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[So this is unexpected. Tina had been going through the door to the bathroom in the restaurant, when suddenly she wasn't there and was somewhere else entirely. And even more strangely, there's the nagging feeling at the back of her mind that something like this has happened to her before.

Thankfully the smartphone in her hands has something of an explanation, and so she heads there to claim her bedroom, though she can't stop herself from looking at EVERYTHING, and she's visibly nervous.]

Uhm, hi, hello... don't mind me, just, ah, going to find my bedroom... By the way, if anyone sees a boy in a burger costume or a girl with a pink bunny ears hat, or a woman with red glasses, or a balding guy with a mustache, let me know?

[And once she's there and registered, Tina does a double take as she opens the door to her bedroom, and just stands there, gaping.

Her room back home had been covered with horse posters, but she has her own little suite here that is positively PLASTERED with horses. The wallpaper, the decorations, the bedspread... it's a paradise.]

It's like a dream come true...


Dear diary,

I was just going to the bathroom and it's like I stepped into Narnia. I guess there are other people here and I hope they'll be nice enough to say hello.

Love, Tina

[[OOC note Hi friends! I'm Shurimon and this is Tina Belcher from the cartoon Bob's Burgers. She's an ordinary teenage girl and is a bit of an AU- she'll have her memories from [community profile] driftfleet intact. Please feel free to add me at [ profile] shurimon!]
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The door hasn't let Allison back at all since she got here, but that hadn't kept her from trying during her first few weeks here, by trying them again and again. She had things to do, people to get back to, a best friend to save. Then, recently, she suddenly stopped trying to make the doors work for her. Not because the doors suddenly worked for her, and not because she suddenly stopped caring about the people she's left behind (she'll never stop caring). She stopped trying to make the doors work for her because she was told that she dies back home, dies saving her friends, and though she doesn't have an issue with what she dies for -- she'd protect anyone she cares about at whatever cost -- she is still grateful to be here now (even if she thinks that's kind of a selfish thought, which she feels some guilt over) in a way that she wasn't during her first few weeks here. Even despite that feeling of gratefulness at being here, maybe if her last living close family member wasn't here, and she somehow still found out about her death, she'd still be trying to get back home to her friends even though it would mean losing her life. But she can't make herself keep trying now, not when staying here means she gets to be around her dad longer while they're both here, not when he was the one that told her about her death - even telling her how it happened when she asked.

So, now she's going to try to be better here. To be stronger, faster, smarter, than she was back home. To be alive.

While the sun is still up, she does a lot of work with her school textbooks (which she has access to now that their house has recently shown up in Itinere too), reading them and doing the work in them, either in her room or sitting on a bench in a park. She'll never get to finish high school back home, so she's going to try to do it here. At the moments when she's not doing that, she's getting in additional practice and training with her skills.

After the sun goes down, she spends some time outside, patrolling around, dressed in mostly black. She takes one of her bows and plenty of arrows with her, a pair of Chinese ring daggers, and a taser; she has a flashlight, too, if she needs it, but it won't be on most of the time. Don't mind the seventeen year old who's carrying around a bunch of things that the average seventeen year old probably has no idea how to properly use. Or do mind. Sneaking up on her is definitely a bad idea, but unless for whatever reason someone's trying to sneak up on her and get tased at best - an arrow at worst, she'll see them first and be able to tell who it is.