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Kara Danvers knows loss. Of course she does. Her planet died; her family with it, with the exception of Kal. Most people would know him by his human name: Clark Kent.

But this...this is so much different. This feels like a heavy ache that refuses to do anything other than persist. It doesn't want to fade. It doesn't want to go away. It hurts to have been so much in love and to know that the sentiment was shared and still to be torn apart so cruelly. It's almost worse that he'd been so brave about it.

She'd needed some time alone. She'd needed to get away from everyone asking her if she was okay; she's not okay. She's not going to be okay with this probably ever. Even when she heals from what feels like a gaping wound in her heart, she's still never going to be okay with losing her first love the way she did. But maybe she can move on a little faster if she doesn't have an older sister and several friends hovering to try to make sure that she's all right. So Kara walked through the door.

...and when she immediately regretted her decision and thought better of it to head back, the door opened to nothing more than a wall. There had been punching of said wall. There had been feral screams of pent up depression and anger and raw emotion. There had been tears.

And then she'd walked away. Now she's roaming the streets of this new place, trying to decide whether it's the Universe's way of telling her she really does need this break from life or whether this is something more sinister. Tear tracks are mostly gone by the time she starts to see othe people walking the same street she is and she assumes she's further into town at that point. Seeing what's clearly a bar — Houndstooth, huh? — nearly sets her off in tears again because Mon-El worked in the alien bar and she has a ton of great memories with him in bars, but instead, she lifts her chin and pushes the door open, marching in with purpose. She can't drink her sorrow away but maybe she can knock back a drink or twenty and reminisce for a minute while she tries to figure out what the heck she's supposed to do with herself.

Well. That and bartenders and regulars tend to know a lot more than most people think they do, in Kara's experience. Maybe someone can offer her some insight. Worst case scenario, she can blow off a little steam. The alcohol hardly touches her, but she does get that little warm sensation in her cheeks and there's something weirdly comforting about that. In a pinch, maybe that'll do.

What is this? Does this connect to a special app or something or am I just calling out into the ether?

Hello? Can anybody see this?
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Elena had just gotten off work after a very long shift. She'd stepped through the front door of the Gilbert house, exhaustion etched in every inch of her body. She'd been about to toe-heel her shoes off when she noticed she wasn't in Kansas Mystic Falls anymore. She'd lived there nearly her entire life and Mystic Falls, for all its charms, never had a beach, among a few other things she could point out. Exhaustion had been forgotten in favor of figuring out what the hell was going on. At first, she'd thought it was another Mystic Falls thing, or a vampire thing.

It turned out that it was a whole new thing that she'd never even known could exist. The next few days Elena spends researching this place and settling in. She drinks a lot of coffee from the bookstore and gives the clinic a thorough look over, signing up to work there (volunteer? Can it be called work if one isn't being paid or doesn't need to be paid?). She also stops in at the boxing gym and works over the punching bag for a little while, venting her frustration at being here. Finally, she does some shopping around town, ending the day on the beach with a glass of wine.

It's not until several days later that she finally approaches the N E T W O R K with a text message:

Top 5 things a new person needs to know. Go!
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[ There’s a blonde girl on the video. It’s pretty clear that she’s in the bookshop, Sub Text, from what can be seen around her. She’s got a coffee cup at her elbow that says ‘Books turn muggles into wizards’. She waves a little at the camera. ]

I haven’t done one of these in ages so clearly, I’m slacking. I’ve actually been doing a lot of reading lately. I know, I can hear BFF from home yelling at me to go out and get a life already, Gracie. I’m working on it. I mean...I will work on it. Probably.

Which brings me to book boyfriends. Don’t question how my brain works, just go with the flow. Last month while the flying monsters were...flying, I stayed inside in order to avoid becoming a damsel in distress and I got completely lost in Henrietta, Virginia. Where is Henrietta, Virginia you might ask, other than the obvious answer: in Virginia. It’s a fictional town set in the world of the Raven Boys. There’s a private school called Aglionby Academy, a public school that no one ever really seems to go to and a Welsh King that’s been dead for over 500 years.

