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Open | Guess who's back? Shady's back, tell your friends

Matt Murdock

Disoriented isn't exactly the right word for what Matt feels when he wakes up. He remembers the creature. He remembers the way it shredded the chestplate on his armored suit. He remembers the agonizing pain from having his heart ripped out, remembers that he was alive long enough to see his heart in the creature's talons. He knows what happened to him, but he can't figure out why he's alive now and he's very much alive. He can hear his heart thundering in his chest and the whoosh of his blood in his veins. He can hear how loud his living body is and as he adjusts to that, other noises trickle in, overwhelming at first then gradually fading away to something manageable. He takes a gasping breath, sitting up in bed. He's naked, but that's not unusual when he's in bed. He knows that Katniss and Foggy have been nearby recently (maybe still are, but he can't quite get a handle on his senses yet). He grabs some track pants and a tee shirt out of his closet, pulls them on and moves into the living room.

After he's had a chance to eat something and drink some tea (he's starving), he takes advantage of the network and orders the PDA he'd found on his nightstand to send a text to the network at large:

To be concise, what the hell happened here?

Audrey Parker

Audrey is unsurprised to wake up at her desk in the police station. It's something that's a common enough occurrence. She is surprised to find that her blouse is shredded and bloody, but there seems to be no wound on her chest beneath the blouse. She pushes herself to her feet and is hit with a memory of a creature, one of the creatures that have been terrorizing the town. She remembers dying, or at least having her heart ripped out. She remembers thinking immediately of Duke and how he would cope here without her; he'd find a way home and he'd be okay. Of course, that makes her think of Nathan and how he's going to handle it when Duke tells him she's dead. She doesn't have long to actually consider that though because...dying and dead.

Except now she's not. Now she's alive. She presses her hand to her chest and moves to open her desk drawer, pulling a clean shirt out. She changes then sends out a few texts:

I don't know how long I've been gone, but I'm okay and the police station is back in business. What's going on out there now? Are the creatures still a danger?

Once that's done, Audrey grabs her gun, pulls on a bullet-proof vest and heads out of the police station to see for herself what's going on. While she intends to make this a patrol and check on things in the town, she's going to ultimately make her way to Duke's boat to check on him herself.

Sophie Hamilton

Death isn't something Sophie has ever experienced before. Sure, there'd been a friend in high school, but not someone she was close to. She's certainly never died before. In fact, until the creatures arrived in this place, violence was something that Sophie only had a casual knowledge of: the random frat boy fight at school or a catfight in the hallways of high school. It wasn't something real to her, but the day she'd run out for more art supplies had changed that. She'd thought the daylight would protect her. It was only a quick trip.

When she awakens with a gasp, Sophie is in her room. There's a half finished canvas set up (she remembers working on it) and her room looks untouched so there's little to tell her how long she's been dead (how is that even possible). She changes from the blood stained and torn clothes she's wearing, shoving the shirt down deep in the bathroom trash (she'd like to burn it) and pulling on her favorite sweatshirt (an old one of Cam's) and a fresh pair of jeans. She pads barefoot out into the living room, cautious at first.


Once she speaks with her brother and finds out that the creatures that killed her are gone, she'll go outside, stop by the Houndstooth then the coffee shop. Once she feels a little more comfortable, she'll continue to the bookstore then the art supply store. She might be looking for Leo and some of the other people she's just started to get to know here.

Annabeth Chase

Annabeth startles awake, her hand flying to her chest. Having her heart ripped out is a new experience, but she's been gravely injured before and brought back so she's not entirely surprised. She's still wearing the bloodied Camp Halfblood tee shirt that she'd been wounded (killed?) in. She's also in her apartment (the one she'd barely had time to settle into). After a quick change of clothing, she leaves her apartment in search of the people she cares about. She's got her knife in hand, unwilling to leave anything to chance. She'll stop by Percy's apartment first then go in search of Leo and Percy if he's not in his apartment.

