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It's been a strange few weeks. Living in Itinere, that isn't something entirely new. And although it's been strange (strange really being an understatement), she'd still much rather have had her boyfriend stuck in a strange body swap rather than have him die again. So long as she clung to that thought, so long as she could look into the eyes of Laura's body and see Matt staring back at her, she'd survive. She's not alone, either.
For the first time in a long time, she's making friends. And Prim is still here. Maybe it's Katniss trying to convince herself that everything will be okay, but she'd like to think her sister is doing a little bit better every day. She can survive a lot. Even more so when she isn't alone.

Most of the strangeness in Itinere lately has to do with a number of people having switched bodies. But it's been more than that for Katniss. More than just the strangeness of turning another year older. May 8 comes and goes, a day that brings her twentieth birthday. For Katniss, being alive and being around people she loves is enough of a celebration. Turning twenty should be a good day. A simple day. It isn't. She isn't. There's something wrong with her and no matter how much Katniss tries to ignore it, it becomes harder and harder to as May 10 approaches.

Katniss can't pinpoint when exactly it starts. Sometime while Matt is still trapped in Laura's body? That's the closest she can get. It starts with strange things with her senses. Her hearing becomes better than she ever remembers it being. In the middle of the woods, she can hear a rabbit rustle leaves from far away. She breaks a bow another day while hunting. Scents sometimes seem sharper. And maybe she's imagining it, but it seems that her scars are fading rapidly from her patchwork skin. Regardless, she continues to go about her daily life best she can. She hunts. She spends time in the Houndstooth. She explores some of the newer stores in Itinere. But the closer it gets to the full moon, the worse everything seem to get.

Finding out the truth does little to make the situation better. She's a mutt now. No, not a mutt. She has to tell herself that multiple times a day. Laura still acts human in every way that counts. That means she can do the same. She can still be Katniss, just a different Katniss. One that's not quite human anymore. It's terrifying though. More terrifying than any of the horrors she had to face in the arena. The easiest way to deal with this is to withdraw and spend as little time possible around the people she cares for. At least that is something she's good at.

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For the most part, Katniss spends February inside. It isn't something she's fond of but she remembers the last time there had been creatures in Itinere. Matt had to rescue her from lizard mutts because all she could focus on had been Finnick's death and not the prevention of her own. Though the chances of that happening again are slim (these are different creatures and not the lizard mutts, not the things that still haunt her nightmares every now and then), there are chance she doesn't want to take. Everyone seems to be following trend for the most part, and only going out when needed. She's done her best to do the same.

Eventually though, restlessness gets the better of her and she decides to slip out early one morning. She opens the door to her apartment, she stops dead in her tracks. There's a heart on the doorstep and from the looks of it, not one belonging to a deer or any similar sized creature. She doesn't hesitate to pick it up. That's when the memories hit.

She can't see in the memories, not in the conventional manner that she's used to, but regardless she sees herself. In the memories, she's singing and dancing in a rainstorm - high from the glow of that golden orb. There's amusement and joy stemming from the memory similar to how she remembers that night. But it's more than that. Even though Katniss refuses to admit it, she had been in love with Matt by that point. She doesn't expect to experience his side of things: the realization in that moment that she could be someone he's falling for, too.

It's jarring and the heart nearly slips out of her hands. Her own heart pounds in her chest and she races to Matt's apartment. Katniss doesn't hesitate to use her key; that awkward encounter with Foggy is the last thing on her mind right now. As she opens the door, she shouts into the apartment, "Matt! Matt! Answer me!"

But if there's an answer, it's not from the man she's looking for. Katniss looks down at the heart in her hand and she feels a kind of pain she hasn't felt since Prim disappeared from Itinere. It might as well be her own blood coating her hand given how much she hurts. This has to be some kind of sick joke. It has to be. Somehow, she stays rational enough to pull out her phone and type in a quick text:

Text to Everyone:

When is the last time you spoke with Matt Murdock?

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She's had her own key to Matt's apartment for a while now and she still feels a sort of thrill whenever she uses it. There's a level of trust that comes with giving someone access to where you live. That Matt's willing to trust her that much means the world to someone who still considers herself unlikable at times. It feels good; a reminder that her boyfriend thinks so highly of her. That he cares for her enough that he wants her to feel as comfortable in his apartment as she is in the one that she shares with Prim.

It's taken a while but Katniss has finally gotten to the point where she doesn't always ask before going to his apartment. She doesn't even knock. Surprising him every now and then has become a fun kind of game that she has yet to get tired of. A much better game than the ones she played back in Panem.

This morning is one of those days where she's feeling impish enough to want to surprise Matt. Although she hadn't necessarily gotten the name of the man on the network (someday, Katniss will learn how to make proper introductions), the fact that he's a lawyer is exciting news. She wants Matt to be happy here and Katniss has finally started to realize that friends tend to play a big role in settling in. A shared career is a place to start, isn't it? If Matt hadn't seen the network post himself, she wants to be the first to tell him about it. Along with breakfast: a rich bread, jam, and some of her sister's homemade goat cheese. And, of course, coffee for him. Katniss still prefers tea.