None of that is the point. The point is the characters, the boys and more to the point: Adam, Gansey and Noah. I’ll take a date with all of them. Seriously, though. Each in their own way are so precious. They deserve all of the hugs so selflessly, what do we say to that?

[ She gives the camera a look like ‘oh, you know it’s coming’.]

I volunteer!

[ She sits back a little, clearly pleased with herself.]

Equally as amazing are their true loves, because did you all think I would be reading this if true love weren’t part of the equation? I want to be friends with Blue and...I’m not sure what I want to do with Ronan. Bad boys have never been my thing. Maybe play with his raven, which is not a dirty joke.

And Noah...we are not talking about Noah.

In short, I’ve got the entire quartet of books here at the shop. If you promise to read them, care lovingly for the characters inside and adore them, they can be yours for the low, low price of…

[ She drum rolls on the table next to her]


And now it’s time for me to do actual work. Gracie out.

[ There’s a final wave from the blonde and the video goes black]

((ooc: feel free to talk to Gracie via the network or stop by Subtext and say hi. No fourth walled parties were injured in the making of this vlog))
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Matt Murdock

Disoriented isn't exactly the right word for what Matt feels when he wakes up. He remembers the creature. He remembers the way it shredded the chestplate on his armored suit. He remembers the agonizing pain from having his heart ripped out, remembers that he was alive long enough to see his heart in the creature's talons. He knows what happened to him, but he can't figure out why he's alive now and he's very much alive. He can hear his heart thundering in his chest and the whoosh of his blood in his veins. He can hear how loud his living body is and as he adjusts to that, other noises trickle in, overwhelming at first then gradually fading away to something manageable. He takes a gasping breath, sitting up in bed. He's naked, but that's not unusual when he's in bed. He knows that Katniss and Foggy have been nearby recently (maybe still are, but he can't quite get a handle on his senses yet). He grabs some track pants and a tee shirt out of his closet, pulls them on and moves into the living room.

After he's had a chance to eat something and drink some tea (he's starving), he takes advantage of the network and orders the PDA he'd found on his nightstand to send a text to the network at large:

To be concise, what the hell happened here?

Audrey Parker

Audrey is unsurprised to wake up at her desk in the police station. It's something that's a common enough occurrence. She is surprised to find that her blouse is shredded and bloody, but there seems to be no wound on her chest beneath the blouse. She pushes herself to her feet and is hit with a memory of a creature, one of the creatures that have been terrorizing the town. She remembers dying, or at least having her heart ripped out. She remembers thinking immediately of Duke and how he would cope here without her; he'd find a way home and he'd be okay. Of course, that makes her think of Nathan and how he's going to handle it when Duke tells him she's dead. She doesn't have long to actually consider that though because...dying and dead.

Except now she's not. Now she's alive. She presses her hand to her chest and moves to open her desk drawer, pulling a clean shirt out. She changes then sends out a few texts:

I don't know how long I've been gone, but I'm okay and the police station is back in business. What's going on out there now? Are the creatures still a danger?

Once that's done, Audrey grabs her gun, pulls on a bullet-proof vest and heads out of the police station to see for herself what's going on. While she intends to make this a patrol and check on things in the town, she's going to ultimately make her way to Duke's boat to check on him herself.

Sophie Hamilton

Death isn't something Sophie has ever experienced before. Sure, there'd been a friend in high school, but not someone she was close to. She's certainly never died before. In fact, until the creatures arrived in this place, violence was something that Sophie only had a casual knowledge of: the random frat boy fight at school or a catfight in the hallways of high school. It wasn't something real to her, but the day she'd run out for more art supplies had changed that. She'd thought the daylight would protect her. It was only a quick trip.

When she awakens with a gasp, Sophie is in her room. There's a half finished canvas set up (she remembers working on it) and her room looks untouched so there's little to tell her how long she's been dead (how is that even possible). She changes from the blood stained and torn clothes she's wearing, shoving the shirt down deep in the bathroom trash (she'd like to burn it) and pulling on her favorite sweatshirt (an old one of Cam's) and a fresh pair of jeans. She pads barefoot out into the living room, cautious at first.


Once she speaks with her brother and finds out that the creatures that killed her are gone, she'll go outside, stop by the Houndstooth then the coffee shop. Once she feels a little more comfortable, she'll continue to the bookstore then the art supply store. She might be looking for Leo and some of the other people she's just started to get to know here.