She can be found all about town searching for her friends and trying to figure out what's going on now

Ronan Lynch

Ronan isn't a stranger to waking up bloody, nor is he a stranger to nearly dying, so that's what he assumes happened. In fact, he'd honestly thought the creatures that ripped out his heart were one of his night terrors at first so he'd created a night terror in order to help them, the all white one that's so fond of him. It hadn't been enough, at least it hadn't been enough to protect himself. He hopes it was a enough to protect his friends. He wakes up in one of the barns wearing some clothes that have been shredded and bloodied. He pushes himself to his feet, swaying a little as the memory of his death catches up with him, but the need to find Adam, Gansey and Blue drives him. As per usual, he doesn't even consider using the PDA to contact them. He goes to the house first, hollaring for Adam.

Once he's reunited with Adam, he'll go to Monmouth Manufacturing to find Blue and Gansey. He wants to make sure everyone is okay because the last time monsters hit this place, they'd lost Noah. He's got no intention of losing anyone else if he can help it.

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Since Ronan has been gone, Adam hasn't really been out of the house. For one thing, the city has been overrun by monsters until just recently. For another, Ronan would come back here if he came back. When, not if; he keeps having to correct himself. With Ronan gone, Adam can't quit thinking about how Noah hadn't come back, how it was his fault, how much he still hasn't dealt with that. But last, and certainly more importantly, there's Opal to think about. No way is he leaving her here alone.

The city has since cleared though. Adam is going through his days and nights in a haze as he continues to stay at the Barns with Opal. He hasn't reached out to anyone for anything. He can't. Noah was his fault. Ronan probably is too. Ronan hasn't come back yet. He hasn't...

When he hears the door opening, Adam doesn't look up from the book he's holding upside down and not actually reading. "Opal, I said we would go outside later."

Opal has been up in her room all afternoon, so when there's no response, he looks up and... Ronan. Did he say his name or just think it? Does it matter? Adam draws a deep breath to try to stave the lump in his throat and the tears forming in his eyes. Ronan is here. Ronan is alive. Adam wants to hug him, hold him, tell him that he might love him. Instead, he looks back down to the upside down book. "About time."
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[personal profile] fictor 2017-03-02 10:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Ronan's heart literally leaps in his chest when he sees Adam. He's here; he's safe and that's all that matters. They can figure everything else out together. He didn't actually say Ronan's name out loud, but he didn't actually need to. Ronan grins, crooked and sharp at Adam then takes a couple of big strides across the room, to jump over the back of the couch and land with a plop next to Adam.

"Yeah. I guess I got held up for a while," he responds, reaching out to take the upside-down book from Adam. He closes it, tossing it to the other side of the couch then rests his arm on Adam's shoulders. "Miss me, Parrish?"

He says it with a smirk, flippancy in his voice, but his eyes broadcast how much he wanted Adam to miss him, how glad he is that Adam is still here and how, apparently, Opal is safe.
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[personal profile] adamparrish 2017-03-05 07:25 pm (UTC)(link)
The cushions jerk with the force of Ronan landing next to him, which only solidifies the fact that he's here and alive. This isn't the first time Ronan has died and come back in Itinere. It happened to Adam only once. But Ronan, it's happened three times now. Adam has kept track and counted them. This time was different though - because of Noah. This time there was a distinct possibility that Ronan might not come back. It's a possibility that's always been there, of course. But this time it felt very real.

Adam's hands are holding the upside-down book tightly - so tight that his knuckles are white. The question of whether or not Adam missed him goes unanswered. Because yes, Adam missed him so much that sometimes it was hard to breathe. He's not going to admit to that right now though.

"Could have used some help fortifying this place - instead you had to get yourself killed... again." He says, the frustration in the words not matching his softer tone. "The Night Terror watched after us. She's still in the pasture I think." And as if she suddenly wasn't happy with the Terror being talked about and not her, Chainsaw swoops down to land on top of Ronan's head.
fictor: (One chance)

[personal profile] fictor 2017-03-06 02:41 am (UTC)(link)
No, it's not. Unfortunately, it's not an uncommon thing in this place. So far, they've always come back. Ronan has to believe that they will keep coming back. They'll always come back. He refuses to think about the fact that Noah hadn't come back. He refuses to think about that because if Ronan were to lose Adam and not have the hope that he'd return, Ronan would probably implode.

