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The last thing Percy Jackson was doing all February long was waiting around for the monsters to hurt innocent people or his friends. The few hours he slept each night were with his back to the door in case of emergencies but the rest of the time he was spent outside fighting those things or going from one place to another to check on how defences were holding up.

In the beginning, he seems energetic and confident in his ability to handle the beasts by slashing at them with his trusty sword Riptide, each as they cross his path. It's really not without the help of others that he does more than fend them, though. Any group or person banding together to fight these things is where he makes it his priority to go. He as much of a leader as he is a soldier, so either role is one he can play.

Though he makes every effort to help anyone he sees in need. Attracting the attention on to himself with comments like "HEY, FIGHT SOMEONE ON YOUR OWN LEVEL!" or "OVER HERE YOU CUPID REJECT!" when he spies someone in major trouble. He can't say it doesn't scare him when it works and their attention turns to him, but he does have experience to deal with it. It's more practical to run in these cases, which is why first chance he has to shout for the person to run and slip away himself, he does it.

If all goes well that is...

On and after the fourteenth though, his mood plummets after finding the heart of his girlfriend at his door. Her emotion and her memories are shared with him by whatever strange magic causing him to experience them. And for as nice as it is to see and feel her love for him, it's short lived when the realization she was dead starts to sink in. Percy's emotions fluctuate and stir angry like the sea creates tsunamis. He blames the winged beasts and recklessly goes after them.

Hacking and slashing and using his ability to create waves to knock them out of the sky if he has to, all the while recklessly ignoring his own safety. He is intent on killing them all in his grief.

(He doesn't know it yet, but she'll revive near the end of the month and he'll feel whole again.)
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action feb 1-5
[ hawke spends most of her time in the first few days of the invasion trying to assess the threat and helping out anyone she can. none of it looks good to her. these things don't look like demons that she knows of from thedas, but they sure do act like it. tearing out hearts is more than bad. attacking people at all would be enough for hawke. everything else is just the icing they didn't need.

so she takes to the streets, getting people out of the way if she can and saving whatever lives are possible to save, all while killing as many of the demons as she can. ]

feb 5th, mostly for reactions if anyone wants to
[ she and her dog cailan are at it again, but this time hawke finds a group that are harder to deal with than others. they seem intent on tag-teaming her, distracting her dog and then trying to swoop in for her. cailan's jaws snap at anything within reach, the wardog having been bred for exactly this. unfortunately for hawke, she gets separated from him about halfway through the day. one of the demons swoops at her from above, while another turns her around. it's enough that the fireball she was conjuring goes off-course, hitting too close to her for her to dodge properly. she throws up her hands to avoid the knockback and the searing heat from the resulting fire, which gives a third demon enough of an opportunity to dive in.

it thrusts its clawed hand or whatever it is deep into her chest. hawke gasps, both in shock and pain, and before she can think to heal herself, the thing rips its hand back out, taking her heart with it. as cailan's barks turn to whines and howls of utter distress, hawke's lifeless body falls to the ground. satisfied with their sacrifice, the beats leave, one flying off straight for jill. cailan hesitates for one second before he follows that one, clearly wanting to find out where it's taking that all-important piece of his mistress. ]

network feb 7th
[ hawke doesn't revive until the 7th when she contacts jill first. after that, she addresses the network as a whole. ] Well, that was unexpected. I guess these things are heartbreakers. [ ha ha ha, hawke. ]

What have I missed? And is everyone else safe? Who needs rescuing?
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I know you don't know me and I don't know you, but you need to trust me on this...don't go out tomorrow. Please. You wanna hit the streets again Monday, that's your thing, but please don't go out tomorrow.
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The thunder cracks high above and Jill is hurrying down the street to board up the windows of the Houndstooth again. She's been in Itinere long enough to know that something isn't right. This place seems to go through cycles of peace and perfection and experiments that range from ridiculous to horrific. With Lucy safe at their apartment, Jill is going to take care of the Houndstooth.

When she sees the first monster she becomes the most cliche monster movie chickadee in the world and screams and runs in the other direction. She slips into an alleyway between to buildings and waits it out for a bit before continuing on to the Houndstooth with her heart beating a mile a minute.

She'll be at The Houndstooth boarding up windows for the better part of the day before heading back to her apartment and Lucy. She has to run and hide a few times from several winged beasts on her way.

Text to Lucy:
I'm on my way back. Don't go outside.

Text to Cam:
Hey you. It's a mess outside so maybe stay in? It's storming and there's... things. Monster type things.