Annabeth Chase

Annabeth startles awake, her hand flying to her chest. Having her heart ripped out is a new experience, but she's been gravely injured before and brought back so she's not entirely surprised. She's still wearing the bloodied Camp Halfblood tee shirt that she'd been wounded (killed?) in. She's also in her apartment (the one she'd barely had time to settle into). After a quick change of clothing, she leaves her apartment in search of the people she cares about. She's got her knife in hand, unwilling to leave anything to chance. She'll stop by Percy's apartment first then go in search of Leo and Percy if he's not in his apartment.

She can be found all about town searching for her friends and trying to figure out what's going on now

Ronan Lynch

Ronan isn't a stranger to waking up bloody, nor is he a stranger to nearly dying, so that's what he assumes happened. In fact, he'd honestly thought the creatures that ripped out his heart were one of his night terrors at first so he'd created a night terror in order to help them, the all white one that's so fond of him. It hadn't been enough, at least it hadn't been enough to protect himself. He hopes it was a enough to protect his friends. He wakes up in one of the barns wearing some clothes that have been shredded and bloodied. He pushes himself to his feet, swaying a little as the memory of his death catches up with him, but the need to find Adam, Gansey and Blue drives him. As per usual, he doesn't even consider using the PDA to contact them. He goes to the house first, hollaring for Adam.

Once he's reunited with Adam, he'll go to Monmouth Manufacturing to find Blue and Gansey. He wants to make sure everyone is okay because the last time monsters hit this place, they'd lost Noah. He's got no intention of losing anyone else if he can help it.

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There's a new building just off the square in Itinere. Above the door, engraved into the white arch are the words Haven Police Department. Inside residents will find a beautifully restored police station with an open bull pen, benches, offices and meeting rooms. Upstairs there are a few jail cells. The door to the police station is unlocked and there's a blonde at the front desk. She's not wearing a uniform, but she clearly works there.

I inquired about the need for a police station a few weeks ago. There was enough interest in having one that I went ahead and wished (that will never not be weird) the police station I work at in Haven, Maine here. As of right now, we offer a variety of services, not all of them traditionally police like a security escort if you feel unsafe or just want to be safer. Of course, we'll also investigate any crime that's been committed. If you need help, give us a call. Think of us more like a security team than a police station, I guess. Anyway, I'm Audrey Parker and I guess I'm in charge here.

Those of you that I spoke to earlier about working with the police, come see me.

[ooc: if Audrey spoke to you on her other post about working for the police or with the police, consider your character hired. ]
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On his way home from work, Adam might have slipped a few candy canes into his pockets. You'd think he'd learn not to try the food that just appears out of nowhere at this point. But at the same time, the food in the kitchen at the Barns appears out of nowhere when they need it too. Sure, sometimes it's nice to actually go to the grocery store, but sometimes the wishing is just so convenient. The point is, that that food hasn't affected him weirdly, so it's easy to get lax on being vigilent about drugged food.

Gansey and Blue have been staying at the Barns with him and Ronan and Opal. Adam knows that the day is coming when they'll go back to Monmouth. He can't decide if he'll be glad or sad when that happens. It's confusing, really. He feels the same as he did in those days leading up to their trip around the world. It's going to be weird without them.

With the recent snowfall, Adam has been dressing for the cooler weather. When he gets onto the Barns property, he holds the candy cane that tastes like homemade apple pie for some weird reason in between his teeth and texts the others:


It's snowman building time. Get out here!

Yes, he's definitely candy cane drugged.
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Around the time the sun is starting to set in the early to mid-evening on Saturday, 11/12 as promised, Lydia will (hopefully with the help of Allison and a couple of others) have set up a bonfire on the beach. She's brought several bags of marshmallows, boxes of graham crackers, bars of chocolate, and s'more skewers so that s'mores can totally be a thing. There's also plenty of blankets and towels spread around, because she wants to be sure everyone is comfortable. Jill has offered to bring the alcohol.

Lydia can be found making her way around, greeting and mingling with anyone who arrives and throughout the night. She'll be doing her best to appear approachable so that anyone who maybe hasn't ever been to a bonfire and has questions will feel comfortable approaching her to do that.

