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Network + action optional | Open

Good afternoon. I’m Matt Murdock. I know some of you, but many of you are strangers to me. I’ve lived in Itinere for over a year. I’ve got friends here and it’s become a place that I care about. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened last month with the hearts and the creatures. Before that, there were the monsters. I’m not sure if the city is less safe than it used to be or if this is just a phase. Either way, I think we should be prepared for the next thing and if last month taught me anything, it was that I’m not, that we aren’t.

A friend of mine, much wiser than her years, told me I needed to do something that scares me, so here I am, doing t hat. I’m different from most people. I’m blind, but my other senses are...super, for lack of a better word. Back home, in New York City, I’m known as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. I try to help people in my neighborhood when they need it. I’d like to help people here when they need it as well. The problem with that is that it’s become obvious I can’t do it alone.

That’s where you all come in. I’m not asking that everybody turn out into the streets when it’s dangerous and fight. That would only lead to more problems, but I am asking that if you can, if you’ve got some sort of power or some kind of experience with this sort of thing, I’m asking that you band together with me and help those that aren’t equipped to fight the creatures this city has.

I’ll gladly talk to any and all of you here via text or voice if you’re more comfortable that way, but I’ll be at STAR labs for the next several hours to talk to anyone in person that’s interested in joining me.


For anyone that’s comfortable meeting Matt, he can be found in the lobby of STAR labs. He’s not wearing his daredevil suit, but instead one of the suits he used to wear in court. He’s also wearing his sunglasses, but has left the cane at home as he’s got no need for it. It will be very obvious that he can ‘see’ in his own way as he looks up or turns to face whomever approaches the door. He’s nervous, and that might show as well. He’s become an expert at hiding nerves in court, but this hardly counts as court and it’s an entirely different sort of thing. Right now, he’s nervous about how he’ll be received with his ‘abilities’ and he’s nervous about leading a group of people. He’s never done that before. He’s never even worked in a group that consisted of more than two people. Of course, there’s the chance that no one will respond to his message and the defense ‘team’ will consist of he and Spider-man. He supposes that’s better than nothing.
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See? That wasn't so bad, was it?
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Matt. Just give me this one, huh? We both know I'm right., I think that does it for now. :)
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I love it when grownups have to say I'm right :D

Sure! <3
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You love me anyway. :P

[ Said with the same tone. ]

I'll see you soon, Matt. Good luck with the meetings! I have a good feeling.
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This place isn't too terribly unlike Beacon Hills, so far. Laura's been here a few months and if it's not one thing, it's another. Though, at least here there are longer breaks between the crazy. The point is, she's used to crazy and she's used to protecting people who either don't know the threat amongst them exists or who do, but haven't any idea how to fight back. That's just what the Hale family has been doing for probably longer than Laura's even been alive. The Hales protected Beacon Hills.

This isn't home, but it's not like she can go back there. It might as well be home. So, in that vein, she ought to continue to protect it and if someone wants to build a team so that she's not randomly pairing up with whoever might be out and about trying to do their part and is instead a part of something organized — like a pack — then Laura Hale is one hundred percent here for this, regardless of what Derek might think about it.

It takes a little bit to find someone who knows where STAR Labs is, but once she gets directions, she realizes she's been past this building a hundred times, by now. She'd just never paid it enough attention to notice the giant signage on the pillars flanking either side of the building.

She's pulling on the bottom hem of her leather jacket and scenting the air as she walks in. She's trying to discern whether or not this man's "super" senses come attached to a man who smells like a wolf — like Deucalion. Blinded by a hunter, but still smelling of the wolf within. It's the first thing she thinks of, even if she knows plenty of other supernatural creatures with "super" senses.

"Matt Murdock, I'm guessing?" she asks and, because he says his other senses are more acute, she doesn't bother reaching for his hand when she holds hers out for him to shake. If his senses are like hers, he'll smell her skin and the "unscented" — talk about false advertising — lotion on her hands and arms; her leather jacket. He'll be able to tell how close she is. He'll hear the distance between them between the heart beating in her chest and the minute sounds of fabric and leather creaking and slipping with the movement of her arm. Deucalion could see without seeing; Laura's not going to insult him into thinking he can't do the exact same thing. If she's wrong, he'll hesitate and she'll take his hand instead to shake it, but she's guessing she's got this one right on the nose. "Laura Hale. Also equipped with 'super' senses. Among other things."
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A soft laugh escapes her and Laura nods her head as she releases his hand and settles her arm back at her side. Does she have experience with the sort of things they face here? Laura technically is the sort of thing they tend to face here, she just happens to be a good guy at the same time. "Sorry," she says, realizing that laugh without further explanation could be perceived as sort of rude. "Yeah. You could say that," she clarifies.

Her eyes shift away from Matt and she looks around the room. "This place is big..." she observes thoughtfully. "There haven't been many people here. Three, maybe four? At least in a while," she adds more to herself than to Matt. She's catching two distinct scents that do not belong to Matt, plus his. But that's all she's picking up, at least down here in the lobby. It's a big building and she doubts this is the only entrance, though, so it's possible there have been or are more she can't smell from where she's standing.

