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And we have roots like the trees | Closed to Summers House

The house had shown up a few days prior and despite being wary, there was no way that Buffy wasn't moving in. It was her old house, the one she'd grown up in, the one she'd lost her mother in, the one that was supposed to be debris in the bottom of the Sunnydale Crater. Inside of it are all her mother's furnishings and art, things that Buffy had cherished as the parts of her mother that she had left. They were all things she'd had to leave behind when she'd left Sunnydale.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Joyce's ghost shows up shortly after the house, shortly after Buffy and the others move in, but it doesn't feel like coincidence. It feels like purpose and it has Buffy rattled. She'd refused to talk to Joyce, aware that she's not real. She can't be real because that's something that Buffy still can't handle. Instead, she focuses on moving in. She doesn't have much from here because she hasn't been here that long, but she is moving many of the things from her old room to Joyce's room. Alcide is going to move into her old room and she's going to take over Joyce's room, which is totally perfect now that her mother is haunting her (not). Maybe that's why she's being haunted. Maybe she'll ask Dawn to try some sort of cleansing something or the other. She doesn't realize yet that anyone else can see Joyce (and she kind of hopes that Dawn can't see her because she doesn't want Dawn to be upset by it).

Eventually she'll end up locking herself in her mother's old room and talking to her ghost, but that's for later when Joyce wears her down, when she finally can't not speak to her mother. Right now, she's trying to distract herself, to keep busy, to focus on getting herself and everyone else moved in.
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Dawn seriously cannot handle the ghost of her mom being around. It isn't because she didn't love her mom. She loved her so so much. It's that The First had used a ghost of Joyce against her in a way that had truly torn Dawn up inside. So seeing her again has her truly messed up. And if it's messing her up, then it's surly messing Buffy up too, if not for the same reasons as with Dawn.

That's the reason she's looking for her sister. It's in a moment when Joyce is nowhere in sight. Dawn has been peeking around corners and looking for her in rooms and nooks and crannies of the house. She finds Buffy in their mom's old room, now Buffy's room. With their mom's ghost around the room has kind of a creep factor that has Dawn surprised that Buffy's in there.

She lightly raps her knuckles on the door and pushes it open even further. "Hey. Can I join?"
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There was a time when Summers Girls parties were few and far between. That was just normal sister stuff though. It wasn't for any bad reasons. But now that they're older, Dawn is so glad that Buffy actually enjoys her company as much as Dawn enjoys Buffy. This is one of the best parts of #adulting. Sister time.

She enters the room and moves over to the dresser where she picks up a stack of old photographs of the OG scooby gang, plus Dawn. She knows she was added to some of these photos by magic, but some of them are real too. She starts looking through them.

"So... Alcide is... huge. And he seems nice in that intimidating Southern sort of way." She's curious about Alcide. She's curious about Buffy and Alcide.
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"So he was in that place with you? And y'all got close?" How close, she wonders. Alcide has his own room so Dawn isn't so sure. "Oh! Did y'all form a club of some kind? Intimidators anonymous? Probably something with a much cooler name."

It's really mostly okay if Buffy asks one or two people to stay with them. It isn't like Buffy had much of a choice in Tara and Willow living with them after they brought her back from death. The Summers house has always been a home for people who had no home or family worth being with. The rooms of the house are full again now and Dawn kind of likes that, even if one of them is a strange man... hot, but stranger danger.

She turns a picture toward Buffy, the both of them very little and on a broken merry go round. "Remember this? You were trying to get me to go super fast around with your super strength and you ended up bending the center rod so that the whole thing was catty-wonky."
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"Oooo you were his boss huh? Did you boss him around a lot?" She says this with a semi-mischievous smile cast in Buffy's direction. It's a little playful and a lot teasing. But there's also some truth to the question. She wants to know about Buffy and Alcide. It's absolutely nice to have a full house again. And Dawn knows, deep down, that Buffy wouldn't invite someone dangerous here with them. She's sure that given some time, she'll like Alcide.