The City has been flooded with these violent creatures for a week now and it doesn't look like there's an end in sight. Jill and Lucy have been holed up in the apartment building for that week so at least they're safe enough. She's sent texts to her friends, making sure they're safe and even broadcasted that the Houndstooth is closed for the foreseeable future and please everyone be safe.

There's one day though, a day when she steps out onto the balcony of their shared apartment that Jill finds a heart, a fresh, still beating heart. "What in the world?" She whispers to herself as she leans in closer to look at it.

Flashes of memories hit her, Hawke and Isabella. She can see them, the love affair between them, the push and pull, and she smiles for a moment because she's getting this glimpse into her friend's life, a part of her life that Hawke has spoken about frequently.

As the visions end though, when Jill is left with just the live heart, the implications make her stomach roil. She grabs her phone and sends out a text.

Text to Hawke:
Okay, I really need to know if you're okay. I just saw some stuff and there's a heart and... just let me know you're okay. Okay? Okay.

ooc: please assume she sent a text to Hawke on the first day with Lucy and Cam. I just figured it would be easier to play things out this way. She can get the text when she gets back from being dead. (poor Hawke) Jill saw : this & this.
Also, anyone is free to swoop in and save Jill on day one, or not. She'll run and hide and get home fine. Just wanted to give the heroes something to play with.


Jan. 18th, 2017 07:03 pm
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[Someone's getting a bit restless. It's not that Blue hasn't enjoyed the snow; quite the contrary. She's never seen so much snow in one place, let alone snow that seems to stay so pristine. There's something about all the snow that makes it seem less cold outside. More than that, she's caught herself having the kind of childhood fun she hasn't had in a long time: building snowmen with her raven boys, going for sleigh rides, even trying to ice skate. But the snow lasted most of December. It's now the middle of January and it still hasn't gone away.

It isn't easy to trudge from place to place in the snow. Blue loves Monmouth Manufacturing but there's only so much time she can spend inside any one place. And now that Noah's gone, Monmouth seems larger than ever with only her and Gansey residing inside.

So she goes on the network. Blue is usually a very sensible thing and occasionally, that sensibility crosses over with practical. She's never seen the point in chatting with strangers on internet discussion boards, let alone revealing anything about herself. Back then, she also didn't know the actual value of having friends to talk to. Besides, she's bored and Blue's used to a much more crowded house of people. And even sensible people give in to their restless nature now and then.

She smiles in greeting before she begins to talk, her Henrietta drawl prominent as she does:]

For as long as I can remember, I was told that if I ever kissed my true love, he would die. Maybe it's the winter's snow getting to me but I thought this could be a good ice breaker. [No pun intended.] What's the strangest thing you've ever been told?

My name's Blue and I don't know if I've ever properly introduced myself here.
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The morning dawns early for Hawke. It might also for certain people in Itinere as the communication device gets knocked over. And then turned on by a very inquisitive and large dog nose. The dog licks the screen, clearly pleased with himself for figuring out how to turn the thing on, and then glances up at the bed. Clearly there's someone in it, though it's hard to tell who from this angle.

The dog quietly steps forward and then--


Hawke yelps as the mastiff-looking dog licks her like crazy. "Cailan, stop. You know you're not allowed on the--"

The sound of her mabari's name stops her cold. Finally managing to shove him off of her, she sits upright. The dog, happy now that his mistress is awake, leaps off the bed, barking and dancing around the room. He has clearly been pent up too much. But Hawke isn't focused on that. She's focused on the fact that her mabari is somehow... here.

"Cailan!" she finally calls, sliding out of bed so she can throw her arms around him. The dog finally stills long enough for that before wriggling out of her arms and flopping over to roll onto his back with his feet comically pawing the air. Hawke can't help but laugh. At least until one of his paws shoots the communicator at her.

"You came back and you let the entire world know? What a drama-monger you are. Someone might start thinking you're Orlesian."

The dog immediately stops rolling, ears back, and growls.

"Not me, of course. But someone might."

To which the dog whines in a "but whyyyy" tone. Hawke laughs and turns the device off.

Later on, Hawke can be found playing in the snow with her mabari, looking actually happy for once. Likely happier than most people have seen her. They do a bit of hunting at some point, too, which is mostly just Hawke telling the dog to go fetch something yummy and waiting to see what happens. But they can be found around the city as Hawke introduces her fierce war hound to Itinere.
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Even when the snow hits Itinere overnight, Jill still goes to work and opens The Houndstooth every day. It's right down the street from the apartment she and Lucy share so the commute isn't that rough. Also, she still has the same snow boots she'd wished into existence last year when the snow appeared overnight. So The Houndstooth is open, all manner of sports broadcasting on all the televisions and the food warm and hot.