Ronan's gaze flickers to Adam's hands holding that book so tightly. He reaches over slowly and touches Adam's knuckles very lightly, his fingertips sliding over Adam's knuckles, over the fine bones on the back of his hands to his wrists.

"Asshole move of me, wasn't it?" Ronan says a little bitterly with a smirk in his voice. Chainsaw lands on Ronan's head and Ronan reaches up with his free hand to stroke the bird's feathers. Chainsaw bites him, punishment for leaving her. She bites him hard enough to bring blood. In return, he snarls at the bird, growling a little at her. That convinces her to move to the space between Adam and Ronan's shoulders, nipping gently at both their ears when she does.

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Upon Nathan's arrival, Duke has brought him back to the boat after explaining Itinere to him. They'd handled a few of the monsters invading Itinere, but not a lot of them... because how in the world do you stop big flying monsters that rip out people's hearts? It's obvious to Duke what happened to Audrey and he's been in a bad mood since figuring it out.

However, if Duke has been in a bad mood, guess how horrible Nathan has been. So Duke, as usual, puts his own sadness on the backburner to help Nathan get through his. This is his first experience with something like this in Itinere so neither of them have any idea that people can come back.

Duke keeps reassuring Nathan that they will find a way back to Haven. He's just about to head downstairs into the hull to the guest bedroom where he's letting Nathan stay with some fresh coffee when he sees Audrey boarding the boat. He stares. Waits. Stares.

Then he puts the tray down and goes over to her to wrap her up in a hug. "You were gone. Audrey... how?"
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Audrey knows that her boys won't function well without her. She's got no idea how long she's been gone, just that she's been gone. She can hope that it's been a short while, but hoping won't change reality.

Duke deserves a lot of coffee and a lot of whiskey for putting up with Nathan. Audrey will make sure that he gets both.

When she sees Duke, a smile races across her face, but it falters a little when he doesn't immediately come to greet her. She only relaxes when he does put down the tray and wraps her up in a hug. She hugs him back tightly. "I don't know," she answers honestly. "There wasn't anyone else there when I woke up at the police station, but I remember being attacked." Her voice is a little husky with emotion as she talks. She's so glad to see Duke, to have him hold her.
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Duke is just going to hold on for a long moment before he pulls back with his hands on her shoulders and looks her over. He's almost positive she was dead, at least that's what they'd worked out with the hearts. Or maybe she was just taken somewhere and now she's back. Maybe she wasn't really dead. Possibilities are running rampant in his mind.

"It doesn't matter." He says with a shake of his head. "You're here now." That's the most important thing. And it is Audrey. He can see and feel that much.

Which brings him to something else that needs saying before they go any further. "Nathan's here too. He arrived after you... he thinks you're dead. So you should go down into the guest room and see him so that he can quit being such an ass to everyone." Namely to Duke, hopefully. Because Duke is from a time when he and Nathan are pretty darn close. This backpedaling is rough on him.
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[personal profile] alwaysaudrey 2017-03-06 02:32 am (UTC)(link)
Audrey doesn't mind that he holds on. She holds on just as tightly. She doesn't remember being gone, doesn't remember missing Duke, but she knows she did; she would have.

She nods a little at Duke's words. She is here; she's alive and she knows that she's herself. She feels it as well. She's been trapped and buried beneath someone else; this isn't that. She's fully and completely Audrey.

"I saw him at the station. That's where I woke up. He's grown a beard." She doesn't say that he's okay because she's not sure he is, but he will be. She and Duke both will make sure of that. "How long ago did he get here? HOw long was I...gone?"

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Matt; network

[personal profile] veryimportantlittlegirl 2017-03-03 01:02 am (UTC)(link)
I told you so.

( She did try to warn him, after all... )

I'm glad you're back. I missed you. :)
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[personal profile] veryimportantlittlegirl 2017-03-03 02:47 am (UTC)(link)
I know. I knew that you would. But I still told you so.

( She grins back, because she knows he'll be able to hear it when she does. )

Yeah. I'm okay. You're okay now, too?

