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The last thing Percy Jackson was doing all February long was waiting around for the monsters to hurt innocent people or his friends. The few hours he slept each night were with his back to the door in case of emergencies but the rest of the time he was spent outside fighting those things or going from one place to another to check on how defences were holding up.

In the beginning, he seems energetic and confident in his ability to handle the beasts by slashing at them with his trusty sword Riptide, each as they cross his path. It's really not without the help of others that he does more than fend them, though. Any group or person banding together to fight these things is where he makes it his priority to go. He as much of a leader as he is a soldier, so either role is one he can play.

Though he makes every effort to help anyone he sees in need. Attracting the attention on to himself with comments like "HEY, FIGHT SOMEONE ON YOUR OWN LEVEL!" or "OVER HERE YOU CUPID REJECT!" when he spies someone in major trouble. He can't say it doesn't scare him when it works and their attention turns to him, but he does have experience to deal with it. It's more practical to run in these cases, which is why first chance he has to shout for the person to run and slip away himself, he does it.

If all goes well that is...

On and after the fourteenth though, his mood plummets after finding the heart of his girlfriend at his door. Her emotion and her memories are shared with him by whatever strange magic causing him to experience them. And for as nice as it is to see and feel her love for him, it's short lived when the realization she was dead starts to sink in. Percy's emotions fluctuate and stir angry like the sea creates tsunamis. He blames the winged beasts and recklessly goes after them.

Hacking and slashing and using his ability to create waves to knock them out of the sky if he has to, all the while recklessly ignoring his own safety. He is intent on killing them all in his grief.

(He doesn't know it yet, but she'll revive near the end of the month and he'll feel whole again.)
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He pushes open the door to his office at Haven P.D. using the toe of his foot, hands otherwise occupied by two to-go cups from Black House Coffee. Only one of the cups has the normal cardboard sleeve around it, a small show of gallantry for the morning. Nathan might not be able to feel the heat of the boiling hot beverage but Audrey can. Considering one of the coffees is intended for his partner, it's the least he can do.

"Parker," he shouts as he crosses the threshold, momentarily unaware that the threshold he's crossing isn't that into the shared office but into another world. "I brought back-"

Nathan stops short as the bright light causes him to squint. A quick survey of the area makes it obvious that he's not in HPD. Hell, he's not even in Maine anymore. Nathan glances behind him. Where he remembers walking through a door is nothing but the continuation of the road he's standing on. Somewhere in the distance, he hears the screech of a strange creature. That's when Nathan looks down to see a bloody heart in front of his feet.

Unperturbed (he is a trained detective after all), he kneels and places the coffee to the side. Digging into his jacket pocket, he pulls out a rubber glove and uses it to pick it up. Strange things happen all the time in Haven. They've encountered Troubles with stray organs before. Usually there's a body beside it though. Nathan carefully picks it up and gets bombarded by a couple of memories. It takes him a second to realize that these aren't his memories. He's dead in the scenes that play. These belong to Audrey.

"Parker!" he barks out louder as reality slips back in and he's standing in the middle of the strange beach town. Yeah, he's aware that she's no where around. It doesn't stop her from repeating: "Audrey!"

Still careful with the heart, he yanks out his cell. It's not his normal phone and he frowns when he reads the welcome message across the screen. Itinere? What the hell is going on? Quickly he punches in Audrey's number and frowns when no one picks up. After a second or two, he dials in Duke's.
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For the most part, Katniss spends February inside. It isn't something she's fond of but she remembers the last time there had been creatures in Itinere. Matt had to rescue her from lizard mutts because all she could focus on had been Finnick's death and not the prevention of her own. Though the chances of that happening again are slim (these are different creatures and not the lizard mutts, not the things that still haunt her nightmares every now and then), there are chance she doesn't want to take. Everyone seems to be following trend for the most part, and only going out when needed. She's done her best to do the same.

Eventually though, restlessness gets the better of her and she decides to slip out early one morning. She opens the door to her apartment, she stops dead in her tracks. There's a heart on the doorstep and from the looks of it, not one belonging to a deer or any similar sized creature. She doesn't hesitate to pick it up. That's when the memories hit.

