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When you're gone, the pieces of my heart are missing you | OPEN

Kara Danvers knows loss. Of course she does. Her planet died; her family with it, with the exception of Kal. Most people would know him by his human name: Clark Kent.

But this...this is so much different. This feels like a heavy ache that refuses to do anything other than persist. It doesn't want to fade. It doesn't want to go away. It hurts to have been so much in love and to know that the sentiment was shared and still to be torn apart so cruelly. It's almost worse that he'd been so brave about it.

She'd needed some time alone. She'd needed to get away from everyone asking her if she was okay; she's not okay. She's not going to be okay with this probably ever. Even when she heals from what feels like a gaping wound in her heart, she's still never going to be okay with losing her first love the way she did. But maybe she can move on a little faster if she doesn't have an older sister and several friends hovering to try to make sure that she's all right. So Kara walked through the door.

...and when she immediately regretted her decision and thought better of it to head back, the door opened to nothing more than a wall. There had been punching of said wall. There had been feral screams of pent up depression and anger and raw emotion. There had been tears.

And then she'd walked away. Now she's roaming the streets of this new place, trying to decide whether it's the Universe's way of telling her she really does need this break from life or whether this is something more sinister. Tear tracks are mostly gone by the time she starts to see othe people walking the same street she is and she assumes she's further into town at that point. Seeing what's clearly a bar — Houndstooth, huh? — nearly sets her off in tears again because Mon-El worked in the alien bar and she has a ton of great memories with him in bars, but instead, she lifts her chin and pushes the door open, marching in with purpose. She can't drink her sorrow away but maybe she can knock back a drink or twenty and reminisce for a minute while she tries to figure out what the heck she's supposed to do with herself.

Well. That and bartenders and regulars tend to know a lot more than most people think they do, in Kara's experience. Maybe someone can offer her some insight. Worst case scenario, she can blow off a little steam. The alcohol hardly touches her, but she does get that little warm sensation in her cheeks and there's something weirdly comforting about that. In a pinch, maybe that'll do.

What is this? Does this connect to a special app or something or am I just calling out into the ether?

Hello? Can anybody see this?
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Lucy isn't behind the bar mostly because Lucy rarely actually works, but Jill is behind the bar, which means that Lucy is there keeping her (and everyone else in the bar) company. She sidles up to the very sad, very pretty blonde, a mint julep in hand.

"You really ought to try something creative. Jill is a great bartender," Lucy says. "Hi. I'm Lucy. You look new here. Totally not a stalker, by the way. It's a small town. We notice the new people."
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Eh, that's what the booze is for. Of course, Lucy isn't aware that the booze doesn't affect Kara much.

"Do you like fruity or are you more of a savory type person?" Lucy asks. There's a wide variety of drinks and it's important to get an idea of what a person likes before just throwing drinks at them. Lucy nods sympathetically as Kara tells her her story then shakes her hand as she puts it out."Welcome to Itinere. I know it's rough when you first arrive. It's not a bad place though," she assures her. There are some locals that live here and have always lived here, Lucy knows that, but the majority of the people seem to be transplants, just like Kara, just like herself.

"It is. You get a real sense of community and that's nice."
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"There's a Pickled Surfer, a Rosemary Salty Dog, Bloody Marys, of course. Even a porn star dirty martini counts as savory," Lucy rattles off a few drinks. "Personally, I'd go with the Bloody Mary. I think it's one of Jill's better drinks, but if you want fruity, it's not going to hit the spot."

Maybe this place will give her a chance to heal and feel better. She knows it's done that for many of the people here, including her and Jill. "Three years. It's practically home now. I'm from Birmingham, Alabama though."

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To be fair, Lucy has been helping Jill bartend here for three years. She was also an avid drinker before then and raised by a mother who was an avid cocktail drinker. She probably knows a good deal more cocktails than most people.

It would be understandable though, particularly as Kara hasn't been here long. "Tomato Juice, vodka, a little Worcestershire, a splash of tabasco and some pepper. It's good stuff."

Three years is kind of a long time. Lucy had spent a couple of years before that in another snowglobe style city so she's become accustomed to being away from home. "At first, I didn't want to check into going home," Lucy admits. "I'd just lost my dad and I didn't want to deal with any of that." Her tone is quiet and somber. "Now...I was curious and my door is just closed. It only opens to the stone wall it's set into." She smiles at Kara. "It's okay though. I've got Jill and I've got friends here. This place is like a permanent vacation with occasional crisis-es."

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It's an amazing drink, but it isn't for everyone. It's also really good for hangovers and the first drink of the morning. "Pina Colada then. You can't go wrong there." She's pretty sure everyone likes pina coladas.