( Bo knows the answer is yes, but it still doesn't hurt to hear it straight from Matt, all the same. )

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He had one job. Cam's had one job for the better part of his life and it's been to keep Sophie safe and happy. He hasn't even been here more than a few months and she hasn't even been here that long and he's managed to fuck it up.

At first, he'd thought it was some kind of sick joke, but the longer she was missing, the more he'd come to realize it hadn't been. For the first week, he barely slept and when he did, it was interrupted frequently with horrible nightmares and an anxiety and depression that clung to him like a barnacle.

When he first hears her voice out in the living room, he pulls a pillow over his head and tells himself he's hearing things. It isn't real. It wasn't real the first several times and it isn't going to miraculously be real this time, either. It's the movement that continues in the other room that finally drags him to his feet, unshowered, dressed in the same pajamas he's been wearing for three days, and looking like he hasn't slept in a week. That's almost accurate.

He stops in his tracks just outside his bedroom when he sees her and he's silent for a moment, just watching as if he's waiting to see if she's a figment of his imagination that's going to disappear when he blinks too many times. Cam opens his mouth to speak and his lips move to form her name, but no sound actually comes out; his voice is lost to neglect for too long.
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Oh He didn't fuck it up. It was a flying creature that tore out the hearts of people. Sophie isn't sure there is a way to protect anyone from that. She doesn't blame him; she doesn't blame anyone except maybe whoever brought the monsters here.

She'll probably have nightmares for a long time so at least they can share in that? Or maybe having each other around will help with the nightmares. She's likely to end up in bed with him the way she did when she was a little girl at one point or another.

When Cam comes out of his bedroom, Sophie turns to look at him, gasping a little when she sees him. He looks awful and it's then that she realizes she's been gone a while. Her eyes fill with tears and she crosses the room, throwing her arms around him and hugging him tightly. Maybe she'd had the easy part, dying. He'd had the hard part of things: living with that.

"It's okay. I'm back now," she finally tells him.
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Cam just watches her approaching through glassy, emotionless eyes and it isn't until he actually feels her arms around him that he believes what he's seeing isn't just a trick of his mind. He's sure he must reek of stale sweat and body odor by now, but he can't seem to make himself care enough to apologize and push her away again rather than squeezing her close and tucking her head beneath his chin.

If he could've traded places with her, up until this moment, he thought he would've in an instant. Now, the way his stomach churns and his heart feels like it's going to beat right out of his chest; all the lethargy falling away in favor of a great, gaping wound in his soul, he realizes he'd never trade with her for a second. She might've died, but if she didn't suffer, then at least he's good for something. He took that bullet instead of his sister. That's enough for him.

Every fiber of his being wants to be angry with her for going outside when he explicitly told her not to, but she wouldn't be Soph if she hadn't, anyway. "I'm sorry," he croaks. Whether he's apologizing for his gross state of being or for not being there to stop her from putting herself in danger, who knows. Maybe it's both.

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Annabeth's revival couldn't have come at a better and worse time. The good new is that the monsters have all been defeated or run out of town, the bad is that Percy do with himself now that his anger can't be taken out on constructive, probably life saving. Who knows or cares at this point since he didn't save the life that matters most. He's just holed himself up in his apartment, forgotten to eat and shower. A real prize.

He knows it was only time before he'd hear a knock at his door with Leo still around, but at the first tap he's almost sure it's just imagination. The second time convinces him more its authenticity though and he snaps back to reality to answer it. What he was not expecting to see was Annabeth in opening the door though. He looks at her as if he's seen a ghost. Only she's alive. He was wrong to assume she was dead or something. Whatever it was, he didn't stare for very long and threw his arms around her thanking the Gods for once in life.

"Annabeth, you're alive! How? What happened to you?" Those are probably the stupidest pair of questions he ever asked in his life, but you gotta excuse a boy for being stupid sometimes, right. He backs up a little to give her space after a moment, starting to feel conscious of her noticing his state. "Are you all right?"
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[personal profile] yankeescap 2017-03-03 08:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh Percy. It's endearing that he took losing her so hard, but she also wants to shake him. If she were really, truly gone and he'd done everything in his power to try to get her back, she wouldn't want him to hole up in a room and wither away. He, above everyone, should know that you can't always save the people you love no matter how hard you try.