She can't see in the memories, not in the conventional manner that she's used to, but regardless she sees herself. In the memories, she's singing and dancing in a rainstorm - high from the glow of that golden orb. There's amusement and joy stemming from the memory similar to how she remembers that night. But it's more than that. Even though Katniss refuses to admit it, she had been in love with Matt by that point. She doesn't expect to experience his side of things: the realization in that moment that she could be someone he's falling for, too.

It's jarring and the heart nearly slips out of her hands. Her own heart pounds in her chest and she races to Matt's apartment. Katniss doesn't hesitate to use her key; that awkward encounter with Foggy is the last thing on her mind right now. As she opens the door, she shouts into the apartment, "Matt! Matt! Answer me!"

But if there's an answer, it's not from the man she's looking for. Katniss looks down at the heart in her hand and she feels a kind of pain she hasn't felt since Prim disappeared from Itinere. It might as well be her own blood coating her hand given how much she hurts. This has to be some kind of sick joke. It has to be. Somehow, she stays rational enough to pull out her phone and type in a quick text:

Text to Everyone:

When is the last time you spoke with Matt Murdock?

[ooc: if you have reason to be near or around matt murdock's apartment, feel free to catch katniss there. or whatever; i'm flexible!]
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action feb 1-5
[ hawke spends most of her time in the first few days of the invasion trying to assess the threat and helping out anyone she can. none of it looks good to her. these things don't look like demons that she knows of from thedas, but they sure do act like it. tearing out hearts is more than bad. attacking people at all would be enough for hawke. everything else is just the icing they didn't need.

so she takes to the streets, getting people out of the way if she can and saving whatever lives are possible to save, all while killing as many of the demons as she can. ]

feb 5th, mostly for reactions if anyone wants to
[ she and her dog cailan are at it again, but this time hawke finds a group that are harder to deal with than others. they seem intent on tag-teaming her, distracting her dog and then trying to swoop in for her. cailan's jaws snap at anything within reach, the wardog having been bred for exactly this. unfortunately for hawke, she gets separated from him about halfway through the day. one of the demons swoops at her from above, while another turns her around. it's enough that the fireball she was conjuring goes off-course, hitting too close to her for her to dodge properly. she throws up her hands to avoid the knockback and the searing heat from the resulting fire, which gives a third demon enough of an opportunity to dive in.

it thrusts its clawed hand or whatever it is deep into her chest. hawke gasps, both in shock and pain, and before she can think to heal herself, the thing rips its hand back out, taking her heart with it. as cailan's barks turn to whines and howls of utter distress, hawke's lifeless body falls to the ground. satisfied with their sacrifice, the beats leave, one flying off straight for jill. cailan hesitates for one second before he follows that one, clearly wanting to find out where it's taking that all-important piece of his mistress. ]

network feb 7th
[ hawke doesn't revive until the 7th when she contacts jill first. after that, she addresses the network as a whole. ] Well, that was unexpected. I guess these things are heartbreakers. [ ha ha ha, hawke. ]

What have I missed? And is everyone else safe? Who needs rescuing?
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I know you don't know me and I don't know you, but you need to trust me on this...don't go out tomorrow. Please. You wanna hit the streets again Monday, that's your thing, but please don't go out tomorrow.
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The thunder cracks high above and Jill is hurrying down the street to board up the windows of the Houndstooth again. She's been in Itinere long enough to know that something isn't right. This place seems to go through cycles of peace and perfection and experiments that range from ridiculous to horrific. With Lucy safe at their apartment, Jill is going to take care of the Houndstooth.

When she sees the first monster she becomes the most cliche monster movie chickadee in the world and screams and runs in the other direction. She slips into an alleyway between to buildings and waits it out for a bit before continuing on to the Houndstooth with her heart beating a mile a minute.

She'll be at The Houndstooth boarding up windows for the better part of the day before heading back to her apartment and Lucy. She has to run and hide a few times from several winged beasts on her way.

Text to Lucy:
I'm on my way back. Don't go outside.

Text to Cam:
Hey you. It's a mess outside so maybe stay in? It's storming and there's... things. Monster type things.

