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[Action + Network]


Two seconds earlier, Buffy had been walking toward the room in the Alpha Complex that she didn’t share with anyone. She’d opened the door, stepped through and started to unzip the orange jumpsuit she wore. Two seconds ago she’d been in an underground complex and now...she wasn’t.

Her hand freezes on the zipper of her jumpsuit then falls to her side (it’s only unzipped about an inch).

“Toto...I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” she murmurs. She’s pretty sure she’s not in San Francisco either. There are some pretty important landmarks missing, like the bridge, and the beach looks suspiciously more like the one in Sunnydale than in San Francisco. This calls for an exploration, and some damn information. If she were more certain about the population here, she might find something inhuman and evil to beat information out of, but since nothing is jumping out at her to volunteer, she’s going to have to stick to finding things out in a much more polite way.

She really wishes (for the billionth time since being pulled into the Alpha Complex) that she wasn’t wearing a bright orange jumpsuit. She’s pretty sure it doesn’t inspire trust in anyone. She slips her hands into her pockets as she starts to walk and finds the PDA that was definitely not there before. Her brow furrows and she starts poking at buttons, eventually pulling up the network:


Echo one nine, is anyone there? I’m pretty sure I just mixed my military and trucker walkie etiquette, but seriously? Is anyone there?
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Good afternoon. I’m Matt Murdock. I know some of you, but many of you are strangers to me. I’ve lived in Itinere for over a year. I’ve got friends here and it’s become a place that I care about. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened last month with the hearts and the creatures. Before that, there were the monsters. I’m not sure if the city is less safe than it used to be or if this is just a phase. Either way, I think we should be prepared for the next thing and if last month taught me anything, it was that I’m not, that we aren’t.

A friend of mine, much wiser than her years, told me I needed to do something that scares me, so here I am, doing t hat. I’m different from most people. I’m blind, but my other senses are...super, for lack of a better word. Back home, in New York City, I’m known as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. I try to help people in my neighborhood when they need it. I’d like to help people here when they need it as well. The problem with that is that it’s become obvious I can’t do it alone.

That’s where you all come in. I’m not asking that everybody turn out into the streets when it’s dangerous and fight. That would only lead to more problems, but I am asking that if you can, if you’ve got some sort of power or some kind of experience with this sort of thing, I’m asking that you band together with me and help those that aren’t equipped to fight the creatures this city has.

I’ll gladly talk to any and all of you here via text or voice if you’re more comfortable that way, but I’ll be at STAR labs for the next several hours to talk to anyone in person that’s interested in joining me.


For anyone that’s comfortable meeting Matt, he can be found in the lobby of STAR labs. He’s not wearing his daredevil suit, but instead one of the suits he used to wear in court. He’s also wearing his sunglasses, but has left the cane at home as he’s got no need for it. It will be very obvious that he can ‘see’ in his own way as he looks up or turns to face whomever approaches the door. He’s nervous, and that might show as well. He’s become an expert at hiding nerves in court, but this hardly counts as court and it’s an entirely different sort of thing. Right now, he’s nervous about how he’ll be received with his ‘abilities’ and he’s nervous about leading a group of people. He’s never done that before. He’s never even worked in a group that consisted of more than two people. Of course, there’s the chance that no one will respond to his message and the defense ‘team’ will consist of he and Spider-man. He supposes that’s better than nothing.
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[ The boy who appears on the screen looks to be very far up in the air, right around he gathering of storm clouds, and on the move. Occasionally, a flash of gold metal can be seen in the video. He looks a little bit frazzled and a lot excited with a dash of terror. ]

Hey guys! I think it's time to saddle the wagons and circle the horses or whatever that saying is. There's monsters that seriously need to be made into monster mash! And I kind of miss the snow if this is the alternative.

[ There's a roar and a creak of metal before an entirely different sort of roar sounds. An arrow whizzes past Leo's face, just barely missing him. ]

Uh, this mostly for Percy & Annabeth (hi Annabeth!) but I'm multitasking a lot of things right now and maybe this can kind of be a warning that if you can't or won't fight, maybe you should stay inside! And don't worry, Percy, Festus and me, and maybe others, we've totally got this under control!

[ There's a crooked smile and another arrow whizzes through Leo's wayward curls just over his head before the feed cuts out to the sound of another roar. ]

Text to Sophie:
Uh... you safe? Because you need to stay safe and there's bad stuff going on outside.
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There's a new building just off the square in Itinere. Above the door, engraved into the white arch are the words Haven Police Department. Inside residents will find a beautifully restored police station with an open bull pen, benches, offices and meeting rooms. Upstairs there are a few jail cells. The door to the police station is unlocked and there's a blonde at the front desk. She's not wearing a uniform, but she clearly works there.