She doesn't knock. Instead she slips her key into the slot and walks inside. She glances at the couch, knowing Matt tends to sleep there when she doesn't stay the night. It's empty but the sound of a shower going in the bathroom seems to explain it. She deposits the food and drink on the coffee table and quietly makes her way towards the bedroom. A part of this game of hers is to try and sneak up on him, even if it seems like a futile goal. Katniss is good at being quiet but his senses are even better at detecting her. Catching him while he's in the shower seems like an opportunity to finally succeed.
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Jill was at work when the first monsters started flooding the town yesterday. Lucy is with her, of course. They're never too far away from one another at any given time. The monsters seem to be entering Itinere in a never-ending trickle of terrible, with nothing on their minds but destruction and blood shed. In the basement, she found some ply wood boards Marley has had on hand for bad storms that might sweep through at home. With some of the patrons' help, she's boarded up the windows of The Houndstooth and locked the doors.

Safely inside, Jill offers up drinks and food to those who are holing up inside with her. She's not a fighter. She wouldn't know the first thing about working a gun or wielding a sword... which is probably something that she should eventually change. For now though, she can help keep people cared for in this way, she can offer up a safe harbor during the deluge of... whatever this is.

* * *

[ She flips on the communication of the device and her face appears on everyone's screens. ]

Hey. Some of you may know me. Some may not. I'm Jill. I own The Houndstooth in the center of town on main street. The windows are boarded up and the doors locked. But if anyone needs a safe space to stay while things are crazy out there, or just wants to wait out whatever this is with other people, the doors are open for you. We'll let you in.

[ There's a pounding at the door and Jill momentarily looks away as someone says it's a citizen and Jill tells them to let them in. She looks back at the screen. ] Otherwise, stay safe out there, okay? Okay.

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[At first she thought that Prim had just gotten an early start on the day. Katniss knows how much Prim loves her work at the apothecary. She could just be eager to get the day started. Then again, few start their day earlier than Katniss does. But it's easier to think than the alternative.

Later in the day, when Katniss returns from her morning hunt and hike in the forest, she stops by the apothecary. Prim's not there. The lights are off and the closed sign still hangs in the window. That's when she feels the first spike of panic. Worry that something might have happened to her sister. Something like the bombs that cost her her life in Panem. Worry that she might never see Prim again.

That fear becomes extremely tangible when she goes home. Prim's not there either. Trying to call her sister's phone only results in a dial tone and no ring tone within their apartment. She goes back to the apothecary, this time to see if Prim might have left the phone there. But the odds aren't in her favor today. The odds aren't in her favor at all.

Because her door isn't there either, as Katniss finds out shortly after checking the apothecary again. She has to check to see if Prim's there. If she can go home. But there's nothing. No Prim, no door. Nothing in Itinere to hold on to. She finally collapses with her back to a tree and pulls out her phone again. Her face is streaked with tears, desperation clear in her eyes.]

Prim. [The name is gasped out as she blinks back more tears.] I can't find Prim. My sister. She's not here. Not at home. Or the apothecary. I... I tried calling and she's not responding. I can't find her. I can't find her anywhere.

Please. Please if you've seen her at all, please tell me. She's fourteen, small for her size. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Pretty.

I can't- I can't lose her again.

[She doesn't hang up. She stares at the phone, trying to hold back tears and trying not to break down. Or scream. Threaten whoever's in charge here to bring her sister back.]


Mar. 27th, 2016 02:08 pm
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It's been over a year now since Katniss first made her way into Itinere and found her sister alive and well. The door to return home has been here all this time, a haunting reminder of the life that she probably should be living back in Panem. But it's better this way. It's better that she's here in Itinere, with her sister, away from anyone still living that she might be able to hurt. Peeta's the only person left there that she really cares about (though she does miss Gale every now and then), and ultimately, he's better off without her. They're all better off without her. Safer. So much safer.

Now that life in Itinere has returned to normal (or whatever passes for normal here), Katniss has returned to spending a good portion of her day outside. Prim had survived the near end of the world. So had she. Their apartment is back. The forest is back. And though it had taken a little while longer, she trusts her sister not to get herself killed in this strange world. Trusts her enough that she doesn't try to spend every waking hour by her side.

So instead she returns to her old habits. Katniss wakes up bright and early every morning to slip into the forest and hunt. She never goes anywhere without her bow or quiver. Her hunts are always successful but that's no longer the point of these forays. Since the Hunger Games, since food has been relatively plentiful, the hunts are her way of coping. Of trying to make it through a day knowing everything she's done in the past couple of years. To maybe even learn how to be okay with the life that she leads.

When not in the forest, Katniss can be found exploring the town itself - or at the edge of the ocean. The water still amazes her, even a year later. Though she carries her PDA with her, she generally ignores it. The conversations people tend to have on it are of no concern to her. But she keeps it just in case Prim ever needs her. Because that's all that really matters in the end: keeping Prim alive.
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Matt doesn't get on the network immediately. In fact, he's a little surprised to find that his PDA seems to have excellent voice control capabilities. He's also surprised to find an apartment that's laid out very much like his at home. As he explores the city, sunglasses on and cane in hand, there's a lot about this place that surprises him.

