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Beginnings are hard | Open Network + Action

[Action + Network]


Two seconds earlier, Buffy had been walking toward the room in the Alpha Complex that she didn’t share with anyone. She’d opened the door, stepped through and started to unzip the orange jumpsuit she wore. Two seconds ago she’d been in an underground complex and now...she wasn’t.

Her hand freezes on the zipper of her jumpsuit then falls to her side (it’s only unzipped about an inch).

“Toto...I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” she murmurs. She’s pretty sure she’s not in San Francisco either. There are some pretty important landmarks missing, like the bridge, and the beach looks suspiciously more like the one in Sunnydale than in San Francisco. This calls for an exploration, and some damn information. If she were more certain about the population here, she might find something inhuman and evil to beat information out of, but since nothing is jumping out at her to volunteer, she’s going to have to stick to finding things out in a much more polite way.

She really wishes (for the billionth time since being pulled into the Alpha Complex) that she wasn’t wearing a bright orange jumpsuit. She’s pretty sure it doesn’t inspire trust in anyone. She slips her hands into her pockets as she starts to walk and finds the PDA that was definitely not there before. Her brow furrows and she starts poking at buttons, eventually pulling up the network:


Echo one nine, is anyone there? I’m pretty sure I just mixed my military and trucker walkie etiquette, but seriously? Is anyone there?
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[ Trucker type talk? Okay, she'll bite, if only because it's coming from another female and when Laura thinks of truckers, she thinks of dudes. ]

Yeah, no, I was going to say...I think truckers, it's "breaker" one nine, but I could be wrong. I am neither a trucker nor military; never have been, never will be.

Laura Hale, and yeah. There are plenty of us here. Welcome to the jungle.

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I think it's just E in their alphabet. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot,
etc., etc. because it's hard to hear some letters over radios, like F, S; M, N; whatever.

...I could be totally off, I'm completely talking out of my ass right now, don't mind me.

Yeah, I think so. Or at least, everyone I've met so far. Are you brand-spankin' new? Rumor has it you can leave whenever you want, just find your door and head right back through it, but I' not going anywhere, thanks very much. Nailed my door shut and everything. I'll pass. It's pretty cool here, save a little crazy now and again. More crazy than home, but less often by a long shot, so I'll take it.

Where are you from?
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All the doors I've seen look pretty much the same to me, but what's on the other side of my door, I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy —...okay, no, I would. That's a lie, I would absolutely wish it on my worst enemy, but only on my worst enemy — and I wasn't sure, at the time, whether just anybody could open any old door, so that's why I nailed mine shut. But I heard subsequently that you can only potentially get through if it's your own door. I don't know how accurate that is.

Oh, California girls unite! I'm originally from a blink and you miss it town called Beacon Hills, but I lived in Brooklyn for a little while, then I had headed back to BH briefly and now I'm here. Where's Sunnydale? That one doesn't ring a bell.
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Looking before you leap is such good advice I never seem able to take...

Ouch...I'm sorry to hear it.

[ Beacon Hills was bad, but not that bad. At least, she doesn't think. Although, with the Hale pack wiped out and no one left to protect the town, for all she knows, it's due to implode within the next few years. ]

For whatever it's worth, it's pretty nice here. Things do get a little...crazy sometimes. But for the most part, it's pretty chill. We don't have to pay for anything, so that's always nice.
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Ehhh, well that depends on your definition of manageable and how breakable you are as a person, generally speaking. Some of the crazy is less dangerous and more obnoxious. I haven't really been here that long and it's not constant, so I may not be the best gauge for that.
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[ Shit...stupid reflexes... ]

Yeaaahhh, like...human? Depends on how human you are, I suppose. Surprise, there are other levels of humanness, if you weren't already aware. Some people are, but most people aren't.
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[ That's...actually a huge relief. Small favors. ]

Maybe those, I don't know. Werewolves, superheroes, psychics...you name it,
it's probably a thing here. Nothing that needs hunting, though, which is nice.

[ Because it means no one is trying to kill her for a change. ]

But that's not necessarily bad. I like it here, personally.
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Not to my knowledge, anyway. It's kind of a nice change, imo.