Jill can usually be found behind the bar serving drinks or busing tables when and employee doesn't make it in or taking food and drinks to tables for the same reason. Occasionally though, she's behind the piano playing a song or two, usually jazzy renditions of rock or pop songs, sometimes she goes into her favorites, songs from the classic era of jazz, originally sung by the likes of Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole. Whether behind the bar or sitting at the baby grand, she's definitely in her element.

Also, she might have dipped into a candy cane or two and found herself in a great mood, which is definitely not par for the course for Jill.


Lucy. There are sleigh rides. Actual, legit sleigh rides pulled by horses and everything. This needs to be a thing.


What say you and me go shopping and find you some new clothes?


So. You. Me. Same time, same place? Maybe? What do you say?
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Around the time the sun is starting to set in the early to mid-evening on Saturday, 11/12 as promised, Lydia will (hopefully with the help of Allison and a couple of others) have set up a bonfire on the beach. She's brought several bags of marshmallows, boxes of graham crackers, bars of chocolate, and s'more skewers so that s'mores can totally be a thing. There's also plenty of blankets and towels spread around, because she wants to be sure everyone is comfortable. Jill has offered to bring the alcohol.

Lydia can be found making her way around, greeting and mingling with anyone who arrives and throughout the night. She'll be doing her best to appear approachable so that anyone who maybe hasn't ever been to a bonfire and has questions will feel comfortable approaching her to do that.

[ ooc: please feel free to respond directly to this with your own top comments to play out stuff in here or you can use this as a prompt to make your own logs elsewhere, totally up to you. If you'd like to play with Lydia, please consider this her top comment. Mods, let me know if I need to make any changes to this.]
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Laura Hale has felt pain before, of course she has. But nobody — nobody — should have to feel the kind of pain she just felt. Nobody should ever know what it feels like to be literally torn apart by someone you should've been able to trust. At least it's quick, she thinks. It's quick and then it starts to go numb; starts to go dark and she sees a door. What happened to the whole pearly gates thing, anyway?

She spares a sorrowful thought for her little brother, hopefully still safe across the country from Beacon Hills, and she woes that she can't apologize for going home without him or, now, for dying and leaving him alone to fend for himself. And then Laura opens the door, walks through to embrace the afterlife...and stops, blinking.

"Wh...okay, not what I was expecting Heaven to look like, but all right…" she mutters to herself with a facial shrug.

It takes her a second to realize that she can still hear her heart beating and that's...not...right...

Laura looks down at herself, runs her hands over her middle still in one piece and gasps. Not dead. How the hell is she not dead?! "I mean, I'm not complaining," she thinks aloud, but that...this shouldn't be possible. There's no way.

She turns to look back at the door warily and then looks around to quickly make sure no one is watching before closing her hands into a fist and flicking her fingers back out, well-manicured nails turned into claws.

, she scratches into the wood to warn off anyone who might come across it; to remind herself that death by Uncle Peter is waiting on the other side, just in case she starts getting stupid ideas about going back to try to fight it and get back to Derek. She lets her claws detract again as she looks back at her handiwork and hopes that's good enough for the moment.

Then, she pulls the PDA — well, that's new…— out of her pocket when she finally notices the foreign weight of it. Huh. Okay. Not dead and apparently, this place has been expecting her. Well...all right, Laura can deal with that.

Uh, okay...quick question: what's a girl gotta do to get a door boarded up around here?

Unrelated follow up: this is real, right?

Side note: hi. I'm Laura. I'm new and I love this place already, I just really need that one teensy weensy itty bitty thing and I'll be totally good to go.

( Well, that and it wouldn't suck if her little brother was around. Her heart hurts just thinking about what he's going to feel when he finds out she's gone. But you can't always get what you want, she guesses. Laura is happy to take what she can get, at this point. )
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[ when the first few demons started popping through the walls, hawke thought it was just another tuesday. a very dull and irritating tuesday, but tuesday nonetheless. demons are slightly more threatening. when she finds a revenant and an arcane horror, she's sure that will be the end of it.

that's before she finds the nightmare demon.

before the first darkspawn.

worry for the general population has her fighting the weird device to get a warning out while she can. as usual, though, she sounds just as dryly sarcastic and witty as ever. ]

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but we seem to have been overrun.

