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Carl Grimes goes on a one man tour
[Moving from one place to another isn't a new experience to Carl. Moving through one dimension to another like his life were suddenly the plot line of comic book, however, is new. He spends the first day avoiding people as much as possible to digest his new situation on his own, the next to explore and open up little by little. The people here didn't seem bad to him, which was a plus considering. Only they were more comfortable with going about their lives as if all the stuff around them was normal when it was not. Simple businesses that were considered open, laughter that filled the streets-- all of that was going to take him a while to adjust to since he hadn't seen a society function this way in over two years.

And honestly, he isn't sure he'll ever get used to it.

But Carl keeps on walking to see what there is anyway. Itinere wasn't lacking in things or people to catch his attention.]

Percy Jackson plans a surprise date
[Valentines and the whole month of February was a disaster. Then March, if not the most of April felt like a period of recovery and transition because Annabeth had moved in with him and Percy was giving her time to adjust. But the one thing that was not lost on him was their chance to celebrate Valentines Day. Which is why the thought stirs to his mind every once in a while. And today, it finally feels like it's driving him crazy. Annabeth deserved something to make up for it, after all.

That's why he can be found doing a little extra shopping today. Sightseeing for the perfect place to have picnic and also researching - yes, actually researching! - in book stores or libraries to get ideas of things to wish up. An idea he gets pretty quickly is the Athena Parthenos, a statue of importance from home whom he knows his girlfriend will appreciate. The Goddess' statue seems reluctant to his answer him though so it actually takes a couple of hours to appear. Meanwhile he goes about others things anyway. Collecting supplies for the date like a blanket, a basket and food both to his girlfriends tastes and his own. Mashed potatoes and mac and cheese sound like a good combination, right? He throw in a couple of BLTs for something healthy too.

Around lunch, Percy finally gets his date plan all together. Though for reasons entirely his own he borrows supplies from around not only to set up a picnic area on the beach but to fix together a seashell bra for the little mermaid statue there. It feels like something he should do make less it awkward for his date anyway... (Plus he thinks it's kind of humorous when it's done.)

He pops back into his apartment later to gather Annabeth for his surprise date.]
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[Annabeth has been adjusting to being back, to having died and to living in Percy's apartment. She didn't like living alone before (it's been a long time since she's lived alone; the athena cabin back home had always had people in it). The apartment (or Itinere) had thoughtfully provided her with a study and a bookshelf full of architecture books. Daedulus' laptop had show up as well. She'd spent most of the day in said study on said laptop while Percy was out, to her knowledge, doing who knows what.

In any case, when Percy comes back to the apartment, Annabeth is wearing her trademark khaki shorts and a clean, blue tee shirt. Her hair is pulled up in a ponytail. She might have dressed up a little if she'd known Percy was taking her on a date, but at the same time, she might not have. She and Percy aren't really dress up people, at least not most of the time. ]

Hey, get all your errands run?
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[Let's be honest: it's still taking some time for him to get used to her living with him since half the time he's used to having his arrangements to himself. There's no changing that. But her unspoken welcome back brings a smile to his face and his hand to wave at her as he closes the door behind him. If butterflies could really be in a person's stomach then he felt them. She looked beautiful how she was, and he'd be crazy if he didn't think she was perfect just the way she was already.]

I did a few things I thought should be done. [He nods, trying to act casual. But that maybe her first clue he was up to something.] How are you feeling? How about a walk?
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[ It's a little odd sometimes, the whole idea of living with her boyfriend. She doesn't like the idea of living alone though. At least this place has seen fit to give her a study so she's got her own space and he has the rest of the place when he needs privacy. She'd always thought butterflies in a stomach was ridiculous. It wasn't logical that someone's stomach could react to another person and yet she gets butterflies when Percy looks at her this way. There are so many things that Annabeth appreciates about Percy, but that he thinks she's perfect the way she is is one of her favorites. She's not likely to change for any boy, but it's nice to know that Percy won't ask her to. She tilts her head at him a little then nods. ]

Yeah. A walk sounds nice. [ She approaches him, holding her hand out to take his. ] Lead the way, Seaweed Brain.
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[He wouldn't say it didn't surprise him when his (now their) space grew an extra room to accommodate her, but he was over that at least now. As a matter of fact, he smiles a little wider seeing her there acting pretty used to the space as anyone could be. That warm, slightly crooked smile of his.]

Right this way. [He waits for her for a moment, entwining his fingers between hers, before stepping back and leading her out of the opposite side of the building he usually exits. It wasn't the right way towards the beach he knew, but there was one thing to do first: surprise her with Athena Parthenos when she walked outside, where the view was more inland. Then just a little bit further so the trees cleared and Athena.P was all they could see. Staring at them as if it were the real Goddess herself. Percy isn't sure if he is imagining it but he feels a wave of disapproval come off her, though he ignores it and squeezes Annabeth's hand.]

