiable in the absence of her bestie. ]

I'm starting to think that we're on the real Magical Mystery Tour.
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Hello, handsome. Where are we now? I mean, I'm not going to complain. I know you missed out on Creepy Tree Town, but as long as this place is better (and it seems like it is, already) then I'm okay. For now.

[ She'll go through Ella withdrawals soon enough, but for the moment, she'll be okay. ]
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Definitely up for exploring. Is anybody else here?
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Take three?

Are you an interdimensional tourist, or do they just really like you?
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Wealsey. Haha. Any relation to Ron?