The City has been flooded with these violent creatures for a week now and it doesn't look like there's an end in sight. Jill and Lucy have been holed up in the apartment building for that week so at least they're safe enough. She's sent texts to her friends, making sure they're safe and even broadcasted that the Houndstooth is closed for the foreseeable future and please everyone be safe.

There's one day though, a day when she steps out onto the balcony of their shared apartment that Jill finds a heart, a fresh, still beating heart. "What in the world?" She whispers to herself as she leans in closer to look at it.

Flashes of memories hit her, Hawke and Isabella. She can see them, the love affair between them, the push and pull, and she smiles for a moment because she's getting this glimpse into her friend's life, a part of her life that Hawke has spoken about frequently.

As the visions end though, when Jill is left with just the live heart, the implications make her stomach roil. She grabs her phone and sends out a text.

Text to Hawke:
Okay, I really need to know if you're okay. I just saw some stuff and there's a heart and... just let me know you're okay. Okay? Okay.

ooc: please assume she sent a text to Hawke on the first day with Lucy and Cam. I just figured it would be easier to play things out this way. She can get the text when she gets back from being dead. (poor Hawke) Jill saw : this & this.
Also, anyone is free to swoop in and save Jill on day one, or not. She'll run and hide and get home fine. Just wanted to give the heroes something to play with.
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[ The boy who appears on the screen looks to be very far up in the air, right around he gathering of storm clouds, and on the move. Occasionally, a flash of gold metal can be seen in the video. He looks a little bit frazzled and a lot excited with a dash of terror. ]

Hey guys! I think it's time to saddle the wagons and circle the horses or whatever that saying is. There's monsters that seriously need to be made into monster mash! And I kind of miss the snow if this is the alternative.

[ There's a roar and a creak of metal before an entirely different sort of roar sounds. An arrow whizzes past Leo's face, just barely missing him. ]

Uh, this mostly for Percy & Annabeth (hi Annabeth!) but I'm multitasking a lot of things right now and maybe this can kind of be a warning that if you can't or won't fight, maybe you should stay inside! And don't worry, Percy, Festus and me, and maybe others, we've totally got this under control!

[ There's a crooked smile and another arrow whizzes through Leo's wayward curls just over his head before the feed cuts out to the sound of another roar. ]

Text to Sophie:
Uh... you safe? Because you need to stay safe and there's bad stuff going on outside.
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There's a new building just off the square in Itinere. Above the door, engraved into the white arch are the words Haven Police Department. Inside residents will find a beautifully restored police station with an open bull pen, benches, offices and meeting rooms. Upstairs there are a few jail cells. The door to the police station is unlocked and there's a blonde at the front desk. She's not wearing a uniform, but she clearly works there.

I inquired about the need for a police station a few weeks ago. There was enough interest in having one that I went ahead and wished (that will never not be weird) the police station I work at in Haven, Maine here. As of right now, we offer a variety of services, not all of them traditionally police like a security escort if you feel unsafe or just want to be safer. Of course, we'll also investigate any crime that's been committed. If you need help, give us a call. Think of us more like a security team than a police station, I guess. Anyway, I'm Audrey Parker and I guess I'm in charge here.

Those of you that I spoke to earlier about working with the police, come see me.

[ooc: if Audrey spoke to you on her other post about working for the police or with the police, consider your character hired. ]
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She's had her own key to Matt's apartment for a while now and she still feels a sort of thrill whenever she uses it. There's a level of trust that comes with giving someone access to where you live. That Matt's willing to trust her that much means the world to someone who still considers herself unlikable at times. It feels good; a reminder that her boyfriend thinks so highly of her. That he cares for her enough that he wants her to feel as comfortable in his apartment as she is in the one that she shares with Prim.

It's taken a while but Katniss has finally gotten to the point where she doesn't always ask before going to his apartment. She doesn't even knock. Surprising him every now and then has become a fun kind of game that she has yet to get tired of. A much better game than the ones she played back in Panem.

