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[ota] "Do not tell me I can't fix this! I'm gonna fix this."

He pushes open the door to his office at Haven P.D. using the toe of his foot, hands otherwise occupied by two to-go cups from Black House Coffee. Only one of the cups has the normal cardboard sleeve around it, a small show of gallantry for the morning. Nathan might not be able to feel the heat of the boiling hot beverage but Audrey can. Considering one of the coffees is intended for his partner, it's the least he can do.

"Parker," he shouts as he crosses the threshold, momentarily unaware that the threshold he's crossing isn't that into the shared office but into another world. "I brought back-"

Nathan stops short as the bright light causes him to squint. A quick survey of the area makes it obvious that he's not in HPD. Hell, he's not even in Maine anymore. Nathan glances behind him. Where he remembers walking through a door is nothing but the continuation of the road he's standing on. Somewhere in the distance, he hears the screech of a strange creature. That's when Nathan looks down to see a bloody heart in front of his feet.

Unperturbed (he is a trained detective after all), he kneels and places the coffee to the side. Digging into his jacket pocket, he pulls out a rubber glove and uses it to pick it up. Strange things happen all the time in Haven. They've encountered Troubles with stray organs before. Usually there's a body beside it though. Nathan carefully picks it up and gets bombarded by a couple of memories. It takes him a second to realize that these aren't his memories. He's dead in the scenes that play. These belong to Audrey.

"Parker!" he barks out louder as reality slips back in and he's standing in the middle of the strange beach town. Yeah, he's aware that she's no where around. It doesn't stop her from repeating: "Audrey!"

Still careful with the heart, he yanks out his cell. It's not his normal phone and he frowns when he reads the welcome message across the screen. Itinere? What the hell is going on? Quickly he punches in Audrey's number and frowns when no one picks up. After a second or two, he dials in Duke's.
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Just as he'd promised Audrey he would do, Duke is out in the town, sneaking through alleyways and back doors to make sure that people stay off the streets. And if they're on the streets, he's guiding to safety. It's the least he can do since he gave her a hard time about wishing the Haven Police Station here in all it's out of date small town glory. Also, Duke tries not to break any promises to Audrey as a rule so here he is playing the hero... again.

Really, he should just call himself what he is now, a hero. But the pirate in him just can't quite get the word to fit. Also, he just doesn't think that highly of himself to do it. He's killed people. Not of his own accord, but still. Heroes don't do what he's done at Audrey's request, for Audrey and Nathan.

Imagine his surprise when he sees what looks like Nathan standing in the middle of the street. Duke does a double take, of course. And yes, that looks like Nathan. "Aw, come on man..." He says to himself, looking up at the skies for any of those creatures before jogging out of his hiding place in an alleyway. He gets to his friend and puts his hands on his shoulders, still looking up at the sky.

"Nathan. When did you get here? You can't be in the middle of the street right now, man." And then he notices the heart. Oh no. Whose is that? Not Audrey's. Please not Audrey's. He'd just seen her this morning! "And... you should probably put that down."
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"Okay. That's fine. Hold onto the heart." Nathan just has to be stubborn about things. Most people wouldn't continue to hold on to a human heart like it's a baseball they're about to toss about. Not Nathan Wuornous. To be fair though, he supposes Nathan can't actually feel the gross squishiness of it. It's been awhile since Nathan has snapped at him like that and Duke definitely doesn't want to go backwards, so he lets it go. Nathan can be gross if he wants.

The bigger problem here is that Nathan can't reach Audrey. It's been a few days. Duke gets what's going on here. "I just saw her this morning. If she's not at the boat then she's at the police department. Come on. We'll find her."

He lets go of Nathan's shoulders and starts off toward the police department. He hasn't been inside since Audrey had wished the place here, but he can get Nathan there. As he walks, he gets his PDA device out and shoots Audrey a text" Nathan here. Where are you? She should respond quickly if she's around. "She's been staying in the guest room on my boat. You're welcome to join her. Us Haven-ites should stick together."