I inquired about the need for a police station a few weeks ago. There was enough interest in having one that I went ahead and wished (that will never not be weird) the police station I work at in Haven, Maine here. As of right now, we offer a variety of services, not all of them traditionally police like a security escort if you feel unsafe or just want to be safer. Of course, we'll also investigate any crime that's been committed. If you need help, give us a call. Think of us more like a security team than a police station, I guess. Anyway, I'm Audrey Parker and I guess I'm in charge here.

Those of you that I spoke to earlier about working with the police, come see me.

[ooc: if Audrey spoke to you on her other post about working for the police or with the police, consider your character hired. ]
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I’ve asked around a little and it doesn’t seem like there’s any particular authority here for businesses and the like. It also doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of crime here. Would anyone find a police station that specialized in ‘weird’ helpful here? We’d handle regular sorts of crimes as well, but also police escorts, security and that sort of thing.


After shooting her text out to the entire network, Audrey decides to do her own reconnaissance regarding a police station. She’s heard about the wish magic; she knows that’s how Duke got his boat here. She’s tested it on small things and now has her gun here along with a few other random things. If this place would find some use in a police station, she needs to know where she wants to place the police station; somewhere central to the city she thinks. With that in mind, she’s prowling the streets, gathering her own information about general crime in the city and scouting locations. Feel free to come interrupt her, ask what she’s doing or just give her your opinion on crime and a police station in Itinere.
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I got bored last night and made cupcakes. The Houndstooth is now serving dark chocolate cupcakes with peppermint cream frosting and hot chocolate cupcakes. If you don't like chocolate...what is wrong with you?

(ooc: action is totally a go)

Closed to Duke

Hey, Pirate Man, you up for an adventure?
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Around the time the sun is starting to set in the early to mid-evening on Saturday, 11/12 as promised, Lydia will (hopefully with the help of Allison and a couple of others) have set up a bonfire on the beach. She's brought several bags of marshmallows, boxes of graham crackers, bars of chocolate, and s'more skewers so that s'mores can totally be a thing. There's also plenty of blankets and towels spread around, because she wants to be sure everyone is comfortable. Jill has offered to bring the alcohol.

Lydia can be found making her way around, greeting and mingling with anyone who arrives and throughout the night. She'll be doing her best to appear approachable so that anyone who maybe hasn't ever been to a bonfire and has questions will feel comfortable approaching her to do that.

[ ooc: please feel free to respond directly to this with your own top comments to play out stuff in here or you can use this as a prompt to make your own logs elsewhere, totally up to you. If you'd like to play with Lydia, please consider this her top comment. Mods, let me know if I need to make any changes to this.]
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Laura Hale has felt pain before, of course she has. But nobody — nobody — should have to feel the kind of pain she just felt. Nobody should ever know what it feels like to be literally torn apart by someone you should've been able to trust. At least it's quick, she thinks. It's quick and then it starts to go numb; starts to go dark and she sees a door. What happened to the whole pearly gates thing, anyway?

She spares a sorrowful thought for her little brother, hopefully still safe across the country from Beacon Hills, and she woes that she can't apologize for going home without him or, now, for dying and leaving him alone to fend for himself. And then Laura opens the door, walks through to embrace the afterlife...and stops, blinking.

"Wh...okay, not what I was expecting Heaven to look like, but all right…" she mutters to herself with a facial shrug.

It takes her a second to realize that she can still hear her heart beating and that's...not...right...

Laura looks down at herself, runs her hands over her middle still in one piece and gasps. Not dead. How the hell is she not dead?! "I mean, I'm not complaining," she thinks aloud, but that...this shouldn't be possible. There's no way.

She turns to look back at the door warily and then looks around to quickly make sure no one is watching before closing her hands into a fist and flicking her fingers back out, well-manicured nails turned into claws.

, she scratches into the wood to warn off anyone who might come across it; to remind herself that death by Uncle Peter is waiting on the other side, just in case she starts getting stupid ideas about going back to try to fight it and get back to Derek. She lets her claws detract again as she looks back at her handiwork and hopes that's good enough for the moment.

Then, she pulls the PDA — well, that's new…— out of her pocket when she finally notices the foreign weight of it. Huh. Okay. Not dead and apparently, this place has been expecting her. Well...all right, Laura can deal with that.

Uh, okay...quick question: what's a girl gotta do to get a door boarded up around here?

Unrelated follow up: this is real, right?

Side note: hi. I'm Laura. I'm new and I love this place already, I just really need that one teensy weensy itty bitty thing and I'll be totally good to go.

( Well, that and it wouldn't suck if her little brother was around. Her heart hurts just thinking about what he's going to feel when he finds out she's gone. But you can't always get what you want, she guesses. Laura is happy to take what she can get, at this point. )