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The last thing Percy Jackson was doing all February long was waiting around for the monsters to hurt innocent people or his friends. The few hours he slept each night were with his back to the door in case of emergencies but the rest of the time he was spent outside fighting those things or going from one place to another to check on how defences were holding up.

In the beginning, he seems energetic and confident in his ability to handle the beasts by slashing at them with his trusty sword Riptide, each as they cross his path. It's really not without the help of others that he does more than fend them, though. Any group or person banding together to fight these things is where he makes it his priority to go. He as much of a leader as he is a soldier, so either role is one he can play.

Though he makes every effort to help anyone he sees in need. Attracting the attention on to himself with comments like "HEY, FIGHT SOMEONE ON YOUR OWN LEVEL!" or "OVER HERE YOU CUPID REJECT!" when he spies someone in major trouble. He can't say it doesn't scare him when it works and their attention turns to him, but he does have experience to deal with it. It's more practical to run in these cases, which is why first chance he has to shout for the person to run and slip away himself, he does it.

If all goes well that is...

On and after the fourteenth though, his mood plummets after finding the heart of his girlfriend at his door. Her emotion and her memories are shared with him by whatever strange magic causing him to experience them. And for as nice as it is to see and feel her love for him, it's short lived when the realization she was dead starts to sink in. Percy's emotions fluctuate and stir angry like the sea creates tsunamis. He blames the winged beasts and recklessly goes after them.

Hacking and slashing and using his ability to create waves to knock them out of the sky if he has to, all the while recklessly ignoring his own safety. He is intent on killing them all in his grief.

(He doesn't know it yet, but she'll revive near the end of the month and he'll feel whole again.)
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Hawke and her wardog have been working on things early on in the month, which is when she runs into a familiar face. Cailan eagerly tears into the ugly things, happily tearing their wings off and making sure they are dead before he moves to the next.

"All right, I'll bite." Ha ha ha, considering her dog. "What's a cupid?"
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Mabari were bred for this sort of thing. To Cailan, this is fun. He'd be chewing on new recruits in Kirkwall if they were still there. All part of the job for Aveline's guard.

"A baby with wings that shoots people with arrows to make them fall in love?" Yeah, sorry, Percy. She's trying so hard not to laugh. That sounds utterly ridiculous and she wishes Isabela were here to hear that. They'd both be laughing their asses off for a long time afterward. "Who came up with that one?"
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Details getting mixed up is not an uncommon idea for Hawke. Tevinter has its own ideas about the Maker, Corypheus had his, Andraste is forever a point of contention, and then the Dalish are another matter entirely. So she nods, thinking that it's not all that different.

"Makes me wonder how many stories about the Maker might be wrong, too," Hakwe says with her usual dry humor. "Does he even have tears or a beard? Or a nose? Or a left ear?"

She's not going to touch some of the oaths uttered in Andraste's name. Not yet anyway.

Cailan does have them covered, but Hawke notices something trying to sneak up on them and blasts it with a Fireball, knocking it out of the sky. Ah knockback. How much she loves it.
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Hawke might be a little more used to people who don't have the stigma about mages that she's used to, but it's still unexpected when someone asks her how like that. So she tilts her head slightly at him and shrugs, aiming her staff at another one trying to sneak up on her. The basic magic attacks are far less flashy than things like Fireball or Cone of Cold.

"I'm a mage," she offers, "who took primal spells instead of some of the other options." She's also got spirit healing and force magic in there, too, but who's counting?
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The subject will likely come up shortly. Hawke favors Cone of Cold just as much as Fireball and Firestorm. Besides, she's a show-off when it looks like she's got someone who won't look at her like she's grown another head just because she's a mage.

"Elemental?" she offers. "Mostly fire and ice based spells. We don't deal with water." Though she does look suitably impressed at his show. "I could have used that to put out a lot of fires in Kirkwall through the years. The poor city might have actually survived most of what it went through instead of half that way." Kirkwall got burned twice while she was there and most in Thedas would say it was her fault, especially considering Isabela's role in the Qunari situation and Hawke's personal and romantic involvement with Isabela.

"Oh and if you need healing while we're out here, let me know. I'll have you fixed in no time."
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"Well, you can't learn how to be a mage," Hawke corrects as she slams into one of the uglies with her staff. It's not just for show. "But any mage can learn different branches of magic. Primal, Force, and Spirit Healing are my preferences." It is what it is and everyone is different.

But to demonstrate her Force Mage abilities, she uses Fist of the Maker to squash a small group of the cupid weirdos to the ground, flattening them for a few seconds and making them utterly vulnerable to everything she and Percy are doing for a few seconds.

"Kirkwall survived," she points out with a shrug as she lobs a fireball at the flattened group. "Sometimes that's all you can ask for." Everyone was scarred, though, even the nobles in Hightown. No one would be the same. Or, well, some would, but those were the ones who didn't quite care to begin with.