[ ooc: please feel free to respond directly to this with your own top comments to play out stuff in here or you can use this as a prompt to make your own logs elsewhere, totally up to you. If you'd like to play with Lydia, please consider this her top comment. Mods, let me know if I need to make any changes to this.]
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The monsters have been gone from Itinere for a few days now. The city is repairing itself in that strange way it does and the quiet couldn't be more unwelcoming as far as Adam is concerned. At least while the monsters were invading there were other things to focus on. Keep the Barns safe. Keep Ronan safe. Keep Opal safe. Stay alive. Survive. Somehow, some way, survive. Now, there's only himself and his own guilt to wallow in. He could have done something more. He should have been faster, stronger, better... just better.

He's waited a few days, waited to see if Noah comes back twenty-four hours or so after his death. He's waited more than twenty-four hours, searching, hoping, checking his phone contacts and finding Noah's name missing... still. His heart hurts. He kind of hates himself for not being more than he is, for not saving Noah. He's mad at Noah too in a completely irrational way. Noah, who kept telling him to go, who wouldn't fight with him, who is just... gone.

Finally, he has to accept it. It's easier said than done. Noah is gone. Noah is gone. Noah is gone.

Adam dives into his work. Parrish's garage is open very early in the mornings and closed far past normal working hours. He repairs everything that is brought in and tinkers with things he already has. He builds skateboards, bikes, engines, etc. During his lunch breaks he goes over to Subtext, the bookstore, and reads. He reads so many books, mostly about engineering, some about medical things. He takes notes on things he wants to remember.

Keeping his mind busy is the best plan, he thinks.

One night he stops by The Houndstooth to do a practice run, to tell two strange girls that Noah is gone. It isn't easy, not even a little bit. But most nights he usually grabs dinner in town and takes it back to the Barns for Ronan and Opal. And every so often, he goes to that alleyway where Adam had led Noah to try to lose the monster that had attacked them. He imagines he can still see the bloody mess of his friend's body there. He tries to say goodbye to him, but all he can come up with is every apology under the sun, again and again. I'm sorry, Noah. I'm sorry.
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There are moments in a person's life when everything makes sense, just as there are moments when the opposite is true.

When the monsters appear in Itinere, some may panic, but Noah Czerny feels a kind of strange calm. It's almost as if this is what a part of him has been waiting for.

He is no fighter. That's Ronan's thing, even if his friend has tried to teach him. Noah, having been raised privileged, never needed to learn how to fight. Perhaps that's why his supposed best friend at the time - Whelk - was able to off him with a skateboard.

Now, in this moment, as he sees something come down the street, right at him, just as he was going to find his friends, to check on them, to check on Jill and Lucy, Noah sees this thing and he stands there and he feels ... calm.

Perhaps he never did anything, really, in his life. Perhaps it was after his death that he was able to make any kind of difference at all, for the only real friends he ever had. And perhaps that is why, right now, he stands his ground as this thing advances. Perhaps if he can do just one good thing, it would have all been worthwhile. Perhaps finding himself in a living body wouldn't have been all for naught.

So, yes, in the middle of a street in Itinere stands an eternally-seventeen year old boy, facing a creature that shouldn't exist. It's not going to end well, but that doesn't mean Noah isn't going to try.
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[ The woman on the screen is young and blonde. She smiles a little at the camera and waves then tucks her long hair behind her ears. ] I’m Gracie. I’ve been here for a few days trying to...adjust. [ Her brow furrows a little at that. ] I used to have a vlog back home--I graduated with a degree in communications--and I thought I’d start vlogging here. I figured I’d get to talk to some of you guys and it’d help me adjust. Anyway, I’ve heard a lot of things about this place and they are way too sci-fi for me to really believe them, but I want to. Things like time waits for you back home. I mean, I’ve got a shift that started five hours ago and Gemma hasn’t got anyone else to cover. Mom and I were...not fighting--she doesn’t fight with me; we disagree. Anyway, that’s not how I want to leave things if that’s the last I’m going to see of her, you know?