[ she turns the camera, successfully this time, to see the actual things around her. corpses, most of them on the ground from where hawke downed them earlier. when she stops the camera pan, the view settles on the darkspawn ogre fighting a nightmare demon. ]

The giant one on the left with the big horns is a darkspawn. An ogre, specifically. It's lovely on its own, but do try not to get its blood on you or in you or anything like that. Don't let it draw blood, either. Believe me, you don't want to know why.

[ not that she won't tell anyone who asks. this wouldn't be something she would need to explain in thedas, but she's learning that this is not thedas. that had been a good thing up until five minutes ago. ]

The other may or may not look like a giant spider. It's a nightmare demon and it manifests as whatever it thinks will frighten you the most. For most of my group back home, that meant spiders. Because it's always spiders.

Whatever it looks like, both of these can be killed, either by magic or conventional weapons like hitting it with a large stick. If you can't fight, find someone who can. Like me. I'd be happy to make sure none of us catches the Taint--

[ right about then is when the nightmare demon gets bored and wanders off. the ogre seems to have finally noticed hawke, as it turns towards her and lowers itself. she knows what this means. ]

Oh, sure, come interrupt me. I've always loved--

[ it charges. she dodges. the device gets dropped. ]

Anyone nearby who can give a girl a hand?

[ but that's about all anyone will get until the ogre is dead and hawke can pick up her device again to reply. it might be a while.

either way, she'll be wandering the streets afterwards trying to assess the damage and help people get to safety. because that's what she does. she might be a reluctant hero but she is a hero. ]

(( ooc: anything from this list is fair game all month! and feel free to poke me if you have any questions :) hawke is available for action or network. ))
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Jill was at work when the first monsters started flooding the town yesterday. Lucy is with her, of course. They're never too far away from one another at any given time. The monsters seem to be entering Itinere in a never-ending trickle of terrible, with nothing on their minds but destruction and blood shed. In the basement, she found some ply wood boards Marley has had on hand for bad storms that might sweep through at home. With some of the patrons' help, she's boarded up the windows of The Houndstooth and locked the doors.

Safely inside, Jill offers up drinks and food to those who are holing up inside with her. She's not a fighter. She wouldn't know the first thing about working a gun or wielding a sword... which is probably something that she should eventually change. For now though, she can help keep people cared for in this way, she can offer up a safe harbor during the deluge of... whatever this is.

* * *

[ She flips on the communication of the device and her face appears on everyone's screens. ]

Hey. Some of you may know me. Some may not. I'm Jill. I own The Houndstooth in the center of town on main street. The windows are boarded up and the doors locked. But if anyone needs a safe space to stay while things are crazy out there, or just wants to wait out whatever this is with other people, the doors are open for you. We'll let you in.

[ There's a pounding at the door and Jill momentarily looks away as someone says it's a citizen and Jill tells them to let them in. She looks back at the screen. ] Otherwise, stay safe out there, okay? Okay.

ooc: Use this as a mingle for all things The Houndstooth through the entire month until things clear up. Whether it's a stop off or the need for medical treatment or just waiting things out until all is calm again. Open or closed threads welcome for anything and everything.
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Hawke has spent the last week debating between a desire to troll the population and an intense distrust of the little device everyone's been using. It just doesn't seem like a good idea in her experience. Just because nothing has happened doesn't mean nothing will. That is the law of Thedas.

Still, she's not doing well on her own, so after a while, she decides to try activating the thing just to see if she can find out what it really does. If it blows up in her face, at least she's expecting that. It's not very graceful when she finally does figure out the thing in her hand, but there she is in the barn with a few stalls and the heads of three particular mounts behind her, a frown of concentration on her face.

"--not entirely convinced this isn't a magical artifact. Possibly elven. Where's Merrill when you need her?"

She tilts the device upside down so now she's not exactly visible anymore. Well, her legs and boots are visible, but that's about it. Someone might want to help her out. Regardless, she keeps talking, like she expects someone to hear. Somehow.

"So what do I owe the pleasure of all the recent chaos? Not that there's anything wrong with how happy everyone is lately, but I haven't seen a group of people this excited since red came into fashion in Orlais. Shame about the Winter Palace. Its floors might never be the same again."

Who just hints at the Inquisition's uniforms that night and all the slave deaths plus the Orlesian Civil War in one go? Hawke did. Too bad no one will really pick up on it.

"And if anyone can tell me who these delightful mounts belong to, that would be refreshing. Must be someone strong to deal with these teeth and antlers."

Eventually, the feed times out, but Hawke can be found and seen walking around the barn, talking to the mounts she clearly knows are from Thedas.