Without bothering to announce what she's doing, Hawke tosses a Heal spell in his direction. It won't completely knit together everything, but it sure will take off most of the worst. For anything worse, she'll have to slip into Spirit Healer mode.
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"Let's hope it does better than Kirkwall," Hawke says dryly. "No need to have an entire rebellion on our hands. Though that does beg the question of what and who we'd be rebelling against." But that's neither here nor there at the moment. She supposes someone has to be in charge around here. Funny that no one's really stepped forward ever.

"I could also do with fewer instances of people trying to kill me and friends blowing up pieces of the city, but that could just be me being picky again."

It's not really picky, but that's her humor showing through again. She's not in the mood to have another Anders tricks her and blows up the Chantry incident. No more betrayal. She's had enough of that.

"There's more where that came from!" she calls, turning and bringing up a veritable ice wall in front of her. It catches several more of the creatures, nearly freezing them in place as she bashes them with her staff until they go down. "We're really getting a body count going. Maybe we should be counting these."
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Unfortunately not doctor, but there is the closest thing at the moment. Prim steps up to the main room from the back, where she was checking on some of her supplies. "Hi," she says with a smile. "Welcome to the apothecary. Can I help you with something?"

It's not formal by any means, but the place has a homey air to it. Now that the monsters are gone, she's had more time and energy to work on her shop. She wants it to be friendly and inviting, with remedies all across the shelves for people to browse or ask about.
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Prim's smile turns into a light frown of concern. She likes having people come to her for help, but never really likes the idea that anyone's been hurt. Not that she really expected otherwise, given what recently happened.

"Is it for you or someone else?" she asks gently. "I do better if I can see the injury."

She can still offer some things without seeing, if she needs to, so if he says no, she can give him supplies and let him go on his way. It's just not her preferred method.
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Making a second set for his friend won't be an issue and Prim is already cataloging what she might need without even seeing the injury. She frowns slightly at his question, though not out of confusion, and then gives her head a gentle shake.

"It's okay. You don't have to show me if you don't want to, or if it's in a weird place." At least, as long as it doesn't seem like he's really hurt. And it.. doesn't right now. "It's just easier for me to tell what I need to give you if I can see exactly what the injury is and how bad it is."

And she promises she's seen shirtless boys before without blinking an eye. If it's anything beyond that... then she might have to decline. For both of their sakes. She does start to pull a couple of things down from the shelves while they talk, a few basic remedies to help bruises and pain.
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She's completely not bothered at all by this explanation and it registers on her face. "I've seen shirtless people before, lots of times," she tells him easily. "It doesn't bother me. I'd rather have that than risk someone having a serious wound that I could have treated."

Really, she did well when she had to help Gale after his flogging when she was thirteen. This won't be anything like that.

She does wince at his question as she sets out some of her herbs. "Sounds pretty bad. Was it the recent weird monsters that did it?"
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Prim can't help the light huff of a laugh at his last words. "Is that what you did?" she asks, amusement in her eyes. "You must be a Hero."

A hero-type person is what she means. Not that she has a lot of experience with those, but it sure does sound like one.

To her credit, she doesn't seem to react any differently once she lays eyes on the bruises he shows her. They're pretty bad, but definitely not the worst injury she's ever seen. Gale's flogging took that one by far. And being forced to watch the Games every year. Also the burns across her entire back, including the backs of her neck, arms, and legs. There's a reason she wears long sleeves and pants and keeps her hair long.

"You're lucky. It shouldn't scar." Not like hers did. She takes some of her ingredients and begins mixing them together. "But I can make you a salve for it and give you enough for your friend, too."
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Heroes are, in her experience, pretty modest, so this only confirms her suspicions. Not that she says anything about it; her smile just turns knowing for a brief moment.

"No... no it isn't," she says softly, with a tone that says she understands. She hesitates, thinking it over again, before rolling up one of her own sleeves and showing him the back of her arm. It's a small offer of friendship as much as it is a way to point out that his bruises are not the worst things she's seen. "Believe me, I've seen worse. Worse even than this. So you can always come to me, okay?"

Returning to her work as soon as she rolls her sleeve back down, she offers a smile in response to his introduction. "Prim Everdeen. It's nice to meet you, Percy."
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"It's okay," she assures him with a shake of her head as she finally finishes up her mixtures. "I just wanted you to know that you can come to me with anything. I'm not squeamish and I've seen a lot worse. Besides, better me than whatever weirdness they have at the hospital, right?"

She's honestly not sure anyone actually works up there. No one she knows does and she knows she would never be comfortable in a place like that if she didn't know who was taking care of her. She's alreay done the coma thing before. Being treated by someone she didn't know, waking up to a strange room and with strange people around, had been hard enough. But here? It would be impossible.

Placing the salves into plastic containers, she cleans up a bit before moving around to offer them to Percy. "Here. That should be enough for both of you. It's just something you can brush onto the bruises to help them heal. If you need anything else or if you run out, you can always come back."