It's not until the third day, and plenty of exploring, that he finally gets on the network. He's sitting in a coffee shop, coffee at hand when he brings up the video screen and network capabilities. He probably looks pretty puzzled on the screen (because he is) but he also tries to look friendly enough. He's talked to a few people in the last few days, but not the city at large.

"Matthew Murdock," he tells the video screen, "and I guess you could say I'm new here. I've gathered a few things about this city, like the door I came in through doesn't go both ways and there are some very strange coincidences going on." He'll be happy to share some of those coincidences should anyone ask, but they mostly consist of his apartment right now.

"In any case, any information about this place will be very welcome."

That said, he turns the video function off, pockets the PDA and picks up his coffee. He's going to continue exploring and can be found just about anywhere in the city. Occasionally he'll stop, cock his head to one side and appear to be listening to something, but then he'll continue on, cane tapping ahead of him.
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Allison has been here for a few days, and she still isn't sure how she wound up here when the last thing she was doing at home was walking through a gate after declaring she was going to save her best friend. Walking through that and into here had, quite literally, saved her life -- but it's not like she knows that. Not yet, anyway. She'd tried to get back, but the door on this side wouldn't budge no matter what she tried ... awesome. Yeah, she's kinda mad about that one.

Today, however, finds Allison starting off for breakfast at a coffee shop because she feels like treating herself to an oversized chocolate chip muffin and iced green tea; she's sitting at a table outdoors, because why not? And yes, yes that is a quiver full of arrows and a bow propped up against the chair she's sitting on. She's planning on getting in some practice after breakfast.

When she finishes her breakfast, she gathers up her bow and quiver, throws away the paper wrapper from her muffin and plastic cup that her tea had been in, and goes to the park. Sticking a paper target (she'd had it tucked into her quiver too) to a tree in a place where there aren't too many people around -- because, while she knows what she's doing and is good at it, accidents can happen, so she's just trying to minimize that risk as much as possible -- she stands a distance away and starts shooting. If anyone finds her here, they might want to wait until she's not about to shoot an arrow before making their presence known, waiting until after she's shot it - though, if they're not approaching her from behind so she can see them coming, she'll lower her weapon.

After the paper target is all done for, she's going to pack up and move on to something lighter, like exploring more of the city. There's a good chance that she'll pop in at least quickly if whatever buildings she passes are clearly not private. Basically, run into her anywhere -- on her way in and out of places, even.

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May. 3rd, 2015 09:35 pm
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She wouldn't say that she had gotten used to the roses exactly but she had eventually learned to ignore them after the initial shock had passed. But she had been visibly relieved the morning she had woken up to find all of the roses gone. It had been at that point in which she had started feeling a little more comfortable in in Itinere. She's still been hesitant to see if she can go back and forth between the city and District 12. The chance of not being able to come back here and not seeing Prim again is too much.

But she misses her forest. She misses Peeta and Haymitch. She even misses her telephone chats (or lack there of) with Dr. Aurelius. Right now, though, she doesn't have much of a choice. With the doors locked, she's stuck here. It's not so bad. At least, it hadn't been until she started getting sick.

It started with a headache, which wasn't so bad. At least, when the pain in her head resided, she could go for long walks. Usually, she covers any accessible parts of Itinere during those walks. It's not the same as hunting but it does seem to distract her. Especially when she follows it up with time spent in the gym at the archery range. But as the headaches have gotten worse, she's had to cut her treks down by hours.

The headache has since given way to a bad cold. She still attempts her morning routine, walking aimlessly with her bow. But after a while, she stops by a nearby fountain to sit. She hasn't felt this tired since she first returned to District 12 after her trial.

She's even too tired to bother scowling at anyone who might join her. Company, for once, might actually be a welcome distraction.
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No more snow means the city of Itinere has come to life. It's kind of a relief after the perpetual snow that never went away, that never changed or melted or looked anything but perfect. After awhile, perfection became a worrisome thing. He was glad it was Springtime, or that it seemed to be Springtime. It just added more life to everyone and everything. Itinere had needed this.

Derek, in one of the better moods that he's been in in awhile, has gathered a bunch of roses to take to all the employees of the rec center he owns and runs. He walks around the building passing them out to each and every employee with a little added flirtation and a charming smile that he's all too adept in giving. His friends used to say how unfair his smile was in that it was almost too charming. He would counter with the fact that he got it from his mom, nothing to be done about that.

He even keeps one of the roses for himself before he gets to his work for the day. He takes it to his office area and lays it on his desk before checking the schedule of classes for the day on his laptop. Quickly, he changes into some sweatpants and a tank top and then goes out into the main area to see if anyone needs any help with their work outs or classes or in setting anything up.

Yep. This is bound to be a good day.

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