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Network + Action = Open | I am being perfectly f*%king civil

[ There’s a blonde girl on the video. It’s pretty clear that she’s in the bookshop, Sub Text, from what can be seen around her. She’s got a coffee cup at her elbow that says ‘Books turn muggles into wizards’. She waves a little at the camera. ]

I haven’t done one of these in ages so clearly, I’m slacking. I’ve actually been doing a lot of reading lately. I know, I can hear BFF from home yelling at me to go out and get a life already, Gracie. I’m working on it. I mean...I will work on it. Probably.

Which brings me to book boyfriends. Don’t question how my brain works, just go with the flow. Last month while the flying monsters were...flying, I stayed inside in order to avoid becoming a damsel in distress and I got completely lost in Henrietta, Virginia. Where is Henrietta, Virginia you might ask, other than the obvious answer: in Virginia. It’s a fictional town set in the world of the Raven Boys. There’s a private school called Aglionby Academy, a public school that no one ever really seems to go to and a Welsh King that’s been dead for over 500 years.

None of that is the point. The point is the characters, the boys and more to the point: Adam, Gansey and Noah. I’ll take a date with all of them. Seriously, though. Each in their own way are so precious. They deserve all of the hugs so selflessly, what do we say to that?

[ She gives the camera a look like ‘oh, you know it’s coming’.]

I volunteer!

[ She sits back a little, clearly pleased with herself.]

Equally as amazing are their true loves, because did you all think I would be reading this if true love weren’t part of the equation? I want to be friends with Blue and...I’m not sure what I want to do with Ronan. Bad boys have never been my thing. Maybe play with his raven, which is not a dirty joke.

And Noah...we are not talking about Noah.

In short, I’ve got the entire quartet of books here at the shop. If you promise to read them, care lovingly for the characters inside and adore them, they can be yours for the low, low price of…

[ She drum rolls on the table next to her]


And now it’s time for me to do actual work. Gracie out.

[ There’s a final wave from the blonde and the video goes black]

((ooc: feel free to talk to Gracie via the network or stop by Subtext and say hi. No fourth walled parties were injured in the making of this vlog))
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[ Give Adam a hot minute. He and ronan have been staring at the screens of their phones for awhile. Ronan has done a lot of cursing and Adam just... has no idea what to say. Because really,
what do you say to that?

It's only when Ronan is threatening to go down to SubText to get answers that Adam derails that plan by switching on the video. So Gracie gets a video reply of a sepia photograph looking boy with sad but determined blue eyes watching her warily. In the background, someone is pacing and cursing.

I'm sorry, but... book? [ At just that moment, a large raven lands on the boy's head. ]
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[ Chainsaw always knows how to make an entrance. And while Ronan is thoroughly unimpressed with the broadcast, as if evidenced by his pacing and swearing in the background, Adam is mostly curious. Because from his side of things, the most elaborate hoax ever is happening in reverse to what it is for Gracie.

Adam can just imagine that Gansey, too, is having a hissy fit over anyone else knowing about his Welsh King. Although Gandry's hissy fits and Ronan's hissy fits are completely different animals to the outside observer. On the inside, they amount to about the same thing.

Uhhh... so books. Where can we find them? Just out of curiosity. [ Adam bats a hand at Chainsaw as she nibbles at his ear at the bird flies over to Ronan who says something about 'fucking books' that Adam tries to smooth over. ] I'm a reader... when I have time for it.

[ There's a pause as he weighs his words given what she's already said. How much does she know? ] I'm Adam.
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[ That's one of Ronan's super powers, creative cursing, at least that's Adam's assessment of his boyfriend. Sometimes all Adam can do is shake his head at Ronan. Right now thogh, he can kind of understand the whole unnerving aspect of knowing that there's a book, or books, out there with your name in them - maybe even with your life.

For Adam's part, he's absolutely being calm, logical and reasonable about it - slowly thinking it through and analyzing it from every angle. That's how he does things. There are only a handful of pressure points that can be pushed to make him deter from this path into something more erratic and impassioned.

Yeah I'd like to read them. Thanks. [ Morbid curiosity, maybe. But he suspects Ronan will only want to cliffs notes version and he isn't sure Gansey will have that same morbid curiosity as himself. He's willing to fall on the proverbial sword.

Gracie, who seems perfectly normal and sane, Adam has to wonder how much she knows. He decides to try to keep it light for now. Keep potential enemies and friends close.
] So you have book boyfriends? [ Somewhere behind him Ronan yells the words 'really, Parrish?'. ]
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Gansey is very much spoken for. He does not need 'selfless hugs,' thank you all the same.

[The words come out coolly despite the politeness tagged at the end, filled with more annoyance than Blue has felt in a long, long time. She hadn't exactly realized just how possessive she could be of Gansey until this moment. (Even if that time on the boat with Orla should have given her some idea.) Sure, she and Gansey are still taking things slow (glacially in some aspects) but that doesn't change the fact he's hers. And although it contradicts most of Blue's feminist ideals, there's a part of her that considers her his.

All that fictional, being in a book, crap does this girl know everything stuff will sink in shortly after Blue get's her ire out.]
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[She likes her hair. Blue isn't sure if it's a strange attempt to suck up or a compliment really meant. It doesn't really matter though, does it? Her hair isn't the point of this strange posting on the network. Not at all.]

There's nothing funny about this. They're my friends you're talking about. And my boyfriend.

Henrietta isn't fictional.
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[Probably not. This is the kind of first meeting that definitely needs a redo if any kind of friendship might come from it.

Especially because Blue would almost rather believe that the other woman as clinical rather than accept the idea of her life being a part of a book.

It was a book?