High five for having siblings in this place. My little brother is here, too. Makes it feel way less guilt-inducing to stick around.
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I didn't have anybody else back home, anyway. Just me and Derek against the world, or whatever. But the way things went before I wound up here, seems like it's just as good for him that I'm here as it is for me that he is, so I'll take it.

We should get a drink sometime. Houndstooth is pretty good, fwiw.
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[ The second the name 'Buffy Summers' pops up on her screen, Dawn is texting back. Having her sister here makes the entire situation better, end of story. ]

Breaker breaker one-nine, we've got a white christmas situation in the land of plenty. Also, I'm here. Do we know what happened?
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[ For Dawn it hasn't been over a month. In fact, she's just seen her yesterday and she has no idea about where Buffy has been. That doesn't change the fact that she's absolutely positive that things will be okay now that she knows Buffy is here. Without Buffy here, she'd be a lot more cautious and wary. ]

White Christmas as in the there were never such adorable sisters. You and me. I'm hoping it's not a white christmas Sunnydale style. Those never end well. And yeah, I'm okay. I walked out of our apartment on my way to classes and ended up here. Kind of glad I had my bookbag with me. The Kindle alone... plus other things. Spike is here too.
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[ Knowing Spike and Buffy's history, Dawn feels a little awkward talking about Spike with her sister. But in her world, Buffy has been busy with police and government and Spike and Dawn have gotten very close. So, it is what it is. Right? ]

Yeah. He's safe.

[ Safe as in not evil!Spike and safe as in not going up in flames. Maybe that accounts for everything. Probably not. ]

I'm on main street, right next to a park with an awesome looking playground. Definitely hug time. I swear I'm normal size and that I didn't do this!
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Negatory on the rest of the scooby gang. I'm still trying to figure this place out so that we can tell if they're here or not.

[ But why bring just some and not all. Dawn is hyper worried about this because she's always been concerned about being used against Buffy for something again. She never wants Buffy to have to quit or lose or give her life for her again. ]


When she spots her sister, however, it becomes a slow motion movie scene cause Dawn is jogging toward her too. The only thing that keeps it real is that Dawn stops short and stutter start stops into a hug instead of making a crashing, or even smooth, transition. Yep, very Dawn, very Summers girl-y.

"You know we have to quit meeting like this, all apocalypse-y but in a Stepford kind of way." She realizes that her sister is holding on longer than usual. Harder. Just... more. "Hey, I just saw you yesterday, ya know."
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That hasn't even occurred to Dawn yet. She thinks they've been brought here for a reason, that maybe they've been pulled into another universe for a reason, a spell maybe, summoning help. Which means there's probably a big bad here somewhere. She has no idea who or what it might be, but anything this seemingly perfect has to have a seedy underbelly.

When Buffy pulls back to explain the impossible to her, Dawn's features scrunch up and she shakes her head before finally coming around to acceptance. They both know that impossible things are possible.

"You were in another place with awful fashion sense? That's gotta be one of the other universes that Anya used to tell us about but in a very 'we're not in Kansas anymore' kind of way. Were there munchkins? Please say there weren't munchkins. Are you okay?" She's looking her sister over now for any bumps or bruises.
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That's something Dawn has come to learn about her sister as she's gotten older. Buffy thinks of and does the harder things so that others don't have to. Others, including Dawn herself, maybe most importantly Dawn herself. If there's anything Dawn has the most clarity on now, it's her sister and she's glad for that. She sees Buffy clearer now than she ever has. And Dawn likes to think that Buffy sees her too, that she's strong and can help even if she doesn't do all of the heavy lifting as her sister does.

Her nose wrinkles at mention of yucky food. They're all spoiled, of course, having the creature comforts that they do. Once thing can change and ruin an entire experience. "Well I passed by a grocery store earlier so we know there's food here, like, yummy real food. We can gorge ourselves on frozen dinners and ravioli." Yes, this is real food. "I'll probably be performing some of my famous food experimentation too so... prepare yourself to be a taste-tester extraordinaire."

Assurances that Buffy is okay are welcome because she's seen too much and been through too much not to believe that Buffy had been somewhere else where time moved differently or whatever so that Dawn still had Buffy where she was. Buffy's been through some stuff that Dawn wasn't there for and Dawn doesn't like that one bit. "More than okay. I'm rocking school and helping you when I'm not studying. Of course now I guess that's on hold, but... yay no school?"
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"Oh my gosh..." Dawn says the words dramatically as they start walking together through the streets. She even adds an over-the-top eyeroll just to push her teasing over that edge as she likes to do. "How can you not like anchovies? They're the caviar for people who don't actually like caviar."