[ She leans back a little as a cat jumps into her lap.] This is Aslan. He came here with me. I was literally walking across my living room to go to bed and yet...somehow my favorite jeans and tee shirt are here hanging in the closet of the apartment I was given to stay in. Nothing makes sense. [ She worries at her bottom lip a moment before she releases it and begins talking again. ]

It’s not all bad though. Fancy phone PDA thing for one. There are some reasonably cool buildings around this place. Some of them...I’m not even sure they’re supposed to exist. Then there are some things that are too good to be true, like that no one has asked me for money, a credit card or a room number in any of the stores. I got the briefing. I understand that everything is free. I’m just wondering, what’s the catch?

[ She makes a face at the camera. ] Sorry. I’m not usually this Phillip K Dick about things. [ She pushes the cat off her lap and rolls a small golden sphere around on the table. ] With that in mind, I’m going to do some more shopping--can it even be called shopping when it’s all free? That’s more like high opportunity scavenging or something. I’m also going to figure out how to open this snitch I found on my table this morning. Unfortunately, there are no helpful clues like ‘I open at the end’. If I see any of you guys out there, feel free to stop me and say hi.

Gracie out. [ She waves again and clicks the video feed off ]

[ooc lots of options here for Gracie. Feel free to talk to her on the network or find her out and about pretty much anywhere in town. You can also have normal Gracie, affected (high) Gracie, or crashing Gracie. Be specific in the subject line and/or in the tag! ]
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Ronan had been trying for nearly a month to dream Opal and Adam had been fixing frayed ley lines every day for just as long. He was beginning to think that it wouldn’t work, that whatever deities oversaw Itinere wouldn’t allow it and that idea made him angry. Actually, the idea of never seeing Opal again scared him, which made him angry (as most things did). Ronan went on a destructive bent like he hadn’t in months. He punched people, drove far too fast on his motorcycle and accidentally brought hungry, desperate creatures out of his dreams that he ended up shooting with his father’s shotgun for fear they’d eat the deer he’d so patiently tamed. He was desperate and hurting the day he finally pulled Opal out of his dreams. He’d woken angry and prepared to be disappointed only to find Opal sitting at the foot of the bed staring at him. She looked precisely as he’d last seen her wearing a dress, her hair shaggy and blonde. He’s not sure if any time has passed for her or not, but she appeared to be well taken care of.

Ronan was not usually given to displays of affection (except where Adam was concerned) but he couldn’t help snatching Opal up in a hug and squeezing until she squirmed, squealed and demanded to be put down.

“I want to go see the deer,” she told him.

Ronan smirked in response and shook his head. “Better idea. Let’s go see Adam and maybe get some ice cream.”

A sunshiney smile lit up the little girl’s face at the mention of Adam. There were very few people she liked better in the world than Adam.

Adam, as usual lately, had the BMW which left Ronan and Opal with the motorcycle that Adam had built for him. Ronan rummaged around in one of the barns until he found a bright yellow helmet for Opal then he loaded her on the back of the bike, admonishing her to keep her arms tight around his waist. Honestly, he’d never driven so safely, so slowly in his life, but eventually they pulled the bike into one of the empty work bays at Adam’s shop where Opal scrambled off the bike, yelled for Adam and launched herself in his direction.

Later, Ronan, Opal and Adam can be found walking about town, happily showing the little girl with deer legs a place where she doesn’t have to hide her feet in tall boots and long dresses. Come say hi.

[ ooc: you may get Ronan, Adam or both. Both muns will be NPC'ing Opal]


Mar. 27th, 2016 02:50 pm
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At some point in the chaos, Persephone had disappeared. Blue had mourned the loss of the woman who had helped to raise her. But as more time has passed, the easier it's become to live here without feeling the ache of missing people back home. Sure, she still misses her family almost every day. She especially misses Moira Sargent. This is the longest she's ever been away from home and her mother and it hasn't always been easy. But Blue's lucky. She knows that she's lucky. Each of her raven boys are still here. As long as she has them in her life, Blue knows that she's at home.