Dawn smiles more broadly at the memory of the merry-go-round too. She looks at the photo a bit longer before putting it back. "I love that memory." Even though it's when they were both too young for Dawn to have been a real thing.

"If I'm a brat you're a super brat cause... super powers." Technically she has super powers too, just nowhere near as helpful as Buffy's.

Dawn moves to sit on the bed next to her sister and lays back, staring up at the ceiling. "Okay. So you and Spike... what's going on there? Because I get some serious vibes between you and Fabio-like Southern guy. Are there complications?"
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"Definitely Fabio. I mean I saw him without a shirt on the other day and all he needs is a damsel to cling to and a little bit longer hair and you've got a cover of a steamy romance novel. Not that... not that I read those. Ever." She does. She does read those. She even likes those steamy romance novels every once in awhile. How else was she supposed to learn about the birds and the bees?

As Buffy explains the complications Dawn slowly looks over to her sister. Yes, this is very complicated. Dawn does not want to step on any of Buffy's toes. She doesn't want rejection because her sister is super awesome, more so than her. She doesn't want to be jealous of Buffy. It kind of feels like she's being set up for all of these things though.

"So in Spike's and my timeline you two weren't a thing anymore. But in your timeline you were definitely a thing. So..." Dawn takes a deep breath. "So you understandably still have feelings for Spike cause those things don't just go away. And the way Alcide looks at you, he's... okay, I get it."

She does get it, she thinks. Buffy held off on being with Alcide because of Spike, because she still has feelings for Spike. Fabio guy is the angst ridden UST guy of this story and Buffy is the star-crossed lover. And if Buffy still has feelings for Spike, then that means hands off for Dawn because she would just never do that. Or she thinks she would never do that. The memory of kissing Spike just once still makes her heart flip-flop in the best of ways and she isn't sure what to do about that.
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"You're not a horrible person, Buffy. You've been somewhere else with a super hot guy. Of course there's stuff happening there." Believe it or not, Dawn isn't just encouraging Buffy with Alcide for her own benefit, although that's a part of it. She also thinks her sister should be with whoever she wants. And if Buffy really doesn't have feelings like that for Spike anymore, then she should feel free to move on.

"And I mean... I have no idea if this helps or if it complicates things even more, but in my timeline, Spike and you have been broken up for awhile and I... I mean he... we kind of kissed. There was kissing. And it was him and me." She's rambling. But she's nervous about Buffy knowing that she kissed Spike.

"It... it felt like it was something that had been building for forever and then it happened and then we got pulled here so things are on hold and I have no idea where they're going." Her eyes are closed at this point, trying to get all the words out. But now she slowly peeks at her sister out of one eye to try to assess any damage done. "I don't even know if being here changes anything. For all I know he might want to undo it. I just, thought maybe you should know."
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Okay, so her sister's response isn't half as bad as what Dawn had thought might happen and that's a relief. She opens both eyes and looks straight at her sister. Buffy really doesn't seem all that upset aside from her normal protectiveness over Dawn. This is better than she could have imagined.

"I totally get it. And if Alcide hurts you then he'll get a mega shin kick too. But I'm... I mean, you're really okay with it?" She holds a hand up and shakes her head. "No wait. Don't answer that. I'm just gonna count this as a win."

After a pause she arches one brow. "Plus now you can feel free to whatever with not!Fabio."
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When Buffy smiles at her threat, Dawn turns in on her side to face her sister, one arm folded up beneath her head. She likes it when Buffy plays with her hair. And it's something that Buffy has always done when they weren't squabbling siblings, both in real memory and fake. Sometimes Dawn returns the favor just to show her sister how good it feels.

"Is he super nice? Cause you deserve super nice in a guy. Someone who isn't constantly doom and gloom Mr. McBroody pants. Someone who loves you even Slayer you.
Zero ultimatums or fine print." It's probably pretty obvious that she's talking about Buffy's past relationships, all but Spike, because that one is complicated for the both of them. Needless to say, she's always paid more attention to Buffy and her relationships than Buffy may have realized.