This morning is one of those days where she's feeling impish enough to want to surprise Matt. Although she hadn't necessarily gotten the name of the man on the network (someday, Katniss will learn how to make proper introductions), the fact that he's a lawyer is exciting news. She wants Matt to be happy here and Katniss has finally started to realize that friends tend to play a big role in settling in. A shared career is a place to start, isn't it? If Matt hadn't seen the network post himself, she wants to be the first to tell him about it. Along with breakfast: a rich bread, jam, and some of her sister's homemade goat cheese. And, of course, coffee for him. Katniss still prefers tea.

She doesn't knock. Instead she slips her key into the slot and walks inside. She glances at the couch, knowing Matt tends to sleep there when she doesn't stay the night. It's empty but the sound of a shower going in the bathroom seems to explain it. She deposits the food and drink on the coffee table and quietly makes her way towards the bedroom. A part of this game of hers is to try and sneak up on him, even if it seems like a futile goal. Katniss is good at being quiet but his senses are even better at detecting her. Catching him while he's in the shower seems like an opportunity to finally succeed.
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[N E T W O R K]

I feel like I should take advantage of all this snow. What's everyone's favorite winter activity?

[A C T I O N]

Sophie has discovered that she loves Itinere. She loves the people and the opportunities that this place gives her and Cam. She loves the freedom this place has and maybe she ought to want to go home, maybe she ought to want to finish art school (a part of her does). Maybe she ought to want a lot of things, but right now, she likes this place.

Winter is probably Sophie's favorite season. She loves the clothes and the snow, the way her breath freezes in the air; she loves to be able to run inside, tingley and red from the cold to warm up by a fire. She loves the fuzzy socks and the way that people tend to stay inside and cuddle in the winter.

With all of that in mind, Sophie stops by the coffee shop first and gets a PSL (shut up, she can still love them and tease Cam about loving them). With steaming coffee in hand, she walks along the main street of the town, stopping in various shops. After popping into several shops, she ends up with several shopping bags which have to be dropped off at her apartment then it's back to street to wander in the snow. She's going to make snow angels in the park, take a sleigh ride and possibly build a snowman. She'd love to have company.


Jan. 18th, 2017 07:03 pm
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[Someone's getting a bit restless. It's not that Blue hasn't enjoyed the snow; quite the contrary. She's never seen so much snow in one place, let alone snow that seems to stay so pristine. There's something about all the snow that makes it seem less cold outside. More than that, she's caught herself having the kind of childhood fun she hasn't had in a long time: building snowmen with her raven boys, going for sleigh rides, even trying to ice skate. But the snow lasted most of December. It's now the middle of January and it still hasn't gone away.

It isn't easy to trudge from place to place in the snow. Blue loves Monmouth Manufacturing but there's only so much time she can spend inside any one place. And now that Noah's gone, Monmouth seems larger than ever with only her and Gansey residing inside.

So she goes on the network. Blue is usually a very sensible thing and occasionally, that sensibility crosses over with practical. She's never seen the point in chatting with strangers on internet discussion boards, let alone revealing anything about herself. Back then, she also didn't know the actual value of having friends to talk to. Besides, she's bored and Blue's used to a much more crowded house of people. And even sensible people give in to their restless nature now and then.

She smiles in greeting before she begins to talk, her Henrietta drawl prominent as she does:]

For as long as I can remember, I was told that if I ever kissed my true love, he would die. Maybe it's the winter's snow getting to me but I thought this could be a good ice breaker. [No pun intended.] What's the strangest thing you've ever been told?

My name's Blue and I don't know if I've ever properly introduced myself here.
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Steve has been here before. It's been a long time, but he remembers the brief feeling of euphoria that he had experienced and the welcoming strangers he'd met in the bar. His apartment is still just as he left it, a call back to the apartment he used to share with Bucky so long ago.

He remembers Wanda being here also and telling him about the New Avengers Facility. It isn't quite as disorienting to find himself here again, an escape provided by a random doorway. This time he doesn't fight the escape, instead he walks through and begins wandering through the city, looking for the New Avengers Facility and his friends - new and old.

For the first time in months, he doesn't bother trying to hide his face. He knows enough about this place to know that the Accords don't hold here.