Lucy certainly didn't mean to come here. She'd been forced out of the city that she'd been living in and separated from the guy that she loved. However, that had been long enough ago that she's gotten over it. Itinere has become her home.

"Just keep checking your door. Maybe eventually you'll get to go back." She smiles at Kara's compliment and fluffs her hair. "Well, I do try." She pauses a moment. "Oh. I should probably tell you if I'm the first person you've met, time back home, it goes on pause. Like literally no one will miss you because no time will pass back home and if the door does open for you, you'll walk back into the same second that you left."
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Lucy nods enthusiastically. "For good reason. It's delicious." It totally counts. It simply means the drink is subversive enough to make it's way into pop culture. Given Kara's super metabolism, it might take more than a few pina coladas to do that, but at least she can make a start. She gets up and pops behind the bar to make Kara's drink. Jill is busy with another customer and this is a drink that Lucy is pretty good at making.

Kara's question is met with a shrug. "I've heard it does and sometimes people leave this place. Sometimes they come back too. I've never really tried to find my door." Lucy can see how it might feel like abandonment. It had been escape for her, but she knows not everyone feels the same way. Hopefully, Kara will be able to come to terms with her presence here if she's to stay. She'll be happier if she can.

"I don't know, but I've heard enough people talk to know that it is possible. The place I was before this, it worked like that too."
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There's quite a few of us out here. As far as I can tell, it's a little like an intranet.We can talk to each other, but not to the outside world. I'm Audrey Parker. I work at the sheriff's department here.
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I haven't found a way to reach the outside.
Whether it's by design or circumstance, I don't know, but it certainly keeps the outside world from panicking if we can't contact them and let them know we're here.

[ That's probably not helping. ]
Thanks. I love my job though. I can't imagine doing anything else. I used to be an FBI agent before I made the move to small town cop.
What do you do back home?

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As sure as I can be without having gone home. I know a friend from home showed up here for a little while. I'd been here for weeks and he hadn't missed me. He would have if I'd been gone. We work together everyday.

Well, we don't have a paper here but I'm sure you could publish one if you wanted.

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You're welcome. I found it reassuring as well.

[ She's had the same thought about Haven.]

None at all. Word of mouth? We talk on the network some. Anytime I need to inform people about something going on, like to stay in because it's dangerous outside, I use the network.

[It's a bit like broadcast news, but done by everyone rather than one or two people]

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That there's no newspaper? Yeah, a little, but it's more the idea that I could be missing out on major news events back home rather than that no one is reporting on what's happening here.

For the most part, they're nice, usually quiet.They don't use the network much.
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It hasn't for me and I've been here almost a year.

I'm assuming they're looking at the network. I'm honestly not sure. I've always put out notices when I knew there was danger from the police department.

[ She could be doing worse things. ]
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I'm not sure any of us have a say in that.

I've only had to do it a couple of times since I've been here.

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While calling out to the ether would be a lot cooler, yeah I can see this. Pretty sure everyone else can too.
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I'm Dean. I haven't been here that long, but you sound like you're brand new.
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I haven't been here long enough to be an expert, but so far it seems like an okay place to land.

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Oh hell no. I tried to shoot the damn wall with a grenade launcher. Didn't even crack the sumbitch

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In the trunk of my car. Yeah. I found that not long after I got here.
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Tools of the job. I hunt monsters

[Hell, she's here. He figures monsters can't be that crazy an idea to her and if it is, it's not the first time he's been thought crazy.]

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Nah, I've never gotten a chance to use it before now, but I couldn't pass it up when I found it. Mostly I use knives, stakes, guns, that sort of thing. Demons, wendigo, vampires, occasional zombie. Things that prey on kids and innocent people.

[ Not aliens, not usually and only if they're hurting people. ]

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There's usually at least one dead body before we intervene.

[ That is important, but it's regrettable that there's a dead person before they find out about the monsters. ]

My dad actually started it. I was about six and he'd figured out that one had killed my mom.
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The ether?

[ What does she know about the ether? Maybe it's just a coincidence. Adam has heard so very few use that specific word though and those who have usually speak it with intent and purpose. ]
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Oh. No, that's right.

[ Okay now he sees what she's saying. She's using the word in a general sense. Not as in the actual Ether that Adam knows of and sometimes traverses. Maybe he shouldn't have been so quick to respond. ]

No, it's fine. And yes, I'm here. Adam. I'm Adam. And you're not alone. Obviously.
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Nice to meet you, Kara.

[ Adam is glad to move on from initial awkwardness. It seems that every interaction he has starts out awkward... usually from his own doing, intentional or not. ]

Most days it's nice. Every once in awhile it turns into a horror movie. But other than that... And there's magic here, wish magic. [ Among other kinds of magic, but that's besides the point. ]