At the end of her sister warning her about Spike, she dramatically rolls her eyes. "Pot. Kettle. Black. Much?" Only on the dating a vampire part.

Otherwise, Dawn really appreciates the advice. It makes her think of their current predicament here in Itinere. Joyce Summers roaming the halls of their house. "You sound like mom... only way cooler cause you're you. Spike wouldn't hurt me if he could help it though. He never has." Maybe it's a little naive, because she does have an inkling that love hurts. It had with Xander. But it's Spike. She's always been safe with Spike.
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Spike is in the basement. It looks the same it did the last day that he'd seen it. There's even the punching bag with Angel's picture on it. It feels like a lifetime ago. Hell, it was a lifetime ago. He'd died and come back. He'd saved the world a couple of times now. gone crazy and he'd finally gotten over the girl that had driven him crazy since the moment he'd met her.

Right now, he's smoking, trying to adjust the TV so that he can find Passions or America's Next Top Model on it. Oh yeah, he's also seen and spoken to Joyce. This place is bonkers.
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Alcide's goal was to stock the kitchen with food and beer, so mission accomplished on that. After a quick trip to the grocery store, in which he had to pay nothing to get a haul of things, Alcide is just finishing putting said haul away in the cabinets and the refrigerator when he notices the basement door cracked. The scent he picks up is familiar, the scent of death that comes with fangers.

He hasn't actually spoken with Spike yet, although they've passed each other here and there. As he descends the stairs to a part of the house he hasn't been in yet, he's trying to figure out what to say and how to say it. He's not sure if there is anything to say... but also, there's probably a lot that Alcide wishes he could say... none of the kosher for trying to make nice and investigate what's going on between Buffy and Spike, if anything.

He finds Spike messing with his TV and Alcide stops on the bottom step. "You know you could probably find a better TV than that one." He's trying to be helpful, okay?
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Spike does not smell! He's taken a shower and everything! Besides, if they're gonna talk about stench, Alcide smells like a wet dog. Maybe they shouldn't lead with those observations.

It's easy enough to avoid each other. Spike stays in a lot during the day and out a lot at night. The vampire can smell Buffy on Alcide. He knows they're close, but he hasn't talked to Buffy about her relationship with Alcide. They've only talked about their relationship, which is friendship.

He knows that he's on his way long before he gets there, but he keeps his focus on the TV. He glances over at Alcide when he speaks, cigarette still dangling between his lips. "Yeah. Probably could." He likes this one, but he might as well consider Alcide's suggestion. He means well by it, he thinks. "Think it'd get better reception down here?"
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It's hard not to lead in with those observations when they come so naturally to the both of them. Wolves in Alcide's world are very wolf like, even in human form. It's just how they are. Vampers are they same. Alcide wouldn't take offense to the wet dog bit, depending on how it's said and by who.

Buffy might say there's nothing with Spike anymore, but Alcide still wants to hear it from Spike, see what he can glean from the conversation outside of 'there's nothing going on'. Is it even his business? Maybe not. He wants it to be his business though. He cares about Buffy. He has a thing for Buffy.

"Yeah, definitely." Alcide says with a quick nod. This can maybe be a good opener, a way for him to make nice with the vamp of the house. Why's there always gotta be fangers? Seriously. "I can set up some new wiring down here, get it set up for you. It's kinda what I did back home. Contracting... designin' and buildin' houses and all that goes with that. I'm alright with electrical."
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Alcide's sort of werewolf is not the sort that Spike knows, but then Buffy has probably explained that to him already. Alcide and Buffy seem plenty cozy. Spike is defensive of that, not because of the feelings he has for Buffy, but because he knows the experiences she's had and he's protective of her.

Spike has a thing for Dawn, which means he no longer has the thing for Buffy. Alcide is welcome to the thing with Buffy, as long as he's got every intention of being good to her. Spike has been trying to figure out what the deal with them is, so this seems as good a time as any. He flicks ash from his cigarette into the ash tray and regards Alcide with a skeptical look.