[Of course, there might be a faster way to know what he needs to know.]

Avengers, report.
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It had been late, just like every night in his new office had been. The Punisher trial might have gotten him noticed enough to get here, but it sure as hell wasn't enough to keep him here. He got the very pressing feeling that Hogarth was testing him and if the small amount of sleep he'd gotten that first week had proven anything, he was intent on passing each test with flying colors.

He was grateful for the distraction, except for when it left him too groggy to realise he was heading to the old Murdock and Nelson office at six in the morning. Or when he couldn't help but think a drink at Josie's would make for a nice break only to realize that his usual drinking buddies were more than a little out of pocket at the moment. Luckily the new job meant he had a lot of work to focus on and not a lot of time to think about how everything had changed between himself and Matt, or even himself and Karen.

So when he finally turned off the light, grabbed his coat and headed out the door only to find himself on a sandy beach, he figured he was simply dreaming. He walked along the beach, taking in the beauty and breathing in the fresh air before the came to the edge of a small city. The city itself didn't really go against the idea of a dream, since it seemed like a mismatch of different eras and styles all pushed together. He took it all in until his feet began to ache and his stomach began to growl. Physical reactions that seemed surreal in a surreal dream.

Foggy sat on a bench, and that's when he discovered the PDA in his pocket. He stared at the message for a moment.

"Itinere?" He glanced around him, making eye contact with the first person who happened to be passing by at that moment. "Excuse me. Can I ask you a question?" He didn't wait for an answer. "What's Itinere?"


I've heard of perks before, but my own tropical paradise accessible through my office?

I know we're not tax lawyers, but this can't even come close to being a write off for Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz.
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[A C T I O N]

Annabeth doesn't actually think to use the PDC even though she finds it in her pocket. In fact, the first thing she does is switch the PDC off. It's the easiest way for monsters to find her and she'd like to find out what's going on before she's attacked. She's got her bag with her and inside it is her knife and her yankees cap. She keeps the bag slung over her shoulder as she gives the town a good look over.

She stops in the bookstore (and very nearly gets lost there because it's easily the most fantastic building in the town. She also gets distracted by the Stable, the only place she's seen so far that looks like it might have anything godly about it. From there, she ends up at the town square on a bench. She's finally decided to turn the PDC back on and scroll through it. She hasn't been attacked yet and she needs information. This seems like the most likely source of it.

As far as she can tell, she's been transported somewhere where people seem to at least know about the existence of mythological creatures, which also means they probably know about the gods. This could be very good news; maybe it's something like New Rome. Of course, she hasn't seen any statues or altars or other monuments to any gods and there's a good deal 'normal' culture here. Maybe she's entirely wrong about where she's at.

No. That doesn't usually happen.

[N E T W O R K]

Has anyone noticed anything odd lately?

[She has no idea how vague and unhelpful that question is]
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I’ve asked around a little and it doesn’t seem like there’s any particular authority here for businesses and the like. It also doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of crime here. Would anyone find a police station that specialized in ‘weird’ helpful here? We’d handle regular sorts of crimes as well, but also police escorts, security and that sort of thing.


After shooting her text out to the entire network, Audrey decides to do her own reconnaissance regarding a police station. She’s heard about the wish magic; she knows that’s how Duke got his boat here. She’s tested it on small things and now has her gun here along with a few other random things. If this place would find some use in a police station, she needs to know where she wants to place the police station; somewhere central to the city she thinks. With that in mind, she’s prowling the streets, gathering her own information about general crime in the city and scouting locations. Feel free to come interrupt her, ask what she’s doing or just give her your opinion on crime and a police station in Itinere.
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I got bored last night and made cupcakes. The Houndstooth is now serving dark chocolate cupcakes with peppermint cream frosting and hot chocolate cupcakes. If you don't like chocolate...what is wrong with you?

(ooc: action is totally a go)

Closed to Duke

Hey, Pirate Man, you up for an adventure?
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[Since the appearance of the big tree in the town square, Katniss has been doing her best to learn as much about Christmas as she possibly can. She had mostly ignored it the previous year; the holiday not one celebrated in Panem. Religion is something that generally still confuses her. There had been little equivalent to it in her life. Why would President Snow allow any of the Districts to believe in anything other than the power of the Capitol and the nation and, most importantly, him?