Yes. The boys need to take care of each other. She sees that look and she just smiles at him a bit. She understands it. She remembers dying. She's definitely alive and it's probably a good move to thank the Gods because she's sure they had some sort of hand in it. She hugs him back, despite his slovenly appearance. She'd been scared when she'd died and she'd worried about Percy in those last moments. She's so very glad to see him again, even if it doesn't feel like it's been more than a few moments.

She shakes her head a little. "I don't know. How, I mean. There were monsters unlike anything I've seen. They attacked. I took a couple of them out with my knife, but they overpowered me." She doesn't think he needs anymore detail than that and she doesn't even know he'd gotten her heart. "I'm okay now." Her brow furrows a little with concern. "Are you okay?" Because he doesn't really look okay.
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[personal profile] seawaves 2017-03-04 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
He's not proud of how he handled it now she is standing in front of him to witness it, but he's thankful she is back before he got worse. Either he would have wasted away sitting in own head or figured out a way to break his way down to Hades to bring her back. Even though the stories he'd heard about that never turned out good for demigods.

But she's alive and he can put that out of his mind now. It feels great when she hugs him back, but his concern can't help but turn how she is holding up seeing as how they've never been so close to death to actually experience it until now. His arm moves over her shoulders and his head tilts to indicate they should probably sit on the couch and talk.

He listens to everything, then he tries to assure her. "Now that you're here, I will be." And it's true as far as his emotional state goes. Everything else like patching his bruises up, eating, and sleeping will just fall in line later. Right now he's deciding how much he should even say about the monsters and how he reacted to receiving her heart. Should she even know?

Percy glances to where he left her heart for second and feels a mixture of surprise and relief to find it gone. It was right where it should be, his guess. "You've been missing for a few weeks. We fought them all off." For now it seemed best just to keep the details simple.

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[personal profile] stillplaying 2017-03-04 12:21 am (UTC)(link)
She sees the text message and for a few seconds, she's incapable of believing that it's real. She scowls at the screen as hopeful tears fill her eyes. She had held his heart in his hand. He had been dead. He had been dead and there had been absolutely nothing that Katniss could do about it. She had hatted those muttations. She had hated herself more for not being there to protect him.

Though she could easily reply to the text, she chooses not to. Katniss hates hope. Hates how vulnerable it makes her. She can't help it though. If there's a chance, even a little, that it actually is Matt making this text, she has to find out. Hope is horrible and evil but she's missed him so much. She has to know. Katniss doesn't bother to leave Prim a note. Grabbing his key, she runs out the door to his apartment.

She doesn't knock when she gets there and lets herself in instead. Katniss lets out a breath of relief when she sees him sitting on the couch. There's food and tea out on the table and she feels a pang of anger that he went for food first. (Would she really have done differently though?) There's a lot of anger, if she lets herself dwell on it. Anger that he let himself be hurt to begin with. Anger that she found out via a text. Anger that he had died without telling him that she loves him. It leaves her frozen as the door falls shut behind her. She should speak. Say something. Tell him that she loves him and that she missed him so, so much. Yell at him. Do something instead of stand here.

She can't bring herself to do anything but stare.
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[personal profile] stillplaying 2017-03-22 02:09 am (UTC)(link)
For a split second there, that smile on his face distracts her from her anger. The feel of his touch does the same. He's here. Matt's here and alive and real. She's missed him so much these past couple of weeks. She's missed and mourned him more than she's ever done so for anyone except for Prim. It's hurt and she's hated every second of it. But the fact that he's here and concerned and touching her makes her forget all of it. She just wants to sink into his embrace and never return.

It's his words that snap her out of that those thoughts. The casual way he asks what's wrong as if he has no idea. The aching pain of loosing him comes rushing back and quickly turns into anger. She shoves at him and in the next second, she places her hands on his cheeks and pulls his mouth down on hers. She kisses him hard, trying to convey every bit of love she feels. She didn't get to tell him before. She had lost him and never told him.