"Yeah. Buffy said you did some sort of construction thing back in your world. Had this thing for at least a decade," he gestures to the TV and takes a drag off the cigarette. He's not broadcasting open and friendly, but he's not trying to be intimidating either (which is a little laughable considering Spike isn't terribly tall and he's muscular, but not big). "From the sounds of it, I could just wish up some'aught thing that was HD and flatscreen, televised only Passions and reality shows."
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"It's your call." Alcide answers with a shrug. He knows that there's something to be said for old or classic things from the past. It isn't like there was always cutting edge technology in backwoods Louisiana where he's spent all of his life. Even Shreveport isn't all cutting edge compared to other places. The offer was mostly his trying to start a conversation.

At the same time, he feels like a warning is necessary. He's probably about to state the obvious, but if Spike is so keen on wishing something here, Alcide wonders if it needs to be stated. "Don't really trust it yet. Wish magic. Gotta be a catch somewhere, you know?"

Yeah. Obvious.

Alcide sits down on the bottom steps and pushes a hand back through his hair before resting his elbows on his knees. "So you're from Buffy's world. She told me about you."
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Spike is aware there was some motivation behind the offer; he assumed it was to get on his good side as they're both living in the same house and can't keep ignoring each other. Plus, they're both important to Buffy (that much is obvious) so it's important they get along. Spike has seen first hand how much his squabbling with Angel had affected and annoyed Buffy; Of course, in that circumstance they couldn't do anything about it. They'd been fighting for over a century. There was no use in trying to put an end to it. In any case, Spike wants to try to get along with this bloke for Buffy's sake. He also wants to be on her good side when she finds out about he and Dawn. He'd like to avoid having her stake him.

The warning makes him smirk a little. "Yeah. Back home we had vengeance demons. Teach you real quick not to wish for any bloody thing that crosses your mind. I'll stick to running down to the store and nabbing a telly."


Spike leans back at that, regarding Alcide carefully. He takes a long draw off his cigarette. "Oh yeah? What'd the Slayer tell you?" Yeah, he threw in the little nickname there to see just how much Alcide knows about Buffy.

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"Demons." Alcide nods slowly. Demons in various sorts and shapes is not something that Alcide's world has. They've got lots of brands of crazy though; weres and vamps and fae. Who knows? There could be demons somewhere out there that Alcide knows nothing about.

He almost visibly bristles at Spike calling Buffy 'the Slayer'. Yes, he knows about it. But there's more than a hint of familiarity to it that Alcide isn't sure if he likes or not. Nothing he can do about that though. There's a history here and he knows it.

"She told me that you two were seein' each other." And she wouldn't / won't get too close to Alcide because of it. "She loved you." Past tense, purposefully used, partly to hint at the fact that Alcide wants her to present tense fall in love with him and partly to get back at Spike for the 'the Slayer' familiarity comment.
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There's more things in this universe than anyone knows; Shakespeare said it best in Spike's opinion, but then he's biased. He would be unsurprised to learn that Alcide's world has something he hasn't seen in their world. He knows there are different world, many worlds and sometimes those worlds bleed into each other.

Spike notices some sort of reaction and smirks. He leans back a little, resting his shoulders against the wall. There's a lot of history there. They've tried to kill each other more than once; they've been friends and somewhere along the line because family. He ended up with a soul because of Buffy (not for her, but because of her). He loves her and respects her, but he also knows that they're better as friends. He knows the difference and he'd be foolish to push for something that isn't there. He's older and wise enough not to wait for something that won't ever be there; he's waited long enough and realized, in the end, he no longer feels the way about Buffy that he once did. All of that being said, there's a history and the only thing you can do with history is accept it. After all, it's part of what makes a person who they are.