Dawn got the same key card and is quick to nod. "I so wanna check out the new apartment. This whole place has that too good to be true feeling. But hopefully.... nope, I'm not even gonna say it. Yay new apartment!"

She links arms with Buffy, just for the contact, both for her because she likes having the reassurance of Buffy being there and for Buffy since apparently she was in some other place where there was no sister time. "It's not like I'm lacking in smarts. And I have my laptop and kindle so there'll be plenty of reading. I even saw a bookstore here that I'm gonna check out later. So never fear, I'll keep wording... some of it not even fictional."
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One of the first things Alcide did upon arrival was to stash the orange jumpsuit in an alleyway and shift. The moment he felt his wolf again he'd had to shift. After so long of not, Alcide had to. He'd run into the woods and had been running for awhile until he caught the scent of something familiar. Sorry Buffy, but also not sorry, he's sniffling you out.

It doesn't take very long. Alcide can move quickly as a wolf. He finds her looking into the window of some store, still wearing her orange jumpsuit.

When she feels a nozzle press against the back of her knee, Buffy will see this large wolf with golden eyes looking up at her. The wolf whines and huffs before backing up into an alleyway. Then the wolf peeks back at her, hoping she'll follow.
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Right now, Alcide's only hope is that she's true to her word, that she doesn't kill on sight or just because something is different than her. She'd assured him of that in the place where they came from and Alcide has to believe in it now as he tries to lead her into the alleyway, as he peeks around to see if she'll follow him. When she does, he backs up, further into the shadows, and further still until his white fur almost looks ghostly and his golden eyes glow brightly.

Even then he waits a moment to see if she's going to attack or not. She doesn't. That's when he shifts, quick and painless into his human form, tall and broad and... naked. He holds his hands out even still to try to show her he means no harm until she notices that it's him.

"It's okay. It's me." He says. "Buffy, it's me. Alcide."
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There's that moment of shock that Alcide has expected and he waits for it to wear thin. She's rambling and Alcide's first thought isn't because he's naked. Wolves in his world are completely comfortable with their bodies and nudity. You have to be when this is how you end up out of a shift. No, he thinks it's still the shock of finding each other here and the shift itself.

So he tries to add some levity to the moment, smirking, tilting his head and arching a brow. "Your grandma?" As if to say 'really?'. His smirk grows into a small grin.

After a moment, that grin subsides as he sobers and steps closer to her. "I didn't mean to startle you... just, when I smelled you I had to get to you." That probably sounds way more creepy than he intended it, but again, wolf.

"Looks like we ended up somewhere else. You're straight from the Complex, right? How do you think this happened? Do you think we can get... others here?" Derek, Zee, Gracie - just to name a few.
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"Oh I get it... kinda." It took him a minute. Weird that no one ever made that reference with him. And he'd thought he'd heard them all. But now that she spells it out for him, it makes sense. Alcide shakes his head. "I wouldn't eat Grandma though." So there's his attempt at a joke.

And he's absolutely straight-faced honest when he says this next thing. "You always smell good." Yes, she does. And yes, he's smelled her back at the Complex even without having the extrasensory abilities. Some habits are harder to break than others.

"Oh." As if he's only just thought about being naked, he looks down at himself and back up to her. Of course he's making her uncomfortable. He'd make anyone not from his world uncomfortable like this. It's just been so damn long since he's felt this kind of freedom.

Alcide is then quick to nod and gesture to the street. "Lead the way, Sunshine." He easily shifts back into wolf form, golden eyes looking up at Buffy, his bushy tail swaying back and forth.
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Truth be told, no one has ever asked him about that. Most girls he's been with have worn lotion, used body wash and sometimes even perfume. Alcide's had to pick and peel the layered scents back to smell the person and it's never really bothered him to do so. There is such a thing as too much that's usually reserved for little old ladies showing up for church on Sunday mornings, but he just doesn't see Buffy as the type.

He shakes his head. "If you ever cross the line into 'please stop' territory, I'll let you know. Right now I'm just gonna be thankful you're here."

