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Network + Action | Open


It's come to my attention that not everyone is aware of the police station in Itinere. We're just off the main square, a couple of blocks down to the North. It's a big brick building brought over my home in Haven, Maine. I'm Audrey Parker and I'm the head of the station here. We offer all the traditional services of a police station as well as a service to walk you to your car, to your home or to whatever destination you desire if you feel you need more protection then you're capable of on your own. During emergency, such as the creatures that attacked us last month, we will meet you where ever you are and escort you to a safe place. If you feel the safest place in town is the police station, we're happy to provide sanctuary as well.

We're also always hiring. Currently, I'm the only regular police officer at the station. I've got an intern and a friend from home that helps out when necessary. If you've got any questions, you can contact me here through video, voice or text, whatever makes you most comfortable.


After her announcement to the network, Audrey will hang around the police station for several hours. Eventually, she ventures outside to grab a cup of coffee and something to eat. She's dressed in a pair of bermuda length shorts and a tee shirt, not looking particularly police like, but she's got her gun holstered at her side and her badge clipped to the pocket of her shorts. Catch her anywhere between the cafe and the station. She'll be happy to speak with any of the residents. She's been mourning Nathan's loss and adjusting to life here without him. Because of that, she hasn't gotten to know as many of the residents here as she should have. She knows some of the long time people and she's spoken to many people, but she hasn't gotten to really know much of anyone. In short, Audrey needs friends. Come say hi.
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Carl tunes into her announcement earlier in the day but is distracted by his own bit of business and fun to consider a moment to respond. Later on though the message has left enough of an imprint on his mind that when he thinks of returning home he figures he should stop in to check it out. There's a good possibility of running into his dad there he thinks, but if not he could check it out at least. He's never actually been inside a police station before so he steps on through with some hesitation and uncertainty on what to expect.

The interior is reminiscent to the exterior but something about it still intrigues him, pulling him to walk further in. The woman sitting inside working eventually catches his attention.

"Hi. This is like a regular police station, right?" He decides to be the one to start a conversation with a stranger for once because with how most things function freely here he can't picture there being many problems needing the police. Beyond the disturbed individuals and monsters he is sort of used to, that is.