"Were. For a while," Spike admits. "Some people are better as friends and some people won't ever be friends. Buffy and I fall into the first category." He takes a drag off his cigarette. "Slayer loved me, or at least she wanted to. She has a hard time figuring out the difference between the two sometimes."

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"She loves you. Trust me on that. And from what I can tell, you love her." He's noted that Spike has used the past tense of love too. But he isn't sure he's buying it. Buffy's been very slow to come around to him because of this guy - Spike, what kind of a name is that? And of course, let's not forget the vampire part.

This is where it gets rough for Alcide, or at least rougher than the obviousness of Buffy holding off on being with him because of her feelings for Spike. Because Alcide has been here before. He's been with Debbie who cheated on him time and time again. He's been with Sookie who loved two vampires more than she ever loved him. Alcide has had his heart broken over and over, never 'the one' for someone while he's poured 110% into every relationship. He's an all or nothing kind of guy who's never been with an all or nothing kind of girl. And it hurts. And here he is again.

He shakes his head at his own dumb luck. It isn't that he would take back falling so hard and fast for Buffy. He wouldn't change a thing about that. Alcide's always fallen hard and fast. He did for Debbie. He did for Sookie. He did for Buffy. It's just that he's never 'the one' for anyone and he wants so badly to be that.

"I've been here before and I know how it goes. You two will try to go at it apart. Might even see other people. But your heart's always with each other. Other people are just collateral damage." It might sound a little more rough and accusatory than he intends toward Spike, but Spike is getting the here and now of a past that has not been kind to Alcide in the love department.
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"Course she does, 'course I do," Spike says it with a snort as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. "I've known her for a decade, tried to kill her for half that. She's the most incredible woman I know, but I'm not in love with her, Mate. Not anymore and she's not in love with me. 'm not sure she ever was. I'm safe, familiar. I'd do anything for her and once upon a time, I loved her more than she loved me. Most important, I'm broken and she needed to save me. Our girl, she's got a savior complex a mile wide." He's really not bitter, even if his words sound like they could be delivered that way. Spike accepted the way things were a while ago and he's actually, honestly moved on to the Slayer's little sis shhhh.

Spike can't speak to any of that because he doesn't know any of it. He can't tell him that Buffy is holding off because she's loyal, because she has a hard time letting go, because she doesn't have many safe things in her life, because Angel did all kinds of a number on her and maybe Riley did too. He can't tell Alcide any of this unless he asks, but he's all about Buffy being happy because despite not being in love with her, he does love her in a non-romantic way and he always will. As he once told her, she's one hell of a woman. She deserves someone to love her 110% and to be able to love that person back 110%; she just needs a lot of patience, which Alcide seems to have in spades. After all, it says a lot that he's down here talking to her ex.

Spike shakes his head at that. "That's where you're wrong. We've done that more than once and I've had my fill of it." He grinds his cigarette butt into an ash tray then lights another one. If any conversation required cigarettes, this one does."Got my eye on another bird." He's not willing to name names yet because he doesn't need Buffy beating the ever living hell out of him before he's ready to confess to her.

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In a way, Alcide can understand that. Not that he's ever left a relationship on good terms or anything like that for various reasons. Debbie had just hurt him too much and Sookie, he never got that chance before the end of it. In spite of the way things had left off with either of them, a part of him has those emotions still. For as deeply as Alcide lets himself love people, it's hard to turn that off no matter the bad blood between them. And it sounds like Spike and Buffy have made peace with whatever bad blood there is or was.

He isn't sure if he believes that Spike has had his fill of the scenario that Alcide has laid out, a scenario that Alcide knows all too well, first hand, in the worst of ways. He wants to believe it though, and maybe he's just enough of a romantic to let himself in spite of the ways in which he could get hurt... again.

It's only when Spike says that he's got his sights on someone else that Alcide's eyes him and his brows lift with a nod. "Guess it's obvious I've got my eyes on her then. And I don't mind sayin' so if you're well and truly moved on." And maybe Spike should tell Buffy that, so that she can move on too.
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It's the first relationship that Spike has left on good terms as well. He thinks part of it has to do with the length of time that he and Buffy have been in each other's lives. They were friends before they were ever lovers (as well as enemies before they were friends).

