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Good afternoon. I’m Matt Murdock. I know some of you, but many of you are strangers to me. I’ve lived in Itinere for over a year. I’ve got friends here and it’s become a place that I care about. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened last month with the hearts and the creatures. Before that, there were the monsters. I’m not sure if the city is less safe than it used to be or if this is just a phase. Either way, I think we should be prepared for the next thing and if last month taught me anything, it was that I’m not, that we aren’t.

A friend of mine, much wiser than her years, told me I needed to do something that scares me, so here I am, doing t hat. I’m different from most people. I’m blind, but my other senses are...super, for lack of a better word. Back home, in New York City, I’m known as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. I try to help people in my neighborhood when they need it. I’d like to help people here when they need it as well. The problem with that is that it’s become obvious I can’t do it alone.

That’s where you all come in. I’m not asking that everybody turn out into the streets when it’s dangerous and fight. That would only lead to more problems, but I am asking that if you can, if you’ve got some sort of power or some kind of experience with this sort of thing, I’m asking that you band together with me and help those that aren’t equipped to fight the creatures this city has.

I’ll gladly talk to any and all of you here via text or voice if you’re more comfortable that way, but I’ll be at STAR labs for the next several hours to talk to anyone in person that’s interested in joining me.


For anyone that’s comfortable meeting Matt, he can be found in the lobby of STAR labs. He’s not wearing his daredevil suit, but instead one of the suits he used to wear in court. He’s also wearing his sunglasses, but has left the cane at home as he’s got no need for it. It will be very obvious that he can ‘see’ in his own way as he looks up or turns to face whomever approaches the door. He’s nervous, and that might show as well. He’s become an expert at hiding nerves in court, but this hardly counts as court and it’s an entirely different sort of thing. Right now, he’s nervous about how he’ll be received with his ‘abilities’ and he’s nervous about leading a group of people. He’s never done that before. He’s never even worked in a group that consisted of more than two people. Of course, there’s the chance that no one will respond to his message and the defense ‘team’ will consist of he and Spider-man. He supposes that’s better than nothing.
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action feb 1-5
[ hawke spends most of her time in the first few days of the invasion trying to assess the threat and helping out anyone she can. none of it looks good to her. these things don't look like demons that she knows of from thedas, but they sure do act like it. tearing out hearts is more than bad. attacking people at all would be enough for hawke. everything else is just the icing they didn't need.

so she takes to the streets, getting people out of the way if she can and saving whatever lives are possible to save, all while killing as many of the demons as she can. ]

feb 5th, mostly for reactions if anyone wants to
[ she and her dog cailan are at it again, but this time hawke finds a group that are harder to deal with than others. they seem intent on tag-teaming her, distracting her dog and then trying to swoop in for her. cailan's jaws snap at anything within reach, the wardog having been bred for exactly this. unfortunately for hawke, she gets separated from him about halfway through the day. one of the demons swoops at her from above, while another turns her around. it's enough that the fireball she was conjuring goes off-course, hitting too close to her for her to dodge properly. she throws up her hands to avoid the knockback and the searing heat from the resulting fire, which gives a third demon enough of an opportunity to dive in.

it thrusts its clawed hand or whatever it is deep into her chest. hawke gasps, both in shock and pain, and before she can think to heal herself, the thing rips its hand back out, taking her heart with it. as cailan's barks turn to whines and howls of utter distress, hawke's lifeless body falls to the ground. satisfied with their sacrifice, the beats leave, one flying off straight for jill. cailan hesitates for one second before he follows that one, clearly wanting to find out where it's taking that all-important piece of his mistress. ]

network feb 7th
[ hawke doesn't revive until the 7th when she contacts jill first. after that, she addresses the network as a whole. ] Well, that was unexpected. I guess these things are heartbreakers. [ ha ha ha, hawke. ]

What have I missed? And is everyone else safe? Who needs rescuing?