"You died," she yells as soon as she breaks the kiss. Katniss tries to shove at him again. "They left your heart for me to find. What's wrong? I lost you, Matt! I lost you and I never got to tell you that I love you!"

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[personal profile] sensationless 2017-03-04 05:43 am (UTC)(link)
Duke had done his best to deal with a belligerent, grieving Nathan the past few weeks. He had gotten Nathan to safety that first day and somehow managed to keep him from shooting down every one of those winged creatures until he found the one responsible for Audrey. The past few weeks have been utter shit. He's barely slept, continued to find fights to pick, and has constantly tried to find his way back to Haven, convinced that this is all some kind of screwed up Trouble.

No such luck. Nothing he's tried has been successful in getting Audrey back. Not the Audrey that had been here with Duke or the Audrey supposedly waiting back home for him. It's like losing her to the Barn all over again except worse. He had held her heart.

For the past few days, he's taken to haunting the HPD. It's familiar. Home. He's groggy from crappy sleep and that five o'clock shadow from days earlier has since grown into a full-fledged beard. The empty bottles overflow from the trash beside his desk. He'd be happy to stay asleep but the sound of a desk opening starts to wake him.
alwaysaudrey: (Concerned)

[personal profile] alwaysaudrey 2017-03-06 01:23 am (UTC)(link)
Duke, more than anyone, would be able to understand what Nathan was going through. Nathan, she expects better of you. She expected better when she went into the Barn and she expected better here too. However, she understands how hard it is to lose him, so she can cut him a little slack.

That's the situation she's found herself in being here. She'd tried everything to get back to Haven without success.

That's actually exactly why she'd asked for HPD here because it's home and it's familiar. She'd needed that and she's glad it serves Nathan well. She's clearing the station, making certain that there are none of the creatures that killed her and that no one has taken up residence in her absence. Hobo Nathan is not what she expected, but it's exactly what she finds when she pushes open his office door, gun in hand. She gapes at him a moment before finally putting her gun away.

"Nathan? Am I---what's going on?" she asks, assuming that for whatever reason she's woken up in Haven rather than Itinere. She sort of assumes that the lack of hygiene, cleanliness, sleep and a razor is because she's been gone from Haven for a while now. "I tried to get back. Duke and I both but... is he here? Duke?"
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The last time monsters had hit Itinere, they had lost Noah. This time, it had been Ronan who had been taken from them. Blue has done her best to be supportive to both Gansey and Adam. She's also done her best not to accidentally flaunt the fact that she still had Gansey in front of Adam. It had been like walking on tiptoes in front of him all over again. Putting it simply, these past few weeks had been hell. Would Ronan come back? Or was he gone for good, just like Noah? She didn't want to think about it but as much as Blue tried, the thoughts would slip in at night anyway.

It's the creak of Monmouth's doors opening that catches Blues attention. She puts down the book she had been reading, moving from the windowsill curiously. As far as she knows, Adam wasn't bringing Opal over today. She can't think of anyone else who might just barge in here.

"Hello?" Blue shouts, a hint of curiosity in her voice. She moves closer to the stairs, hand clutching the rail as she hurries down. "Look," she continues, "this is private property. You can't just barge in here."
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Yeah, Ronan remembers that. How could he not with Adam looking at him the way he had, afraid that, like Noah, he wouldn't come back. It's part of the reason he's here. Not only does he want to check on Blue and Gansey, he wants to let them know that he's okay.

Ronan makes sure the door shuts behind him; he's alone today. Opal is still back at the Barns with Adam. "Yeah, I realize that, Maggot," Ronan says as he starts up the stairs to meet her, giving her that sharp grin of his. "Good to see you too."
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It's a nickname and a grin that can easily infuriate her if she lets it. Right now, she's never been happier to hear that word. She hurries the rest of her way down the stairs to meet him mid-flight. The smile on her face fades away as soon as they're on the same step. A second later, she doesn't hesitate to punch him.

"Why the hell did you think getting killed would be a good idea?"

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