"You hang out here a lot or you just like the lobby enough to call the meeting here?" she asks, a little smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she runs a hand through her hair. "Not that it matters; just curious. I suppose I should hold the questions until maybe more people show up, if anyone else shows up, so you don't have to repeat yourself a hundred times?"
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Easier, Laura thinks, is entirely subjective. "What makes this place easier is that we get breaks in between big bads," she replies. Even in her time, things were pretty back to back and, according to Derek, it only gets worse with time. The question about working with a team, though, is a little tricky. Because, technically, her pack was a team, but they were also a family, by blood relation. She's pretty sure that he's talking about coming together with people who could be strangers by any other means and combining skills to take out a common enemy.

"Ehhh..." she says, mostly a non-committal sound. "That sort of depends on how loose or tight your definition of 'team' is, but I've worked with others now and again, yeah," she clarifies after a short pause.

Her attention moves back to Matt when he responds, but her eyes move back out to study the lobby more almost immediately thereafter, her eyebrows lifting with curiosity. "Hmm. Maybe we should check it out," she murmurs mostly to herself absently. She grins a little at the mention of weapons and looks back at him. "I prefer not to use weapons, personally," she admits. Usually, hunters use weapons; Argents do, not Hales. "I don't need 'em. But that's not a bad idea for people who want to help and don't have their own special abilities," she adds thoughtfully, neither wanting to sound nor be dismissive. Finally, Laura gives him her full and undivided attention again as she turns to face him when given the go ahead to ask questions.

"So, you're blind and your other senses make up for that...or you're blind in spite of the fact that the rest of your senses are on unnatural overdrive?" she wonders aloud, crossing her arms at her chest and relaxing her stance as she tilts her head curiously. "I just...I guess I'm trying to suss out whether you have super senses like you'd said or if they just compensate naturally for the one you're missing and you've just learned to work with what you've got."

If this conversation were happening with someone who was pack, she would have attacked them by now to see how they would respond. Laura still doesn't know just how able this man actually is and she doesn't want to risk hurting him or, for that matter, appearing as a threat when she doesn't feel she is. Not to him, anyway. "I mean, you're human; I can tell that much by your scent, so I'm just trying to understand, I guess. Where I come from, humans don't have super anything'll have to bear with me while I figure this all out. It's better we know each other's strengths and weaknesses if we're going to be a team, no?" And she's not necessarily trying to be evasive, but he hasn't opened a door for her to talk about herself just yet and she figures that'll come in the midst of the conversation. She'll open up when he asks. For now, she's trying to get to know him while not exactly keeping it a secret that she's not like him. She's calling him human like she isn't one...because she isn't one.
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In spite of herself, Laura smiles a little. "Well, I guess you just figured out what our first team building exercise is going to be," she says, only half-joking, in response to his mention of wanting someone who can see traditionally when he goes through this place to see what all is available here. That, she realizes a little bit belatedly, suggests that he can see, just not the way a human would normally see, and it makes her wonder if he can see like she does when she uses her wolf eyes.

Her eyes narrow slightly in thought when he says that he doesn't believe in killing and it takes an actual effort to keep from bitterly retorting that she does, because she doesn't, actually. Not in a general sense. Laura believes in killing when the only way to be certain of the safety of others is to kill. That's why the Argents survived so many generations. They weren't dangerous to the humans the Hales were protecting. They were only dangerous to the Hales themselves. Her Alpha had always said that they can protect themselves and they don't need to kill the hunters; just steer clear. Fat lot of good that had done them, in the end.

Clearing her throat, Laura shakes her head slightly as if to physically shake the thoughts away and refocus her attention on Matt. "I kind of am a weapon, so I'll leave them for the others." She's chewing her bottom lip thoughtfully as she listens to his story and her eyebrows lift. "I had six, actually, but I'm still impressed," she counters with a smirk in response to his mention of her dinner last night. "Okay, well, since you addressed the elephant in the room, no, I'm not human at all, I just take on a human form because it's a lot easier having opposable thumbs." Okay, seriously, stop kidding around Laura, she has to remind herself. "I'm a werewolf. Before you freak out, the movies have got it wrong. I'm not an uncontrollable monster bent on killing and turning people when the full moon rolls around. I can transition whenever I want, I don't have any vested interest in turning people even though I could if I actually wanted to, I've never hurt anyone while in my transitioned forms, it doesn't hurt me, and it's kind of awesome."

She shrugs. "My pack used to protect the town we lived in. Beacon Hills was called Beacon Hills for a reason: it's a beacon to the supernatural. Other supernatural beings are drawn there all the time and the humans have no idea it's all right under their noses unless the supernatural gets especially violent. That's where my pack would step in. We can take the blows that might kill a human and bounce back in a few hours or days. It's damn near impossible to kill me unless you get a hold of my Achilles heel.