Since it's return, Blue has spent a good amount of her time cleaning up Monmouth. She doubts that the warehouse home has ever been so clean. At least, not since Gansey had originally moved in. The big difference between the Monmouth here in Itinere and the one back in Henrietta is that this one is her home. She had moved in shortly after arriving here and has yet to move out. Even the appearance of a 300 Fox Way on one of the random blocks in town hasn't gotten her to budge. She had tried for all of one night but it's just not the same without all of the women that lived in the house with her.

So she cleans. And cooks. And continues to work her part-time job at one of the cafes downtown. She rides her bike around town and spends enough time at the beach that she suspects that she might be getting a tan. As lives go, it's not a bad one. Especially given that whole end of the world thing that nearly happened a couple of months ago. Blue's not complaining. But there's still one thing that she wishes she could do above anything else and that's kiss Richard Gansey III. Dating a boy, let alone your true love, is difficult when kissing will never be an option.
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Adam has been busy over the last month as the city has magically rebuilt itself before their very eyes. A lot of his time has been spent out in the mountainous and forested areas of the dome, away from people, doing what he has to do to make things right. Those who know him know what he's been doing. Those who don't, well, he isn't sharing. Over the month though, he's become more and more centered, more like himself and less scattered and overly emotional. Repairing the ley lines will do that for him.

He's getting back into a routine which includes a work schedule at the garage where he repairs and builds things of all kinds. Every day around noon he's in the park across the street, usually sitting on the merry-go-round, eating a sandwich he brought in for lunch.

Every few days he stops by Monmouth to check on Gansey, Noah and Blue. He makes sure the Pig is up and running as well as she can be. Then he disappears back to the apartment he shares with Ronan and keeps notes on all that's happened in Itinere since his arrival. Sometimes he goes to check the blue door that he's sure leads to Henrietta. It hasn't opened for him yet. Just his luck, he guesses.
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There had been more than a few moments when Venus had threatened to lose hope. She is strong: she knows that. She showed that. It's just that things were so very grim for a while there: no power, food that was difficult to come by, things that chewed other things, all of it could get a lady down.

But, now that things are looking better, well, so is Venus. Now that the sky is back (and as strange as that is and things are just ... better. Showers are so very nice, and so is being able to cook. Between helping Derek to get the fitness center back into order and getting her apartment back into order (though she misses having a reason to sleep with Derek every night), Venus is busy. But when she has a bag of homemade food (chicken and potato salad), she ventures toward the garage where she knows Adam works. She wants to see him! She's missed him! She's worried. So, she hopes he's there. She hopes he's all right.

She hopes they've all come out the other side of all this insanity all right.
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Just when Alaina had started to get used to the idea of this electricity thing, it had gone out. With an earthquake and earthquakes were never good. Ever since, Alaina has been outside, working to help the people who aren't used to the life she is, who have never lived without electricity.

On November 6th, she tosses something up on the network, after her talk with Adam.

If anyone needs help with survival skills while all of this is happening, I can help. I can teach you how to set up camps, hunt, and survive out here. I suggest we try to stick together as much as possible. That will make it harder for anything to sneak up on us. Fires are good for warmth and to cook and I can help with those, but for every fire, there should be at least two to three guards. We don't know what's out here and we can't be caught off guard.

If anyone knows the situation with wildlife out here, I can do a lot of the hunting. I've done it before. I'm setting up camp in town. Anyone is welcome.

We will all survive this if we work together.

By the 15th, her tone has changed.

I don't know what that sky is, but I do know that these things wandering the streets are bad news. I'm a warrior, a champion. If you need help, call me. I'll come and I'm strong. I will protect anyone and my camp is still set up in the middle of town.

No one's dying on my watch.

I can also help people learn to fight. I'm not the trainer Cullen and Cassandra are, but I've been fighting as a warrior for a long time. I'm good with two-handed weapons, but I can do sword and shield if I have to. Sorry, but if you want anything else, you'll have to find another teacher.

(( OOC: feel free to use this as a mingle-type post for camp things and/or finding people / talking to them / getting food and supplies / whatever you need! if you'd like alaina for an action thing, just let me know or specify in your subject header! ))

Mass Text

Nov. 2nd, 2015 08:49 am
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[ Normally Adam might have just kept this text to his core group of people. But he knows some people outside of that now, a few he might even call friend. So he sends this text out to the masses. Short and not so sweet as Adam is. ]

So. Someone shook the world and turned out the lights. It's not electrical on our end of things, already tried to fix it.