At the store, Alcide follows along behind her, true and faithful as ever and looking very much like a very big, fluffy dog for people unfamiliar with wolves. The jeans she picks out would probably hit him at his shins so he huffs and shakes his head, trotting away to the section for taller people. He pushes up so that his front paws are on the shelves and noses through the stacks until he bites at one pair that he knows should fit right and pulls on the leg so she can help him get it off the hanger.
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Alcide is going to be glad that she thinks about it at all. He's never been with anyone who overdid it so he doesn't have that experience to lean on. He's been around people who have and he usually just exits the situation as quickly as possible. It's the best plan of action when the other option is being miserable.

The kiss she leaves him with just before he shifts is so damn sweet and enough to make his heart leap from his chest to his throat. Also, it's just nice to know he's wanted somewhere. Sometimes he's too easy a mark and he knows it. Most of the time he's okay with being an easy mark.

The kiss is on his mind as he follows her where they're going. In the dressing room it takes very little time to shift and pull on the pants. They fit just right, as he suspected, maybe even a little loose but he has just a little bit of weight to gain back after eating soylent for so long.

He steps out of the dressing room and finds Buffy standing there. "Better? I should probably apologize. I never think about it, most wolves in my world don't. It's just... another skin. Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable or..." He trails off, leaving the apology at that.
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"You never have to shut up. Not ever." Alcide starts to smile at being called pretty and then dips his head for a moment. Yeah, he's so easy. And even if Buffy isn't ready for him yet or even though she might not realize it, she already, right now, has him wrapped around her little finger. If he's honest, she has since day one even if it took him a minute to give himself over to it. She can take all the time she needs. Alcide isn't going anywhere unless she tells him to. Once he's in, he's in.

"I don't know, maybe you won't have to get used to it. Did you see the apartment complex? Apparently we both have apartments." Separate apartments in a place where they don't know the score yet. Alcide isn't too happy about it. "Maybe I can speak to the management and get one close to you or... somethin'. Right next door or across the hall."

He waits there, watching her reaction. Alcide doesn't want to impose where she doesn't want him. He thinks he should be able to tell if having him close will bother her or not. He's hoping it doesn't bother her, of course. But this is a different place. He won't presume anything.
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That bright orange is really hard to miss. It makes her think of the bright orange backpack that she had in the arena. She can almost picture a particularly vicious Gamemaker insisting that the Stylists dress the tributes in something similar. But there are no more Hunger Games. At least there shouldn't be. Katniss will never willingly step foot in Panem to see for herself but it's something that she has to believe anyway. Going back to Panem initially ran the risk of losing what she has here. Now she's certain that she can never go back, not given what she is now.

It's been a few weeks and even if life isn't ever going to be what she had previously considered normal again, it hasn't been as horrifying as she thought it would be. Not since the full moon anyway. She's slowly started to approach others again rather than spend all day alone. Laura doesn't stay away from everyone. She needs to keep reminding herself of that.

The bright orange is really hard to miss. She stares at it for a second longer as the woman talks to herself. It's not that Katniss meant to overhear the comment, let alone stare so long. Her intention had been to continue on to the store for groceries, not to gawk at some stranger. But there are things that she's still learning. Like remembering not to always reply. Which she promptly forgets as she mutters, "It's Itinere."
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Katniss had been kept imprisoned during her trial but she hadn't been put in any kind of prison uniform. She never paid close enough attention to know what kind, if any, jumpsuit prisoners of Panem or 13 would wear. It seemed a minute detail in comparison to everything else going on at the time.

Normal should be everything. As horrible as normal had been growing up, it hadn't thrown anything too unexpected her way. Her father had died, yes, but that had always been a peril of working in the coal mines. Normal had also given her the Hunger Games, though. It lead towards a series of events that had taken its toll. Life in Itinere, where nothing has been normal, has been better. Given her gifts instead of taking precious people away. But it's still hard to see werewolf as a gift.

Buffy whirls around and Katniss immediately takes a step back. That's another thing different now. While her reflexes had been good before, they're near uncanny now. She watches the woman closely and frowns when called by name. There's nothing familiar about her and the way she speaks suggests familiarity. More than recognizing the name and face of the Mockingjay. Katniss shifts uncomfortably where she stands. The frown deepens into a scowl. "Who are you?"