"I run faster, I'm more agile, I'm stronger, and all of my senses are more acute than that of an average human. I heal incredibly quickly, because my metabolism is insanely high (which is why the six cheeseburgers). I can transfer pain out of people and take it into myself because I heal faster from it. Like you, I can pick people out by scent, once I know their scent. That's how I know that there have been a few more people in here. It's been a while since some of them have been, it's been more recent since the others. Mostly male. Maybe one female, but if so, she's pre-pubescent; the scents are different when the hormone shifts start happening. I can't tell the difference between one person's heartbeat and another's, though, I can just hear them, but they all kind of sound the same to me."

Laura pauses, crossing her arms over her chest and she nods. "Yeah, I think we're going to work together just fine, Matt."
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It's around noon when she wanders into STAR Labs. It's not a place that she's been before, and not a place that she thinks she'd bother with if Matt hadn't opted to meet strangers here. If it hadn't been for the message he sent out earlier in the day, she might not even be here at all. Katniss knows that this is something he's been dwelling on since his resurrection. She remembers how nervous he had been admitting his abilities to her. What he did today can't be easy.

As much as the idea of losing him again terrifies her, she's proud of him. So very proud. Matt is the hero that she's never could be. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen doesn't just protect his own like Katniss had. He fights for every person incapable of fighting for themselves. If she hadn't realized that she loved him upon seeing him again, she'd realize that now. It's never been about someone who has the same fire inside that she has, although Katniss is aware that Matt does possess some of that fire. But he cares. He cares so deeply for his fellow human beings and that's the kind of inspiration Katniss needs in her life.

She notices that he doesn't have his cane as she approaches. That causes a smile to cross her face. She carries with her coffee and sandwiches for lunch - making certain to pack Matt's favorite. She also has a few pastries for dessert. Her footsteps are quiet as she enters the room and there's the scent of the forest still clings to her. It's been a good day for her, a normal day. Then again, every day has felt like a good day since Matt's returned.

"I brought you lunch," Katniss says by way of greeting. She places the food and drink down on a nearby table before closing the space between them and pulling him in for a tight hug. "And coffee. Your message was amazing today, Matt."
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If people don't accept him, then as far as Katniss is concerned, there's something wrong with them. Matt isn't a mutt. He's nothing like those creature that the Capitol created. He isn't exactly human but that doesn't matter. In some ways, he's more human than many of the people she knew back in Panem. He cares. He cares so much that even after dying himself, Matt Murdock is still willing to put himself out there to protect others.

That's enough to get Katniss out there, too. Her priorities will always be more selfish in nature with the people she cares about coming first in her life. She'll feel better supporting him. She'll feel even better if she can be out there with him. That might be more of a stretch. Katniss might be good with a bow but she has nothing on Matt's abilities.

She smiles when he kisses her cheek. "There's no reason to thank me." She kisses his lips in return and pulls back to go for the sandwiches. As much as Katniss loves him, food still remains the greatest love of her life. She tugs on his hand as she walks towards the table. "Tell me how today's gone?"
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If you wish for something hard enough, it can appear. There is nothing normal about Itinere. She hadn't been so open to the weirdness at first but she's since learned. It makes life a lot easier if you just accept it. It also makes life richer. At least it has Katniss'.

Some people might call her actions selfless but Katniss has never been able to. Even volunteering to take Prim's place in the 74th Hunger Games had been an act of selfishness. How could she live without her sister? How can she live now without Matt? She's had to experience it once. That's not something she wants to experience again. Developing a strategy that might get her out there with him wouldn't be such a bad idea.

"That sounds like a good start," Katniss agrees. She takes a seat at the table and begins to unpack the bag of food. "Do you think you'll get more volunteers?"
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She had never bothered much with wishing back in Panem. There had been no point. Wishing wasted time and energy you could use elsewhere. Though wishes sometimes came true here, the only thing she's ever knowingly wished for were those dumb animals her sister loved so much. What else has she ever really needed here? When everything fell apart and muttations rained from the sky, she had been more interested in surviving than wishing. Good or bad, no matter how weird it gets, she has things she could never have elsewhere. It's the immaterial that means more than anything to her.

At least he recognizes that. She tends to do better when there's someone to keep her in check. Here she has multiple people to keep her from beating up on herself too much. In return, she can do the same. Katniss has noticed Matt has those moments where he seems to doubt himself. She's found that she likes being there to help talk him out of it.

Katniss grins at the feel of his knee against her and inches a little closer. She likes this feeling of closeness and given that Matt initiated it, she doesn't worry about overwhelming him. After swallowing a large bite of her sandwich, Katniss nods. That's good. It's good to think there might be people watching over everyone who can't defend themselves. "Those mutts weren't the worse I've seen here."
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She saw the text, and recognized the name; there was a Matt Murdock, a Daredevil, in her world (she'd been more on the X-Men side of things and he was more associated with Avengers). It seems like he has a good idea, here, though, so she makes her way to STAR Labs.

"Matt Murdock? I'm Lorna Dane." She says in introduction to start. He may or may not feel the magnetic type of vibrations around her.