Spike wouldn't blame him for being skeptical considering his history and maybe without his own history of being on and off again with Dru for over a century before he broke it off cleanly, he would be up for more of that scenario. They're both romantics really, Spike and Alcide. Maybe it'll be enough to make them friends after awhile.

"I figured as much given with the way you look at her." They've had a talk in which Spike told her that they'd broken up in his timeline. They've both agreed to be friends rather than anything romantic.
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Alcide has always worn his heart on his sleeve, so it doesn't surprise him that Spike knows or has noticed the way he looks at Buffy. It's not like he's made it a point to keep how he feels from Buffy either. It just isn't in Alcide's nature to be duplicitous or secretive in most any way... which is a good thing usually. Sometimes it bites him in the ass.

"That obvious, huh?" He asks. "You should know she's had none of it cause of what she had goin' with you back at your home. I mean, she was faithful when she could be." There was that whole coffee incident that neither of them could control.
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It's obvious that Alcide isn't any good at being duplicitous and dishonest and Spike thinks that's probably a good thing for Buffy. He knows her relationship history hasn't been good. Neither Angel nor Riley were very upfront with her. Alcide seems different; he seems like someone who would talk to Buffy about how he feels or if he's got a problem. That puts him one step ahead of her other beaus (Spike is 130 years old, he uses words like 'beaus').

"You're rubbish at hiding it. Plus, I was a poet when I was alive. Emotions aren't hard to suss out in others." Though, he knows one's own emotions are sometimes a little more difficult. Spike's eyebrows go up at that. Yeah, he's a little surprised and maybe that has more to do with his relationship history than Buffy. "Well, I guess you've both got my blessing then," he smirks and takes a drag off his cigarette. "Insert obligatory threat about driving a railroad spike through your temple while you're alive if you hurt her."
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"When was that? When were you alive?" He knows that vampires like Eric Northman and Bill Compton are ancient by his way of thinking. Wolves can get old, older than humans, not as old as vampires. "I've known my fair share of some pretty damn old Fangers."

He's assuming, of course, that since he can smell the death on Spike that Spike can at least sense that Alcide is a wolf. Supernatural beings can usually point one another out in spite of species or anything else.

Also, that whole spike through the temple thing. Alcide's face scrunches up and he shakes his head. "What's that mean? A spike through my head... you do that to people or are you just talkin' a big game?"
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"Hundred and thirty some-odd years ago," he responds. He's definitely younger than Eric Northman and a bit younger than Bill. He quirks an eyebrow at the word 'fanger'. "That what they call vamps in your world?"

His assumption is right and he's pretty sure that Alcide is a wolf of some kind, but that's simply judging by the smell of animal coming off him.

"Used to. When I was younger. Before I got a soul and started working with the white hats so don't get your knickers in a twist."
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It's later in the night after Joyce's haunting and her talk with Buffy that Dawn makes her way down the stairs to the basement in search of Spike. She loves getting to be in this house again. She loves the memories that come with this house. She does not like having her mother's ghost haunting her in this house. It's happened before with The First and it's not a good memory.

Spike is smoking and Dawn very near sighs out the words she always does to him when he's smoking. "That'll kill you, you know..."

She descends the rest of the stairs and looks around the basement, everything just where it was left, everything just as it was. She looks up at the ceiling. "I'm almost afraid to wish for better piping and electrical. Wishing never ends well for us, does it?"
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Spike perks up when he hears Dawn coming down the steps. He's sitting on the cot that he sleeps on, back against the wall. He smirks a little at her sigh. "Over a century late there, Bit," which is some version of what he always says to her in response.

"Yeah, that bloke of Buffy's came down earlier and talked to me about putting in new electrical for a better telly. Rather like to avoid the wishing if possible." Though, clearly, someone wished for this house to be here at all.