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Matt Murdock

Disoriented isn't exactly the right word for what Matt feels when he wakes up. He remembers the creature. He remembers the way it shredded the chestplate on his armored suit. He remembers the agonizing pain from having his heart ripped out, remembers that he was alive long enough to see his heart in the creature's talons. He knows what happened to him, but he can't figure out why he's alive now and he's very much alive. He can hear his heart thundering in his chest and the whoosh of his blood in his veins. He can hear how loud his living body is and as he adjusts to that, other noises trickle in, overwhelming at first then gradually fading away to something manageable. He takes a gasping breath, sitting up in bed. He's naked, but that's not unusual when he's in bed. He knows that Katniss and Foggy have been nearby recently (maybe still are, but he can't quite get a handle on his senses yet). He grabs some track pants and a tee shirt out of his closet, pulls them on and moves into the living room.

After he's had a chance to eat something and drink some tea (he's starving), he takes advantage of the network and orders the PDA he'd found on his nightstand to send a text to the network at large:

To be concise, what the hell happened here?

Audrey Parker

Audrey is unsurprised to wake up at her desk in the police station. It's something that's a common enough occurrence. She is surprised to find that her blouse is shredded and bloody, but there seems to be no wound on her chest beneath the blouse. She pushes herself to her feet and is hit with a memory of a creature, one of the creatures that have been terrorizing the town. She remembers dying, or at least having her heart ripped out. She remembers thinking immediately of Duke and how he would cope here without her; he'd find a way home and he'd be okay. Of course, that makes her think of Nathan and how he's going to handle it when Duke tells him she's dead. She doesn't have long to actually consider that though because...dying and dead.

Except now she's not. Now she's alive. She presses her hand to her chest and moves to open her desk drawer, pulling a clean shirt out. She changes then sends out a few texts:

I don't know how long I've been gone, but I'm okay and the police station is back in business. What's going on out there now? Are the creatures still a danger?

Once that's done, Audrey grabs her gun, pulls on a bullet-proof vest and heads out of the police station to see for herself what's going on. While she intends to make this a patrol and check on things in the town, she's going to ultimately make her way to Duke's boat to check on him herself.

Sophie Hamilton

Death isn't something Sophie has ever experienced before. Sure, there'd been a friend in high school, but not someone she was close to. She's certainly never died before. In fact, until the creatures arrived in this place, violence was something that Sophie only had a casual knowledge of: the random frat boy fight at school or a catfight in the hallways of high school. It wasn't something real to her, but the day she'd run out for more art supplies had changed that. She'd thought the daylight would protect her. It was only a quick trip.

When she awakens with a gasp, Sophie is in her room. There's a half finished canvas set up (she remembers working on it) and her room looks untouched so there's little to tell her how long she's been dead (how is that even possible). She changes from the blood stained and torn clothes she's wearing, shoving the shirt down deep in the bathroom trash (she'd like to burn it) and pulling on her favorite sweatshirt (an old one of Cam's) and a fresh pair of jeans. She pads barefoot out into the living room, cautious at first.


Once she speaks with her brother and finds out that the creatures that killed her are gone, she'll go outside, stop by the Houndstooth then the coffee shop. Once she feels a little more comfortable, she'll continue to the bookstore then the art supply store. She might be looking for Leo and some of the other people she's just started to get to know here.

Annabeth Chase

Annabeth startles awake, her hand flying to her chest. Having her heart ripped out is a new experience, but she's been gravely injured before and brought back so she's not entirely surprised. She's still wearing the bloodied Camp Halfblood tee shirt that she'd been wounded (killed?) in. She's also in her apartment (the one she'd barely had time to settle into). After a quick change of clothing, she leaves her apartment in search of the people she cares about. She's got her knife in hand, unwilling to leave anything to chance. She'll stop by Percy's apartment first then go in search of Leo and Percy if he's not in his apartment.

She can be found all about town searching for her friends and trying to figure out what's going on now

Ronan Lynch

Ronan isn't a stranger to waking up bloody, nor is he a stranger to nearly dying, so that's what he assumes happened. In fact, he'd honestly thought the creatures that ripped out his heart were one of his night terrors at first so he'd created a night terror in order to help them, the all white one that's so fond of him. It hadn't been enough, at least it hadn't been enough to protect himself. He hopes it was a enough to protect his friends. He wakes up in one of the barns wearing some clothes that have been shredded and bloodied. He pushes himself to his feet, swaying a little as the memory of his death catches up with him, but the need to find Adam, Gansey and Blue drives him. As per usual, he doesn't even consider using the PDA to contact them. He goes to the house first, hollaring for Adam.

Once he's reunited with Adam, he'll go to Monmouth Manufacturing to find Blue and Gansey. He wants to make sure everyone is okay because the last time monsters hit this place, they'd lost Noah. He's got no intention of losing anyone else if he can help it.

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[N E T W O R K]

I feel like I should take advantage of all this snow. What's everyone's favorite winter activity?

[A C T I O N]

Sophie has discovered that she loves Itinere. She loves the people and the opportunities that this place gives her and Cam. She loves the freedom this place has and maybe she ought to want to go home, maybe she ought to want to finish art school (a part of her does). Maybe she ought to want a lot of things, but right now, she likes this place.

Winter is probably Sophie's favorite season. She loves the clothes and the snow, the way her breath freezes in the air; she loves to be able to run inside, tingley and red from the cold to warm up by a fire. She loves the fuzzy socks and the way that people tend to stay inside and cuddle in the winter.

With all of that in mind, Sophie stops by the coffee shop first and gets a PSL (shut up, she can still love them and tease Cam about loving them). With steaming coffee in hand, she walks along the main street of the town, stopping in various shops. After popping into several shops, she ends up with several shopping bags which have to be dropped off at her apartment then it's back to street to wander in the snow. She's going to make snow angels in the park, take a sleigh ride and possibly build a snowman. She'd love to have company.
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{ text to Cam }

Okay, first it's rude to arrange to have your little sister kidnapped and not be there to greet her. Second, Mom and Dad won't notice the ransom notes for at least a month so I hope you're not planning on starving me and keeping me tied to a chair. That didn't work when I was twelve and annoying; it won't work now. Third, thanks for the new phone. Who are all these other people programmed into my contacts?

{ open action }

After talking to Cam, catching up and doing the sibling thing, she decides to do her own sort of wandering around. It's how she'd familiarized herself with their little corner of New York as well as campus. She figures it'll work here just as well. Besides, after everything that Cam told her, she's curious about this place. Okay, the truth is she'd be curious about it regardless, she's just that sort of person, but everything he said added to that curiosity.

Fortunately, the weather here and back home had been very similar. She's dressed in a pair of jeans that splattered with paint on one thigh and a chunky burgundy sweater. She hits the beach first and uses her PDA to take some pictures. She'll probably end up painting some of this later. After that, she wanders along the sidewalks of the town proper. There is, particularly after New York City, surprisingly very little traffic. She pokes into some of the stores and is delighted to find a well stocked art supply shop. Cam had explained to her a bit about the lack of money here, so she decides to try it out in a coffee shop and is delighted to find that no one even hesitates before giving her a hot tea with milk. Okay, she could get used to this. She'll go in a few more shops before finally heading back to the apartment building to get the key to the apartment she now shares with Cam.