05 June 2017 @ 07:22 pm
"Well, this wouldn't be the first time you claimed we'd return to London," Sarah Jane Smith quips as she steps out of the TARDIS. Honestly, why would she expect anything more from him? This must be the sixth - or is it seventh? - time now that the Doctor promised to take her home. Of course they wind up somewhere else. How very much like him. Despite her frustration, Sarah smiles as she takes in the sunlight and breathes in what smells awfully like coastal sea air. "What is it this time, Doctor? Another emergency call detected by the TARDIS? Or did we just take another wrong turn?"

She crosses her arms over her chest as she turns around to confront her companion. While the blue doors of the TARDIS stand in front of her, the Doctor is no where to be seen. She frowns and pulls at the door. When it refuses to open, she pulls at the handle more angrily. "Doctor! Oy, Doctor, let me in!"

The doors remain closed. Annoyed, Sarah gives them a dirty look. "Oh, I don't need you, either!"

She starts to walk away, only to turn back after a few steps. Fine. If he's going to act like this, so be it. He won't strand her - at least Sarah very much hopes not. And she's not going to wait around for him to cooperate. This planet (town?) looks safe enough. Might as well have a look about, and enjoy herself while at it.

Doctor, can you hear me? I believe I have this device working properly. [Comes a distinct British accent.] This is quite unlike any telephone or computer I've handled recently. Couldn't you have slipped me something simpler?

Or, better yet, let me back inside! I saw the doors to the TARDIS still standing there. I'll have you know, this is quite childish. Even for you!