But Catholicism means something to Matt. He's talked to her about it before and done his best to explain it to her. Though she's not certain that she gets it, Katniss does listen. She's been listening a lot since the tree has appeared. She's also been doing a lot of observing. From the decorations adorning storefronts and homes and the lamp posts to the candy canes, she tries her best to figure out how they fit into Christmas. None of it seems to connect to the stories that Matt tell her but the more she watches others, the more she thinks that maybe this holiday thing isn't so bad.

That still leaves one problem though. Something more than the realization that she may be in love with Matt, a thought that terrifies her. She tells herself that she wants to do something special for him because he's her boyfriend but it really is more than that. This is Matt's first Christmas in Itinere and given that the holiday may mean something to him, she wants to make it special. The first step would be figuring out how.

And for that, she (slightly reluctantly) takes to the network. The snow falls behind her as she stands in front of one of the decorated storefronts, a frown clear on her face. Hopefully, the filter from Matt actually works.]

How are you supposed to make Christmas perfect for a Catholic? I don't have any experience with Christmas, or with Catholics, and- I want it to be a surprise. So I can't ask him. [Katniss hesitates for a second, nearly scowling at herself. Asking for help is not one of her strong suits.] Help... help would be very appreciated.

[network open to everyone but matt; action open to everyone.]
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The morning dawns early for Hawke. It might also for certain people in Itinere as the communication device gets knocked over. And then turned on by a very inquisitive and large dog nose. The dog licks the screen, clearly pleased with himself for figuring out how to turn the thing on, and then glances up at the bed. Clearly there's someone in it, though it's hard to tell who from this angle.

The dog quietly steps forward and then--


Hawke yelps as the mastiff-looking dog licks her like crazy. "Cailan, stop. You know you're not allowed on the--"

The sound of her mabari's name stops her cold. Finally managing to shove him off of her, she sits upright. The dog, happy now that his mistress is awake, leaps off the bed, barking and dancing around the room. He has clearly been pent up too much. But Hawke isn't focused on that. She's focused on the fact that her mabari is somehow... here.

"Cailan!" she finally calls, sliding out of bed so she can throw her arms around him. The dog finally stills long enough for that before wriggling out of her arms and flopping over to roll onto his back with his feet comically pawing the air. Hawke can't help but laugh. At least until one of his paws shoots the communicator at her.

"You came back and you let the entire world know? What a drama-monger you are. Someone might start thinking you're Orlesian."

The dog immediately stops rolling, ears back, and growls.

"Not me, of course. But someone might."

To which the dog whines in a "but whyyyy" tone. Hawke laughs and turns the device off.

Later on, Hawke can be found playing in the snow with her mabari, looking actually happy for once. Likely happier than most people have seen her. They do a bit of hunting at some point, too, which is mostly just Hawke telling the dog to go fetch something yummy and waiting to see what happens. But they can be found around the city as Hawke introduces her fierce war hound to Itinere.
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On his way home from work, Adam might have slipped a few candy canes into his pockets. You'd think he'd learn not to try the food that just appears out of nowhere at this point. But at the same time, the food in the kitchen at the Barns appears out of nowhere when they need it too. Sure, sometimes it's nice to actually go to the grocery store, but sometimes the wishing is just so convenient. The point is, that that food hasn't affected him weirdly, so it's easy to get lax on being vigilent about drugged food.

Gansey and Blue have been staying at the Barns with him and Ronan and Opal. Adam knows that the day is coming when they'll go back to Monmouth. He can't decide if he'll be glad or sad when that happens. It's confusing, really. He feels the same as he did in those days leading up to their trip around the world. It's going to be weird without them.

With the recent snowfall, Adam has been dressing for the cooler weather. When he gets onto the Barns property, he holds the candy cane that tastes like homemade apple pie for some weird reason in between his teeth and texts the others:


It's snowman building time. Get out here!

Yes, he's definitely candy cane drugged.