What do you think? Nice day, huh? [Seems like the right thing to say. He is waiting for her reaction now, hoping she would be happy at least.]
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[ This place will never cease to amaze Annabeth, but it hadn't surprised her. Sometimes, it hits her that this is Percy's space and she feels a little awkward (usually when she's in the shower or the bath) but most of the time she's comfortable here and there's nowhere else she'd rather be. ]

I'm a little scared letting you lead the way[ Said teasingly as she follows him, a little curious as to why he's going this way, but this is his walk, not hers. When they reach the statue, Annabeth pulls up short, looking to the statue and then Percy with something akin to shock. Slowly, a smile spreads over her face as she realizes that Percy did this for her, because she's pretty sure she hadn't wished the statue here and maybe that makes her a bad child, but it makes Percy a wonderful boyfriend for having thought of it. She turns to him, throwing her arms around him and burying her head against his neck. ] You did good, Seaweed Brain.

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[Dean is relatively new to this place as well, but not so much to civilization. Despite that, he's still doing just about the same thing that Carl is doing: checking the place out. He's parked the Impala and is walking down the sidewalk. As soon as he catches sight of Carl, his curiosity is tickled. ]

Hey, kid [ Perhaps not the best way to start a conversation] You know where I can get a normal, black coffee 'round here instead of one of those foo-foo shit vegan things?
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[ Hey, it's good the kid is trying. Honestly, that's why Dean is trying: he's a kid.]

Yeah? I've only been here a few days. Places is pretty awesome.

[ haha that's funny. He needs to unbutton his shirt a few buttons and learn to sing an octave higher--not that Dean would know anything about boybands. ]
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[ Dean gestures in a 'look around' sort of way with both hands. ] Everything's free, chicks are hot, weather is freaking awesome and I've been here nearly a week and nothing has tried to kill me or eat me.

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[No matter how much she adjusts to life in Itinere, there are some things that don't change. Katniss still has a habit of walking everywhere with her bow and quiver in tow. This isn't an arena - that's a conclusion that she's reached a long time ago. But it still isn't entirely safe. Having her bow protects her and others around her. Besides, she still goes hunting daily despite the resources available in town. She wouldn't be a very good hunter if she went out without her supplies.

It might make her stand out a little in a crowd, but Katniss doesn't care. What does make her stand out, as she heads back to home, are the three skinned rabbits hanging off of her belt.]
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[Food isn't a luxury here. There's enough to go around multiple times. So there's no reason to keep the good hunting spots secret. If Carl asks for information, she'll share. She has no desire to ever have another hunting partner but it might not be so bad to see another face out in the woods.

Katniss isn't much better at approaching people she doesn't know. But the boy doesn't look much older than Prim and anyway, she catches him looking in her direction. She picks up her pace until she's close enough to speak.]
You look lost.
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[She can't tell if he's lying or not. Katniss suspects that he's new to Itinere. Although she doesn't pay the closest attention to everyone around here, Itinere isn't so big that you don't wind up recognizing some of the same faces after a while. Carl's a complete stranger to her.

He probably is lost. As so much as anyone new here tends to be.]

Yeah. [She turns her head a little to glance back towards the mountains.] There's a forest not too far from the town.

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[ It doesn't matter that they've been here a few days now. Itinere is still new enough and still strange enough for Rick to be hyper-vigilant where his son is concerned. Yes, he knows that Carl can take care of himself. He knows that his son is in that gray area between child and man. He knows all this. And yet, here he is in full-on panic mode with his heart thrumming in his chest and ears to the tips of his fingers as he races through the streets.

He can't say what spurred the panic. He can't say why the sudden need to see his son arose. Just a feeling. Just a hunch. Rick is accustomed to following his instincts. It's kept them alive this long.

Imagine his relief and his embarrassment when he spots Carl down the street, right as rain, looking in window shops. It's going to take some getting used to, the peacefulness of this place. Rick will take a moment to catch his breath, to smooth himself our around the edges so that he doesn't look worried or harried before approaching his son.

Hey. Looks pretty ordinary, huh?
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[ Full of stuff. Rick looks into the window of the shop they're standing next to, an un-looted, open for business, shop with a 'welcome, we're open' sign in the window. Yeah, that's strange.
He's just called it ordinary but now sees that he isn't sure what ordinary is anymore. The definition has changed, or is in a continuous state of evolution that makes it an intangible thing.

He nods, looking back at his son.
] I tried that door we came through again. It's still locked.

[ He isn't sure he'd want to go back through it again anyway. On that issue, he's torn. Yes, if just to get Judith and the others here, mainly Judith. No, because look at this place. ] Asked someone and they said some people can get back to their homes and some can't... and it can change by the day. Figure I'll get out there once or twice a day.
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I think we're doing what we can.