Everyone okay?
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Having made herself to home in both the dreams of Derek and Adam had left Venus feeling both disjointed and thoughtful. Such horror and such darkness, inflicted by other people. Not by chance or fate, but by human beings. It makes her so angry.

Perhaps it is that this place collects very damaged people.

On one of her days off from the health club, before she takes Derek his lunch, she walks. No longer in high heels, but in comfortable walking shoes (cute little pink Keds that please Venus when she looks down at them), she walk. There's just that hint of the coming fall and winter in the air.

Venus trades in optimism. She has to. The world is too dark otherwise. She finds herself sitting on the merry-go-round and thinks of the profundity of hope. Of what it means. Of the power of it. Even if it isn't real, if it's imagined. The idea of hope. "Ask not what this place can do for you," she whispers to herself, letting the words get lost in the breeze, "but what we can do for this place." And the damaged, beautiful people in it.
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Most of Blue's days since the power's returned has been lived in routine. She wakes up every morning in her room in Monmouth both happy and sad. Though the paper trees and flowers that have slowly started to creep up her wall like kudzu make it feel a little more like home, she knows these aren't the same four walls that she's spent the past sixteen years of her life iwthin. They're different walls in an entirely different world that takes everything a step further from the ley lines and Cabeswater. She's by far the furthest that she's ever been from home and she doesn't know if she'll ever make it back.

But she's in Monmouth and she's not alone and if she's ever had a question that magic exists in the world, living in Itinere confirms it. So rather than feel sorry for herself, she pushes on and leaves the bed to get on with the day. With a regular afternoon shift at the bistro, she always makes certain to get there by ten in the morning to beat the brunch crowd. It's a little strange only to work one job but at the same time, she likes the freedom it brings her to explore Itinere. She can be found poking her head into various stores or spending time along the shore, still amazed by the vastness of the ocean. It reminds her a lot of the stars she loves so very much.


She had been both surprised and extremely flattered when Gansey had asked her out. Despite everything she's ever known most of her life saying it's a bad idea, she had agreed. He's a boy and boys are supposed to be nothing in trouble, raven boys at the top of that list. For all they know, he might be her true love and if Blue were to ever kiss him, he'd die. He'll die anyway; that promise made on the corpse road speaks to that. But Adam's moved on to Ronan and she can't peossibly spend her whole life avoiding dates with boys she might be attracted to. Her curse hadn't stopped her from going on a date with Adam.

But Adam Parish wasn't Gansey.

Blue waits outside the doors of Monmouth at the agreed upon time, having come home long enough to shower and change into a clean outfit, complete with just enough makeup to accent her features. Gansey hadn't said where they'd be going and she hopes it's not someplace too fancy. She's not certain even her nicest dress would fit in at the sort of restaurants Richard Gansey the Third must find appropriate for dates.
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With the lights back on, life has continued on for Ronan as usual. He splits his time between Adam's garage (irritating the shit out of him) Monmouth Manufacturing (listening to music too loud, throwing things out the window, doing donuts in the parking lot and basically being Ronan), the apartment that he shares with Adam (doing--shhh it's personal) and The Barns (dreaming, researching dream things, making almost illegible notes about dream things). He also spends some time at the Houndstooth alternating between Guinness and whiskey, occasionally opting for a beer. It's during his time at the bar that he's most likely to start a fight simply for the sake of starting a fight. He drives the BMW far too fast between all of those places, parking wherever the fuck he likes because there aren't a great number of cars in Itinere. Ronan rarely walks anywhere because that's what cars are for. Almost everywhere he goes he is accompanied by a half grown raven sitting on his shoulder.

{closed to adam}

Ronan pulls the BMW into the empty garage bay that he suspects Adam keeps empty just for this purpose. The tires squeal as he stops and cuts the engine, getting out and slamming the door behind him.

"Garage is closed. Get your ass in the car. You're gonna go clean up and then we're going out."

Really, there's no sense in arguing with Ronan. Adam might as well argue with Roomba he's working on. Actually, the Roomba is more likely to respond positively to an argument with Adam.