[ That doesn't mean he's gonna stop checking it because of obligations he's put on himself. The group is always on Rick's mind so that it doesn't have to be on everyone else's mind, especially his son's. At the same time, as long as his kids are, for the most part, safe, then Rick is good. From what he's seen of this place so far, the normalcy of it, he's glad Carl is here.

He knows how capable his son is. Carl has proven himself time and again, even after Rick has accepted that his son is less of the kid he once was and more of the adult. Grown up too fast because of his circumstances. So Rick is quick to nod.

Yeah, you can check on it as often as you want. [ He pauses. ] You hear about this... wish magic? They say you can wish things here, but not people.

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[ It isn't like Leo frequents the book store, not really. But the garage where he's been working with a boy name Adam is right across the street from it so he has a clear view. Not to mention that Subtext has great coffee! Not that Leo needs coffee, he doesn't. But he likes the smell, the mixture of coffee and books. So there are days when he goes in, hangs out, and leaves shortly after.

Why's he here today? Well, he saw Percy go into the bookstore and no one ever said Leo isn't both intrusive and curious.

Leo saunters into the bookstore, grease smudged on his face, neck, hands and arms, goggles resting atop his head and his tool belt around his waist. After taking a deep breath of books and coffee, Leo searches the aisles until he finds his friend.

Percy! My man! My friend! My superhero buddy ol' pal! [ Are you supposed to be quiet in book stores like you are in libraries? Oops. ] You and books usually means something's up! Well, not just you and books, but books in general. Sooooo.... what's up?
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[Well if there's anything their much quieter lives in the resort town have taught Percy is that it's not actually that much quieter. Monsters still show up from time to time, but most of all, in a way that he does not fundamentally mind, Leo does. Though he should be, he is not expecting his friend to surprise him by calling out to him loudly in the aisle of the bookstore. He looks up from the book he was taking his time reading, fumbling a little with it, before closing it in his embarrassment at just the fact he was researching at all.]

Hey, man! It's nothing big. Just, you know a little research for Annabeth. [Date stuff. He's sure it'd feel a lot more awkward if he actually says that so he leaves it out. It already is starting to feel like a joke about how two demi-gods walk into a bookstore.] What's up with you?
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'Research' is usually my trigger word for exiting the room, but if it's for Annabeth and you, then... [ Also, he figures that since their numbers have dwindled here in Itinere, they should all pitch in where they usually wouldn't. Of course, he's thinking this must be research of the 'something isn't right' variety, not of a couples variety. This is why he can't let it drop as it is. Sorry Percy, only not really sorry. ]

So what's up with Annabeth? Is she okay? [ It's a slightly more serious tone because he's genuinely concerned. He has to take care of the two friends from home that he has here, after all.

He shrugs a bit, hands shoved into his pockets as he leans in to try to see what book Percy is holding.
] Nothing that requires research... so my stuff can wait. Not that I have stuff... I mean, I might have stuff but it's not research kind of stuff so it's lesser stuff than yours and Annabeth's stuff. [ Surely that makes sense... somehow. ]
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[On one hand, he thinks it's awesome Leo would even consider helping with his research since demigods like them didn't happen to be in love with research like Annabeth was. But on the other, of course he wishes Leo would take it as his exit of the room. Not to be mean. Now what he has is the awkwardness of trying to get himself out of it and he's silent for a moment.]

Nah. Annabeth is okay. And I was just about done. My eyes are swimming enough already. [He tries to play it off as non-seriously as possible so Leo wouldn't think of it as serious anymore. Anything to get around actually explaining than coming up with a lie to a friend.]

So you could kind of say that both our stuff is lesser. You got your mechanic stuff, I'm looking up just some things Annabeth mentioned, we're about equal. Though I'm up for hanging out and checking on Annabeth right now.
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[ There's a relief in knowing that Annabeth is okay, that maybe it isn't so dire as what he had been thinking. It's kind of nice to be living the opposite of 'dire' for however long it lasts. So Leo is quick to nod and shrug off his concern as Percy seems to be doing. They both have lesser stuff.

Although at the idea of going to check on Annabeth, Leo is thinking about backing out. He's been trying to give Percy and Annabeth a lot of space. He tells himself it's because they've been through enough and need time that's just their own. But really, he just doesn't want to feel like the third wheel, which is always the case with Leo and others, for the most part. Yes, he's kind of got a crush on a girl named Sophie here, but he hasn't told anyone that and he's just... not wanting to third wheel it.

But there's a part of him that's still concerned enough about Annabeth that he's willing to check on her and then bow out. So he nods.
] Yeah, cool. Let's go find the great and powerful Annabeth Chase!

[ He starts walking out of the bookstore. ] We're like the three Musketeers, only way cooler cause we use more than swords. Also we don't wear hosiery.

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